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Thread in 'Other games' started by Rosti LFC, 20 Feb 2015.

  1. I was going to post a thread here about Steam user IDs and such to add people and maybe get some off-topic gaming going, and then I figured that a quicker way would probably be to have a steam group that people can just join on their own (and then I don't get adds where I'm like "who the fuck is this guy?" if they use different usernames).

    Turns out one didn't already exist, so I done made one instead. It is here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tetrisconcept

    Don't know what, if anything, will be done with it, but I tend to play quite a bit of Dota 2 and Garry's Mod and I know other people on TC play Steam/PC games as well.

    Also people can feel free to create/suggest a better group avatar. I just pikey'd the one off the website.
  2. I don't know if anyone else ran into it, but why is the Steam website in Japanese for me......

    Fixed, but I still have nfi why it defaulted to it. :p Anyway, joined. :)
  3. I started playing Counter-Strike again last year after taking a decade break. Anyone play CSGO?

    (It makes me really appreciate the positive communities here & in pinball... Bring back community servers!)
  4. I've tried it a couple times yet it's really not my thing (comp or b-hop). Feels like I need an encyclopedia just to understand how to play that game alone.
  5. Yeah, it's got an insanely high learning curve at this point. The WarOwl videos on YouTube are pretty helpful for the fundamentals, kinda like the TGM guide. I like it because it strikes a perfect balance between rewarding execution & strategy, very much like Tetris. I've tried to revisit some other shooters & found I have no interest in them anymore, but Counter-Strike endures due to its strategic complexity. (SWAT4 had a similar endurance on the singleplayer side of the genre.)

    The metagame has gotten crazy advanced in the decade since I left. Pro level matches are almost more like watching pieces in a board game than a shooter. At the lowly gold nova 3 level, where I'm at, gunplay still ends up being the biggest deciding factor, but strats make an impact.

    I'm sure it helps that I grew up playing semi-competitively.
  6. I joined but don't expect to see me on very often. I mostly just play SC2 (<3) and LoL on my PC.

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