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Thread in 'Discussion' started by deepdorp, 19 May 2006.

  1. okay, i went out and bought tetris: worlds for PS2 yesterday. what are some thoughts on it?

    It's not my favorite, but it plays decently. I wish there was a score system though rather than just times. And too bad the rotate buttons can't be custom-mapped.
  2. Yeah, I got Tetris Worlds awhile back and I have to say I agree with you about the score system and the buttons, you should be able to be configured them. Also I was wondering does anyone know if anything happens when you 'colonized' all the worlds, im asuming nothing but just wondering.

    - Jono
  3. Nick15

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    Tetris. Worlds. Sucked. Although I must admit that the PS2 version of Tetris Worlds was by far the better of the lot. You chose.... wisely.
  4. Bander87

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    I just got the gameboy version recently. I actually just beat marathon tetris mode a little while ago. It's also a shame that it dosn't keep score either. Are all these special features normal now? I've only played on the gameboy original before this.
  5. tepples

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    On the GBA version, you can press L+R+Select to unlock "POPULAR" mode, which more closely resembles original Game Boy style Tetris. It keeps score in a more familiar manner, it has no hold (L and R move the tetromino sideways by one space), and it has only one next piece. Wall kick in this mode is milder than the full SRS in the other modes, with the T-spin triple being unavailable.
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    I was never a fan of tetris worlds... Just didn't have the right feel for a tetris game in my mind... For video game systems, I'm a Original, Tetris DX, The New Tetris, Tetris DS kind of guy,
  7. I colonized all the worlds on GameCube Tetris Worlds. Nothing exciting happened. It said, "Congratulations! You've colonized all the worlds!" or something like that. So, yeah, jono, you're right. Nothing spectacular. There might have been a video clip, but, like I said, it was all rather anti-climactic, so I really don't remember.
  8. I thought you were given a clone of Pahjitnov's original version, with the [][][][] blocks (also used in TGM3 Shirase mode).
  9. what i've seen so far are a few unlockables such as brick style, avatar hairdo,and avatar eye type. Does anyone know the full list of unlockables and how to specifically get them?

    I had also heard of an unlockable 'classic mode' but i was under the impression that it was not on every version. I'm playing the PS2 version.

    Do levels ever go past 15?, and is there an endless/marathon mode?
  10. tepples

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    No. It goes to an ending screen. Level 15 is already 20G; what else did you want? Shorter lock delay?
  11. Yeah I got colonized all the worlds on PS2 today and all that came up was a really short movie clip. Never mind.

    deepdrop as for how to unlock styles for characters every time you rank up you get a few bits and pieces so to speak.

    - Jono
  12. level 15 is like 16G.
  13. it's official. the PS2 version gives you a new world in story mode after you colonize all the planets(to colonize a planet, rank up past level 10). the new world is Hadar, which hosts the classic [][][][] version as colour_thief noted above. It has a difficulty rating of 1 out of 4, but there are some differences in play: no next piece, lock differences, no hold.

    as far as other unlockables, i have received 65 skins, 18 eyes, 29 extras so far after leveling up to 15,12,11,11,11,11 on the 6 original planets and 2 on the new one. I'm working on 100% completion

    i also noticed that in all the original planets and arcade,it seems the pieces are spawned as groups of each of the 7 tetris pieces in a randomized order. Disregarding the hold function, the chance to get two of the same piece in a row then is limited to only once every seven pieces, and three in a row is impossible. Are there other games that use this system or is this unique?
  14. I have ranked all worlds to 15,11,11,11,11,11 and have not earned a new world yet? Wierd.

    I have played "popular mode" on the GBA version, so im asuming it would be similar to that.

    I will try and earn a few more rank ups and see if I get the new world.

    - Jono
  15. I've ranked 15 on all for pc, and got a new game mode (monochrome []). No such luck for Xbox version.
  16. PS2 version of Tetris and the new world 'Hadar' is starting to really piss me off. I dont mean to be rude, but I have already colonized all worlds and now have ranked most worlds past 12, and still no new world.

    I also have not found any info or screen shots of the world 'Hadar' Im not saying I dont believe you its just I need to see it with my own eyes, as im really starting to doubt is existance. Did it have an animation/movie when it was unlocked or was a message displayed.

    So does any have an idea on why I have not earned it.

    (sorry about this repated topic so often)

    - Jono
  17. hmmmm, jono, that does seem weird if you're on a PS2 (us) version. There was no message that i got it. By the way, my ranking of 15 was on the regular tetris level (Deneb) (i'm pretty sure that there was a dialogue box after this saying something ike, "congratulations, you are a tetris master"). Not sure if this could be the difference?

    Hadar (which is actually the name of the home planet in the lame storyline) shows up in story mode between the regular tetris world and the fusion world. I played through Hadar today and it seems to end upon reaching level 12. I'll take a video of it and post it for your viewing pleasure in the next couple days.....

    oh yeah, also to amend my earlier post regarding block randomization, I noticed that square mode uses the more random method, which allows many more 2-in-a-rows and 3-out-of-4-in-a-rows which in turn makes gold blocks much easier to form
  18. Post a video! Thanks heaps man.

    I have ranked up to 15 on regular tetris and know the message you talking about. But I think the reason I dont have Hadar yet is beacuse I dont live in the U.S (maybe), I could have a diffrent version but it still sucks regardless. I am working on all worlds to rank 15 so maybe its like nicholas said about the PC version, not sure.

    Thanks again for rounding up a video.

    - Jono
  19. okay, here is your video......


    It starts as the PS2 is booting so as to provide full proof of the system, etc, etc,. please keep in mind that i suck without at least one next piece. go to about 1/2-way point for just the tetris part.

    I also have a few NES tetris videos on youtube (search for 'deepdorp') if anyone is interested. Nothing too awesome, just put it there to demonstrate skills to another forum, which didn't believe my scores and didn't think it was possible to play on level 19 and above. I'd like to show them 29 and then they'll think 19 is slow.

  20. Thanks for posting that vid. I checked it out ages ago and forgot to reply. The new world looks pretty good, but im still having no luck earning it.

    - Jono

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