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Thread in 'Competition' started by TWF, 27 Feb 2008.

  1. That's perfectly fair. I'll do my best to record an S12 game with my hands on-screen. I'll supply as much evidence as is needed. I want to clear up as much doubt as I possible can.

    It could be a framerate problem, as you said. I wouldn't be surprised, I'm not all that tech-literate or savvy regarding how to work with Texmaster.
  2. Also, on top of making a video of me pulling off an S12 with my hands on camera, is there anything else I can or should do to help verify my claims?
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I will just mention it still : you could completly be legit, I am suspecting, but I am not 100% sure, I am still 98% sure that there is a problem with passing from 1109 to 1280 in 3 months. The last player who had such an improvement has been banished for years because he had cheated. Recording your hands would be a good thing, but it would not make it 100% legit for me as there is still a way to cheat with this method. You could try eventually to make a SHIRASE 1250 on the copy of TI, ask Muf, I think he will accept to provide you the most updated TI if you are so close to make S13. Or I will give it to you by PM. If you have a strong computer you will make it run with ~4 frames of input lag like mine, which is actually similar to the real machine.
    Then, a TGM1 GM around 10:00, or a DEATH 800 made on the last MAME at 61,7fps would be positive additionnal elements to make you less suspect.

    Also : I had my first 1100+ in 2009, and today in 2016, you stack even better than me in the fast section over lv 600. But why not ok...I am the paranoiac of the community anyway...
  4. I completely understand your concerns and suspicions. I don't blame you at all for being skeptical of my progress. All the same, I want to make a few clarifications before any misunderstandings occur:

    I play only with keyboard, because I don't have a stick.
    I only use Texmaster. I used Nullpomino many months ago, but not anymore.
    Shirase comprises 95% of my time spent with Texmaster. I exercise that particular gamemode so much more than any other.

    I make no claims whatsoever that I could be just as good, or nearly as good, with any other setup, any other control scheme, any other software, much less on a real cabinet. My singular claim is that on Texmaster (which doesn't have the same input lag issue as real TGM3), on my keyboard (which is very different from using as arcade stick), having spent an unhealthy amount of time dedicated nearly exclusively on this one game mode, yes, I claim that this is my score progression. (Also there were some intermediate improvements between 1109 and 1280 but the time period is a few months still.)

    So, yeah. I'm only as good as that, in these very particular circumstances. In any other, yeah, I'd probably suck.

    I'm still planning on making that video with my hands on-screen. If only because it might at least help a little.
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  5. 1005 in 4:41:98

    Finally broke the 2nd torikan! almost lost it at 940 or so because of nerves, but was able to get through it.

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  6. Just about four hours ago, I achieved something that I thought I'd never accomplish, a goal so distant and brutally difficult that it was only a dream for me. But... I am speechless, almost can't believe it myself.

    In Texmaster's Shirase mode, I finally, once and for all, got a S13 grade.

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  7. 1099 in 5:08:36

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  8. Hooray for small improvements!


    I feel like keeping my head at 1200 speed is getting just a little bit easier.
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  9. 1132 in 5:08:30

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