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Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

  1. kai




    took me about 2 months from start to finish! sadly I had no free replay slots here, so there's no video, and I wish I could have streamed it because my reaction was priceless <3

    Rank: GM
    Level: 999
    Time: 12:51:46
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  2. COL


    This is probably the worst case of "99 level stop" I ever had.
    Here is the context: my last tex normal pb (09:31:55) has been made on August 28th 2015 (like one year ago). I've been almost everyday since. And THIS occured:


    That stupid game happen to be a b*tch sometimes :o
  3. kai


    soooooooooooo this happened ^^
    my second Gm ever, and this time I got the replay!


    Level: 999
    Rank: GM
    Time: 12:44:40
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  4. So, for what it is worth bout 8 secs faster than couple years ago..


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  6. kai


    PB by about 15 seconds isn't too shabby right? Finally got the sub12m30s ^^


    Rank: GM
    Time: 12:29:18
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  7. kai


    I guess sub12 is coming soon :D


    rank: GM
    time: 12:10:05
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  8. kai


    Guess who just got that sub12 ^^


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  9. TMGM.png
    I decided to install Texmaster on an old Dell laptop While on holidays and ended up getting my first sub 13 GM out of nowhere.
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  10. Got the sub-11! I could tell it was just a matter of time, but it feels so good to get it.

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  11. Normal mode (TGM1) cleared with a grade of GM at 11:46:85.
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  12. TGM1GM20170331.png

    I finally tried TGM 1 on Texmaster and after a week of trying I finally got my first GM. Even though it is by far the easiest GM to get, you still feel like a badass :p:D I really enjoy TGM1 and will keep playing it. The randomizer forced me to stack and play more safely, after playing TGM1 for a week I noticed I got a bit better at TAP, too.
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  13. Texmaster's TGM1 mode cleared in 11:28:96. Finally a sub-11:30. Maybe people will get off my back now for having such imbalanced PBs due to Shirase overspecialisation. :p
  14. Got my sub-11 game going now, and this was a particularly sloppy run for me, so I've already got my eyes on 10:30. One day my proper TGM1 record will catch up...

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  15. Well, this was less a skill demonstration than a demonstration of some of the changes I made theme-wise to my Texmaster. Still, the score is my highest to date on Novice Mode, so I might as well put it up here too.

    Novice Mode score of 184122
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  16. Well hey, this isn't awful.

    Novice Mode with a score of 227706.
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  17. Okay, I guess I'll keep this topic alive. :D

    I can now call myself an S3 CLASS PLAYER MAXIMUM SPEED DEMONSTRATION. ;) Err, well, you get what I mean.
    S3 game, Level 549, 08:00.81 time. Actually got the S3 at line 446 and around 6:34.

    I'm getting better at not completely panicking in AwkwardG, although there's a big difference between that and actually playing well enough that GM is remotely in my grasp. Plus 20G is still some kind of mystical dark art to me, that I think I'm only going to solve by starting at level 500 for awhile.

    Still! Progress!

    EDIT: Oh! Meant to there a spreadsheet anywhere like the TGM one I can put my Texmaster scores into? I note this topic doesn't seem to have been updated in awhile.
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  18. Texmaster Normal mode (TGM1) cleared in 11:04:85:
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  19. Finally got my first GM last week. Unfortunately my demo file was full but I managed to get this.

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