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Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

  1. First game of the day? PB, because why not. I actually just woke up 15 minutes ago.
    It was actually surprisingly clean. Could have been better in some ways: more tetrising at the end (I just ate through the stack), abuse level stop, etc. Overall, good.

    Texmaster Novice 321227 04:05.66

    (Also, how it says S1 for my Normal ranking: I S2'd right after this.)
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  2. COL


    Small improvement.
    I should consider quitting laziness a bit, and do something similar on the actual thing (and make sure I have 100% chances to lose the next race at Muf's :p)
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  3. COL


  4. Novice 429065 3:23:98
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  5. [​IMG]

    Well, my second GM. It took three attempts to get it. But only 9 seconds faster than my first GM 1.5 years ago.
    I stopped playing keyboard and texmaster soon after my first GM since I bought TGM1 and a Blast City cabinet shortly after. I haven't played a huuuuge amount of the real TGM1, bits here and there but never got a GM grade. (I've had some close ones.. meeting all the requirements but topping out at 998 or failing score or time and completing it)

    I guess this proves that I can at least do it. And also that I play better on a keyboard... When I play on my arcade it is usually rare for me to get to 500 and beyond (only a few times on a night) as I usually make mistakes and top out in 300-450. Here, on a keyboard there were no issues. None. Only played three games here but the lowest one topped out at ~780. I find TGM1 hard to play with a stick compared to Death or Shirase which is what I normally play.

    Happy that I improved my time but I wish I could have such an easy time playing pre-20G on stick as well.

    EDIT: 12:41:21, 128158 if/when img breaks in the future (I really need to start doing this in my record posts! So many dead links now)
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  6. Just got GM!!!!

    (139113 points at 13:19:96)
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  7. Congratulations! I had a feeling that it was close looking at the updates :)

    Enjoy your day of infinite happiness!
  8. Not a new pb in terms of rank, but in terms of levels cleared:

    Normal, Level 553, S2@07:25.96
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  9. New Normal PB! Not a huge improvement, but an improvement nonetheless!

    GM: 13:12.00
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  10. 2 GMs in one day! and one of them was a PB by almost 30 seconds!


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  11. Getting a lot more consistent! This was actually the second of two GMs in a row! 12:39.83

    I really need to just move on to TAP...
  12. Switched to Texmaster to try streaming more. As a side effect, it's easier to post here now. Yay!

    It also means it's easier for me to go back and play TGM1 rules, so here's my first Texmaster normal mode GM.


  13. Got S4 for the first time. Also, I kinda consistently get to Level 500 now.
  14. kai


    Only been playing for ~2 weeks so this'll probably get deprecated soon, but here's my current PB for normal

    Rank: S4
    Level: 599
    Time: 10:36:90

  15. kai


    Well it's not much, but a slight improvement! Playing some Sudden/Death mode has certainly paid off since I'm way more comfortable at 20G now.

  16. kai


    I sliiiiightly bumped my normal mode PB today. Still an S4, but I hit the 700s at least! If I get a really lucky game I might be looking at a game clear soon.

    Rank: S4
    Level: 716
    Time: 10:48:86

    stream highlight:
  17. kai


    It turns out getting a lot of tetrises actually raises your score! Pretty bad level, but a new rank PB, finally got the S5!

  18. COL


    Not only it makes your score higher, but in addition it keeps the overall action simpler to understand, and forces you to learn to stack well faster.
  19. kai


    I feel like I'm spamming the thread like crazy now, but I just hit S6 ^^ Time needs work still, but the score is no biggie now. If I can just get a bit more consistent in 20G, then we might get some exciting stuff happening pretty soon! :)

    Rank: S6
    Level: 699
    Time 10:14:40

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  20. kai



    I REALLY thought I had my first game clear here, but of course I messed it up at the last second.

    Rank: S8
    Level: 931
    Time: 13:28:70
    Score: 110 984
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