Records: [Texmaster] Special and Sudden Ti

Thread in 'Competition' started by aperturegrillz, 27 Feb 2008.

  1. O_O

  2. [​IMG]

    Trying to break the 2nd torikan. 600 speed is still kinda a mystery to me lol.
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  4. [​IMG]
    A little improvement.
  5. Wow, very good, you got two big records in such small time! Congrats
  6. Thanks! I was very excited to see the bone blocks for the very first time. :) I'm still rather inconsistent at 500-1000 play, so it came as a bit of a surprise!
  7. Muf


    Now do it in Shirase.
  8. Sorry to say, TGM3 was pulled from the line-up at SouthTown Arcade and the monitor is busted at Game Center at the moment.
  9. Nice! ;)
  10. I got S13 in 5:14:xx

    Strangely, while I was playing the Big Credit Roll, near the final seconds, my Texmaster just crashed to desktop... u.u
    Obviously, the gameplay was not saved.

    This happened to me once in the past, and also during the Big Credit Roll...

    Does anyone know about this bug?
  11. GAP


    The problem is caused by Floor-kicking the big I at the top (Line 19&20) .
    As imagined, there will be "six lines" above the "top" (Line 20).
    And then...The 26th line will interfere in something else...I guess.
    (You cannot reach line 26 in a normal game, so the game doesn't need a 26th line to serve the the 26th line is very likely to be a line of game code.)
  12. It's more likely just other random variables it shouldn't be clobbering and not actual code, but the game writing outside the bounds of the array and busting things is a pretty good theory behind the crash.

    Wouldn't it be cute if it's hitting your controller input bits and "pressing the button" to quit the game? :3 But yeah, it could be anything, haha.
  13. Well, I tried it : regardless of the cause, the triggering factor seems that you rotated the I-piece on top of the stack, as it killed the game when I tried.

    I don't want to imagine how tight your game was, and then you get an I-piece to clear some lines so you can hope to get orange line and boom. =((
  14. It happened to me again.
    During Big Staff Roll.
    But this time, I can assure that my stacking was low and then, all of a sudden it crashed :S
  15. Two and a half years later...


    There were 5:45 clears, but m-roll.
    There were 5:42 clears, but S8.
    There were lots of 6:10 MK clears.

    Yes, I still haven't done one bit of invisible training. Meh.
  16. [​IMG]

    First entry, above the line! B)

    EDIT: After passing the torikan for the first time, the TGM shakes don't get to me so much... Torikan bust at 2:14:45 :D

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  17. Sorry for double post :oops:



    I'll upload the video whenever I re-visit my windows PC.
  18. A double post is fine. :)

    Congrats! S7 soon? :D

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