Records: [Texmaster] Novice, Normal, Advance and Doubles

Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

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    Re: [Texmaster] Novice, Normal and Advance



    Played a little earlier and got this without even trying hard. ^^
  2. Re: [Texmaster] Novice, Normal and Advance


    Is the highest I think I have so far for Advance. This is back from 6/8/10. I'll finish it at some point.
  3. Re: Miscellaneous Tetris Achievements

    Is there no records thread for TexMaster Doubles? Me and imiganai have cleared it before I think, though I don't have the time/screenshot on file. (also unfortunately texmaster doesn't seem to save replays for doubles mode)

    More importantly though, we spent way too long today on the ridiculous Big/Big doubles and Normal/Big doubles modes.

    Here's our best Big/Big performance:

    And here's Big/Normal (oh god):

    imiganai never even plays big mode, ever, so the big/big record was extremely good, considering. It's basically impossible to maneuver around each other's pieces without careful planning...and also if you ever misdrop by one column you're completely hosed. The normal wallkicks also don't work (i'm assuming because it's trying to wallkick by one normal column instead of one big column).

    Our big/normal strategy was to have the normal player take 4 columns and the big player take 5 big columns (= 10 normal columns). It made things slightly less stupidhard, but not by much. This particular "record" (if you can even call it that) was set with imiganai on the left with normal, and me on the right playing big. Again, imiganai never plays 4 columns or big mode (though i do so every so often on DS). Also, the normal player can drop an O piece on the big player's side without causing any problems. Or two Is or Js or Ls, I guess, but that's a lot more troublesome unless you already have the next one in your preview.
  4. Was about to make a new thread for Doubles, but I see it's being merged into this one. Yay! (me and imiganai will get a screenshot for a proper doubles clear at some point)
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    You're free to create a new thread for Doubles if you want. I copied your post from the Miscellaneous Tetris Achievements thread over here, but I haven't yet added leaderboards. I'll add those later today if you decide not to make a new thread. It's your choice. ^^
  6. I don't think there are enough texmaster doubles players around (?) to warrant a separate thread, so adding it to here is probably fine.
  7. My brother and I completed Doubles about 1.5 years ago (!) in 7:26:50 (normal/normal sized). Don't have the screenshot, I've built a new computer since then.
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    I've added the Doubles leaderboards. If you want I can transfer thread ownership to you DDRKirby(ISQ). I may have proposed this already in the past. ^^
  9. [​IMG]
    I can get sub 11:30 I just have to push for it
    But hey! At least I can Gm on demand
  10. Key


    First sub-12 minute in normal!
    Time: 11:58:36
    Pic is shrunk too much .... click to see my score. (I play with like 960 X 640, so it's big enough)
  11. Ai


    Very good! If you cleared a tetris at the end you would have gotten over 500k. I see a potential for scores well over 500k if you manage to find a way to struggle less. Keep up the good work everyone! ^^
  12. Yeah, I don't know how to keep everything clean consistently. Guess it should be good practice for me though, especially since I always tend to stack way too pointy.
  13. Just went from S1 to S2 this morning on Normal. At last! I see some improvement!
  14. [​IMG]

    sub-11... (keyboard)
  15. [​IMG]

    TexMaster Normal/Big doubles.
    Normal = DDRKirby(ISQ), on the left
    Big = imiganai, on the right

    It's too bad TexMaster doesn't save doubles replays; we also had a really epic Big/Big mode run (though it doesn't beat our current record of 207/167)...
  16. Texmaster Normal/Normal doubles
    DDRKirby(ISQ) on the left, imiganai on the right


    Question: how should doubles mode records work? Does the doubles mode 20G section after 300 ever end? Because the timer keeps rolling even after both players hit 300...

    Should we be attempting to screenshot right after the 2nd player hits 300 (and going for fastest completion), or should we be going for longest survival time after 300 (which has its own issues since you could just artificially inflate your time by having a 10-minute 0-100 section...)
  17. Ai


    I have never played Doubles mode in Texmaster, so I wasn't aware of the seemingly never ending credit roll bug. I'd say it's better to keep it a time attack challenge. It looks like you guys are getting good at these modes. ^^

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