[texmaster] Problems with adding bmg

Thread in 'Discussion' started by PNGI, 21 Apr 2009.

  1. PNGI

    PNGI Unregistered

    Pretty much I did what the wiki told me to do but still no change. Is there something specific I need to do? (New to this)
  2. What file format did you use and which version of texmaster are you running?
  3. PNGI

    PNGI Unregistered

    I'm using wav files and playing tm09 patch 1
  4. PNGI

    PNGI Unregistered

    added note, there was nothing in the data folder to start with so I don't know if that's normal
  5. The data folder is empty by default. Putting the appropriately named files in that directory should override loading them from the TexMaster2009.dat file. I think there is documentation in the data folder regarding proper naming. I can try to look it up for you later if no one else knows off the top of their head.
  6. m:)

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    here is a screenshot with filenames:

  7. PNGI

    PNGI Unregistered

    Yeah I've tried everything, I'll take another look at it again tho. Thanks [​IMG]

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