Records: [Texmaster] No Hold SpecialTi/SuddenTi!

Thread in 'Competition' started by KevinDDR, 6 Feb 2009.

  1. This is for Amnesia and myself...for him, it will encourage his poor playstyle; for me, it will encourage what I need to learn. For the rest of you, it will at least be interesting, I hope!

    -Texmaster2009 Patch 1, please.
    - Start from 0, duh.

    I shamelessly ripped Rosti's leaderboard style off.

    Special Ti 
    Name                Class    Level   Time     
    Amnesia        ---  m7       999     6:35:63
    rednefed       ---  m7       999     6:57:25
    DDRKirby(ISQ)  ---  m7       999     7:26:25
    KevinDDR       ---  --       ---     -:--:--
    Sudden Ti
    Name                   Level    Time          
    Amnesia       ------   749      3:31:71
    rednefed      ------   708      3:17:38
    DIGITAL       ------   699      3:16:43
    DDRKirby(ISQ) ------   500      2:47:36
    steadshot     ------   500      2:55:30
    Suohfei       ------   500      3:25:90
    Ai            ------   483      3:12:18
    PetitPrince   ------   345      2:32:45
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  2. Sudden Ti.
    398 @ 2:07:51 (no locking after 300)

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    No locking after 300 for me also. Overall, the game was kind of crappy. [​IMG] I don't have the energy at the moment so perhaps I'll give it a better try tomorrow. [​IMG]
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Amnesia --------- 749  3:31:71
    It is for me..

    But KB,

    1 : it is not the good moment.. [​IMG] I am currently trying to cure myself with the HOLD and you propose me to insist in this insanity..
    2 : "his poor playstyle"...I would like you developp please..I am french, so I can't get the feeling and subtilities of your talks..For me I see "poor", like "bad", "incomplete", "limited", "crappy"..
  5. I wouldn't say any of those things, but it is clear that even you have to admit that your lack of hold use is limiting your potential in Ti style game modes. That's all I meant, really. It would be very fucking pretentious for me to say that play style is bad when my play style is much much worse of course. I would consider it great to be able to not use Hold, but it seems that being unable to use it is just as bad albeit in a different way.
  6. Ai


    I don't play this mode often and if I do I don't use hold. No manual locking either. I was totally surprised by the violent speed increase after level 300.

    Ai   ------  316  2:15:65
  7. I didn't mention that Suohfei don't use hold either (she says she doesn't know how to use it), so it's

    Suohfei --------- 497 3:16:48

    I also played a little bit:

    PetitPrince --------- 303 - 2:32:36

    (note: I was too lazy to change the account on Tex')
  8. Ai


    WOW your girlfriend is very good and fast! What games and modes does she play most? Is she also playing TGM1? Maybe she can get GM. ^^
  9. Sudden Ti:
    500 @ 2:44:80
    I made little effort to lock after 300, and focused on keeping a clean-ish stack.
  10. She mostly plays Shirase and Death. She made a S9 on TGM, and she's at one minute from the Gm.
  11. A little improvement. I could have done so much more if my brain wasn't so laggy.


    PetitPrince --------- 314 - 2:32:40
  12. Little by little, I'm getting the hang of this.
    PetitPrince --------- 345 - 2:32:45
  13. [​IMG]
    Sudden Ti

    Suohfei --------- S5 500 03:25:90

    I really should get back to practice on this one.
  14. Gave this one run. I can do better.
    Sudden ti: 599 @ 2:48

  15. Hmm I suppose I should update this now. Will do in the morning.
  16. o, lookee here, these are exactly the same as my regular suddenti/specialti scores. =P



    edit: yea i realize i'm thread necro-ing. oops. whatever, i found this while looking for another records thread anyways.
  17. I was really tired when playing these games.

    Special Ti:
    m7, 999 @ 7:03:86 (limited locking after 500, no locking after 600). Even with the 3 previews, I got fewer tetrises than an average TAP game (38-40 tetrises)... that's what fatigue does for you.

    Sudden Ti: 609 @ 2:55:23
    Not much of an improvement. Screencap on request.
    Definitely possible to do much, much, better (700+ estimated), but I don't really want to bother with this challenge at the moment.
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  18. Ai



    Almost reached level 500. I don't manual lock in Ti yet, but it's clear I can play faster as you can see with my times for the 300-500 sections. ^^
  19. Sudden TI: 708 @ 3:17:38. Goal achieved.

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