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Thread in 'Competition' started by aperturegrillz, 27 Feb 2008.

  1. KAN and KevinDDR have both suggested keeping an I-piece in Hold and rolling the preview until you get a start other than SZ before entering the M-Roll. You can afford to spend a handful of pieces at the level stop to give yourself a big grade advantage.
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    Yeah, sometimes I do wait at 998, though it risks getting messed up, even blocking the I-hole.
    But being S8.x at 99x, I just cannot help myself taking out the I to clear 4 lines:sowsuser:
  3. GAP


    ....And the first green line mk on Texmaster is got^^
  4. Hahaha! I love it!

    >> Talks about it
    >> NEED
    >> Plays right after talking about it

    Nice play, Invis MK is some sick stuff, looks like you even could've gotten a tetris back there!

    Edit : Oh nevermind, I should put my glasses on.
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  5. What exactly does "rolling the preview" mean? Can you skip pieces during the small break between the game and the m-roll (like in Sakura) or do you just mean that one should wait for good pieces before he clears the last line?
  6. I just mean waiting for the right pieces to come. I wish you could do the Sakura trick! :p
  7. This is actually precisely why I stopped sonic dropping. Also, it kills my fingers and makes me misdrop. As far as I can tell, time doesn't play a huge part in how you're graded. The only time not sonic dropping really affects me is that sometimes I miss the first section cool for taking more than 52 seconds on 0-70, but as I've played like this more it basically never happens.

    Sonic dropping in level 100-199 makes me play too fast, because at 200-299, I have to wait longer to make sure the pieces go where I want before I lock them. Either wait for them to drop to the stack and play like it's 20G, or immediately DAS, but still have to wait before I lock to check it didn't skip a hole I would expect it to get stuck in 20G... So I usually end up 2 seconds slower than my 100-170, even if it was fast for a 200-270.

    Just regular soft dropping lets me keep the pace for the section cools. Yeah, it's lame and makes your times terrible. But if I ever manage to get classic GM, I'm not gonna care that I have the slowest time ever because basically no one ever gets GM anyway.

    I wouldn't have even thought of burning pieces before clearing a line at 998. Usually my stack is so high I can't afford it, but I'll keep that in mind.

    Slightly better time and first full invisible on Texmaster. Plus Gold SK.

    Kasumi ----------  M7       999     6:18:083
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    Basically the beginning was complete garbage and I'm surprised I didn't restart after about 30 levels or so but I kept going and my 300-500 was fairly clean. Oh, and after 500 I threw away the game out of surprise, oops. :$
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    Amnesia Piece of Cake

  11. new promising (?) record


    Heyyyyy! Where is the 1200 line in the leaderboard! Bring that 1200 line back! >:(
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  13. 39 to go... :biggrin:
    All scores are accepted except for 1299.

  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Would be amazing if the 2nd S13 in Europe is from Greece.
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  17. Sick! :D Major props from KevinDDR and I. Enjoy this occasion of infinite happiness man, you earned it!
  18. Nicely done! Congratulations
  19. Thanks you all for your strong support!

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