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Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

  1. I didn't do it, because it's way too depressing for now. It depends on the days, though, some days I can't even get it done once, when some other days I just slowly and steadily make something more than 6 games finished out of 10.

    I def should try it next time I get to the Pier21 center, make statistics and all!

    EDIT : However I did not realize your question was about a time average, covering other modes as well. That's interesting too, since my survival rate is way higher for TAP and TGM3, so I should give this a try very soon!
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  2. Here it comes!

    Statistics of this session soon hopefully, but from what I've noted personally :

    I survived two games out of 10, one of which is this video. Among the 8 games I've lost, I claim that 4 of them was because I made a poor decision and was counting on the randomizer to help me out, and 4 of them have been a deadly misdrop (one of which was a vertical line piece that killed me before I could reach 100)

    I'll make statistics of the pre-20G section, because I think that's my main weakness, but if I were to make statistics of the two games only (which is statistically speaking a disaster for reliability), my average would be 10:20:80.

    Well! Better luck trying some Master on a TAP board next time, hopefully, in which GM should be my next direct goal (unfortunately, I think I'll shy out a little bit for the Carnival of Death as well as The Masters coming up this week-end just so I can get Master done with)
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    Wow Almost sub 10 !! O_O
  4. Oops, forgot to check this thread.
    Sick game! I'll back off in this category then, no disrespect ;)
  5. [​IMG]

    2  Qlex            Gm     999      [URL=""]9:55:63[/URL]     Level stop indicated.
    Alright! I hereby declare my goal attained. It certainly felt weird actually doing something extremely hype I had been waiting for for so long, but in a calm manner (since getting flashy, fast and losing it actually results in death for me). It's a pretty nice feeling because I was starting a statistics session but had some other things to do, and just stopped at this one.

    The previous one was :


    Surely having a good life rhythm helped a bit, but I think that having a mindset focused on surviving more than anything kinda helps reaching the goal faster, but I'm just saying that from my own peculiar experience.

    Well! I'm out of this one for now, I have suffered enough. Next one on the list should be TAP GM on stick, as well as a little present for Muf :)
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    Congrats Qlex!!! Nice time & stats

    It is the most infuriating game ever.. You start the gaming session in a happy mood and 1 hour later your day is ruined and you want to beat up your laptop (Incidentally I've just stopped to play and saw your post).
  7. Thanks, happy to see I'm not the only one having that feeling :)
  8. new record after 15 months and 5th sub10
    having all sections under 1' makes me also feel satisfied
    beware COL :biggrin:
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    Hi Billtsar you're back! I'm not gonna surrender without fighting ;)
    I'm currently working on my main weakness a.k.a the 0-500 part (1:11 :oops: at the first section although I've already had 1:06).

    My goal is to clear the game under 9:40.
  10. slight improvement with a huge 2nd half

    Let's see who will get this 9:40 first!:ninja:

  11. despite some foolish mistakes in the middle of the game...

  12. COL


    In order to stay motivated ;)
    Small mistakes took me those 90 hundredths away :facepalm:.
  13. Wow, dude! I want to see on video how people can get near 1:05 in the very first section O_O
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    I don't really have time to make a .avi right now but if you are really interested I've put the latest replay file in my signature.
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    I don't think there is any special tip we don't already know. If you stay at the top, make many tetrises, no singles and DAS properly you'll have automatically a good time at the first section (you also need to be lucky enough to have all of the above in the same game ;) ).
  16. Got it. Thanks!
  17. So close! This 5:00 + 4:40 seems to be the magic combination!

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