Records: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

  1. COL


    I hadn't seen this post. This is astonishing. Congrats steadshot!
  2. Finally managed to get an S9, and complete the fading roll in the same game! Also happened to be a new fastest time, so that's a plus! Still nowhere near fast enough for the M requirements, but I'll get there.

  3. After 18 months of constant Shirase grinding, I decided to go back and work on Texmaster's Death mode. Today, I finally achieved my first M grade!
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  4. Death M at Level 645, with a time of 4:06:36.
  5. Decided to play a couple games of Death, and i actually got 500 for the first time!!!!

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  6. Been gone for a while, but recently decided to start playing again thanks to a new keyboard. Got my second M and beat my previous record by a couple tenths of a second!
  7. Finally got a death M. I didn't play for a year, and it was a long, arduous process just to improve the last bit I needed to finally get it.


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