tetrisconcept no longer condones tetris clones

Thread in 'Discussion' started by colour_thief, 24 Sep 2010.

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  1. Ai


    Thanks, I didn't think about this. I'll unlist all Texmaster videos on my channel this weekend. I don't really mind removing the videos since most of my records are in the original games now. And I can always share my Texmaster save file if anyone wants it. ^^
  2. K


    Rule 1 : YOU DO NOT EXIST
    Rule 2 : for any objection, see rule 1.
  3. COL


    oh, if we don't exist we cannot be harmful; why don't simply live like before, with cloning and all the stuff?
  4. Remove my videos?

    After I got jerked around with their DMCA abuse?

    I don't think so.
  5. orz


    im gonna upload about a million clone vids
  6. as the mexican ambassador for tetris i would be doing my entire race a disservice by removing my vid
  8. So basically, Mihara is all like:
    "Boohoo, people I'm not marketing to and don't have a realistic choice of actually buying my games aren't buying my games, and that's obviously because of clones."

    In response to which apparently a part of the TC community is like:
    "Oh no, our Holy Mihara won't release our precious game now, better ban anything creative made by people that actually give a damn about our market so that our holy idol will maybe release his game, being the nectar of gods it is, upon us... Well not exactly us because he doesn't give a damn about our market, but still!"

    I honestly hope that you have not given a deadly blow to any of the great clones that exist with this silly measure that probably won't change a thing.

    As I morally can't have anything to do with a choice as spineless and draconian as this, and although a lot of you probably don't agree with the choices made by the Mihara and TTC loving overlords to stifle your creativity, I am choosing to no longer be a part of this community.

    While many of you probably don't know me as I was mainly to be found on IRC, and in fact I only very recently found out about the reason for the wavering IRC activity (being this new rule).

    As for me, to combat at least part of this silly rule in the only way our overlords can not stifle, I shall re-host, mirror and spread as many of the clones, videos of clones and other clone related stuff as far and wide as I can.

    With a faint hope that you may one day come to your senses on this silly rule, I bid you farewell.
  9. There's a self-fulfilling prophesy at work here:
    1. Henk/Mihara (?) think that there can't be a market for commercial TGM games outside Japan because there's clones.
    2. There's clones because commercial TGM games are not legally available outside Japan. (no, arcade PCBs/cabinets don't count, as there's no large market for that)
    This is clearly self-contradictory. It only holds itself up due to Henk's/TTC's ignorance. Clones have been just as available to Japanese gamers as we Westerners, yet they have gone to the arcades to play the games. (and I'm going to assume they'd also line up to buy real TGM console games; TGM ACE doesn't count, it was poisoned with too much Executive Meddling by TTC) The Japanese gamers understand that they must fund the development of TGM games in the way that's provided in order to see more of them; the problem is that TTC seems to be trying to suppress TGM4 or any other new TGM, so Japanese gamers may feel as if there's no point in funding, which is another self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Instituting a clone ban doesn't make the clones go away. It just sort of shoves them under the rug, you might say.

    I believe it's perfectly okay for Henk/TTC to have gameplay requirements in Tetris licensed games, as without any rules we'll end up with a bunch of Tetris Attack-type misnamed games (not to imply Tetris Attack is a bad game, though; it's really good!); however, I don't think it right that they outright ban certain extra features, like extra modes that don't completely follow the guideline (as seen in TGM3, or clones like NullpoMino).

    If we can get Henk/TTC to read this message open-mindedly, we may see TGM games pop up on consoles in not just Japan, but maybe even worldwide.
  10. :facepalm:
  11. You assume he can't change. You're incorrect. It just may be very, very difficult.
  12. All I can say nightmareci is that I'd be surprised if western consumers factor into this in any way shape or form. Their entire argument is probably based around the claim that Japanese use of clones reduces series profitability or something.
  13. You're kind of ignoring a basic, unavoidable fact: Someone cannot eradicate the clones, no matter how much they want to. The "best" they can hope to achieve is to hide clones out of view temporarily, only to see them rise up to more popularity later on, and continue this cycle of suppress/rising until the suppressor gives up and compromises with clone makers. At which point everybody's life can be better.
  14. Actually I'm not ignoring anything? I don't recall mentioning anything about the futility or lack thereof of their stance on clones. I was joint pointing out that your post is very westerner-centric, and that we are probably the last thing on their minds.

    Also your "futility" argument to the clone debate isn't likely to persuade them. There is an established history of suppression and re-emergence with Tetris clones happening in cycles over the years. They would be fools to think they could hope for anything better than history repeating itself. Hell, I would practically expect Heboris to make another comeback if TGM4 were ever released. They're probably just trying for a temporary suppression, to get TTC/businessmen to greenlight the game.
  15. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Man, that's a good one!
  16. Obviously not.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    i don't know how much you think this is related to this topic, but here is new game from company who is (in)famous for send cease&desist letters to people cloning their game:
  18. What's it about?
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Unregistered

    It's about hypocrisy.

    Or you ask about game?
    It's Bejeweled clone made by Tetris Online Inc.
  20. Oh, lol.
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