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Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

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    this ain't ti son
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    Well I said Ti because I have nfi how Texmaster works. Are you suggesting Texmaster can give 10 Cools?
  3. Muf


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    No, he's suggesting this isn't Texmaster Special Ti, but regular old Texmaster Special. Notice the single preview and no hold? [​IMG]
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    updated the record chart
  5. Zaphod77

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    Rosti is correct.

    2 second rule definitely applies to 900-999 section in TAP, and that is why he failed to get the m-roll.

  6. Amnesia

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    Are you sure ? [​IMG]

    should be more like that :

    jago ------------ M  999 08:08:88 
    Amnesia --------- S9  999 08:32:25 (screenshot)
    kotetsu213 ------ S9  999 08:42:08
    DeHacked -------- S9  999 09:03:88
    statikeffeck ---- S9  999 09:29:48 
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    Sudden 506 @ 03:22:23

    my first ever TAP Death M/Sudden M! Yes!! now to repeat in MAME, and hopefully play faster
  8. jujube

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    Re: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

    congrats batmann!
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    level 395 in 3:31:xx

    my .sav appears to have broken [​IMG]
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    It could be that it's corrupted, but if it's playing replays fine and just isn't saving new records, then try deleting a few. The .sav files get arbitrarily full way before the 999 slots get filled.
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    Yeah except that the game would actually crash whenever I hit F6, so it was something weirder than that.
  12. jujube

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    Re: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

    didn't i tell you at #arika that your F6 key was defective and had to be replaced? did you not believe me Radish?
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    thank you very much jujube

    i improved today and as such got my second M

    Sudden 510 @ 03:14:15, fast but not that organized

    i even made a video as an excuse to get myself a youtube account whyever anyone would look at it lol
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    Sudden: big improvement! Not levels wise, timewise.
    437 @ 3:05:93

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Re: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

    Oh yeah, before I forget, here's my latest Sudden record.


    DIGITAL Unregistered

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    Here's the video for the Sudden 923.

    A word of warning: It's a bit bizarre in the beginning because I made some accidental choices and just stuck with them.
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    I just discovered that the 500 - 999 music is pretty cool ! I would like to know if we can get it with a simple mp3 format..The end, around 880, makes me think that report is a bit fan of makina.. [​IMG]
    I was angry that you lose so early DIGITAL, I wanted to listen it until the end..

    DIGITAL Unregistered

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    500-999 music? I dunno, ask around...

    [​IMG] You could listen to the whole thing in the sound test.

    As for my death, it was a downhill battle due to the mistake near the beginning of level 800. [​IMG] That misdrop with the J caught me off guard and led to several other mistakes. To catch my focus and rhythm again, I sacrificed a bit of my placement decision to put more effort into the speed. That eventually led to the death though. [​IMG] Ah well, better luck next time. [​IMG]
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    Sudden 568 in 03:31:55
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