Records: Tetris with CARDCAPTOR SAKURA!!

Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 6 Jan 2009.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Ah ?

    These time was my first attempts, I have not tried to improve its.
  2. Ai


    Thanks! I will try to improve my times during the weekend. I made a little progress since I last posted but still far from the 04:30:00 I'm aiming for.

    Here's the slightly updated guide: Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura - Eternal Heart ^^.pdf

    See for more details on pages 7 and 8. When you select a stage a screen appears with 2 options. The first one is for when you want to play with the same tetromino sequence as before and the other is if you want a different tetromino sequence. You can also change the tetromino sequence during the game by accessing the menu by pressing start.

    You should definitley do better than that! Being more than twice as slow as me is a joke! ^^
  3. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Btw i think I know how the first stage is completed so fast.

    Using mamacon to do a reversal of direction without loosing DAS charge for the T piece.
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    There's no need for mamacon: whilst holding up the whole time, just IRS the T counter-clockwise, DAS right until you're 1 away from the wall (requires frame perfect timing), tap left, then rotate counter-clockwise and lock.
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I really don't see the interest...
    It would have been more enjoyable to do it with a random sequence but anyway...
    That is ok..I will show you how I perform time attacks then.. [​IMG]
  6. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Without the proper sequence, you cannot complete the level fast as possible.

    The I and the J are required for the fastest possible completion, and one of those must be first and one must be third. This is so line clear delay only happens once.

    If the I is missing, your completion tiem will be a LOT slower
  7. Ai


    I have reuploaded the guide in the opening post as requested. ^^

    No changes compared to the last version, apart from linking to the new forum.
  8. Thank you very much, Ai.

    Edit: My current records are terrible, so I'll improve those before posting. ._.;
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  9. Ai


    TOTAL TIME : 20:00.00 - 16:47.78 + 00:56.04 = 04:08.26


    FIRERY STAGE : 00:02.24
    SWORD STAGE : 00:07.06
    JUMP STAGE : 00:05.37
    FLY STAGE : 00:07.12
    MIRROR STAGE : 00:14.92
    WINDY STAGE : 00:12.66

    FLOWER STAGE : 00:06.52
    ERASE STAGE : 00:11.41
    EARTHY STAGE : 00:50.18
    SHADOW STAGE : 00:12.24
    MAZE STAGE : 00:05.29
    ILLUSION STAGE : 00:08.74

    WOOD STAGE : 00:09.57
    THUNDER STAGE : 00:05.35
    GROW STAGE : 00:14.76
    SHIELD STAGE : 00:05.37
    WATERY STAGE : 00:13.42
    ERIOL STAGE : 00:56.04

    I improved all my times yesterday and today. I even beat one of Edo's times. You should be able to do better in the EARTHY STAGE. I'm confident I can do a little better and get sub 4 minutes. Unfortunately that would take too much time at the moment, but I'll try to do it ASAP. ^^


    Looks like Japanese characters aren't supported on the forum. ^^;

    Rank  Name           Time        Date
      (0) arika video    02:56.93
       1  Edo            03:32:01    05/04/09
       2  colour_thief   03:35:99    24/01/09
       3  Ai             04:08:26    26/11/09
       4  Amnesia        incomplete  16/04/09

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai         Amnesia
         FIERY   00:01.69   00:01.80   00:01.65   00:02.24   00:09.43
         SWORD   00:05.37   00:05.25   00:05.29   00:07.06   00:22.90
          JUMP   00:03.64   00:03.60   00:03.59   00:05.37   00:19.73
           FLY   00:05.60   00:06.68   00:06.08   00:07.12   00:25.14
        MIRROR   00:09.96   00:12.81   00:11.99   00:14.92   00:30.84
         WINDY   00:09.79   00:08.93   00:09.98   00:12.66   00:21.54

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai
        FLOWER   00:04.41   00:04.95   00:04.30   00:06.52
         ERASE   00:08.51   00:09.74   00:09.74   00:11.41
        EARTHY   00:36.43   00:48.79   00:51.50   00:50.18
        SHADOW   00:07.97   00:10.59   00:08.78   00:12.24
          MAZE   00:04.64   00:04.63   00:04.97   00:05.29
      ILLUSION   00:06.97   00:07.82   00:07.69   00:08.74

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai
          WOOD   00:07.32   00:08.83   00:07.86   00:09.57
       THUNDER   00:03.67   00:03.69   00:04.25   00:05.35
          GLOW   00:08.99   00:12.47   00:11.95   00:14.76
        SHIELD   00:04.42   00:04.35   00:05.09   00:05.37
        WATERY   00:07.20   00:08.62   00:09.15   00:13.42
         ERIOL   00:40.35   00:52.44   00:48.15   00:56.04
  10. Muf


  11. Ai


    TETRIS with????????????????????

    Something's wrong on my end then. In the preview it shows the characters, but when they get posted they change in question marks. Maybe it has something to do with my browser settings? I can post Japanese characters on other forums and websites though. So I have no idea what's wrong. I'll look into it later. ^^
  12. Muf


    Nah, you're right, there IS something wrong. I was just messing with you. The workaround for now is to run the characters through a converter first to convert them into a sequence of [noparse]&#[/noparse]1234;.
  13. Ai


    TETRIS with カードキャプターさくらエターナルハート

    Got it working. Thanks muf! ^^


    If someone knows of a HQ version of the Arika superplay video please do link to it.
  14. The highest quality one would be the one hosted on Arika's site. It's old though, from dialup days, and was never available at good quality (by modern standards).
  15. Ai


    Thanks anyways. I was just hoping for a better quality version to make analysis easier.

    The idea was to get within a minute of you guys this year which happened. In fact I'm almost within 30 seconds if I manage to improve a little more. It'd be nice if there's more competition. Not only are the 2 players I'm up against ARS experts, they are also puzzle specialist so there's little hope I'll ever catch up.

    I believe that in most stages I have optimal piece setups. It's just that my speed of execution isn't as good as you guys. Only in the 2 longer stages did I make huge improvements. I finally understand how to play fast, but it takes me too much effort to do it right even in puzzles where only a few pieces are needed. I have a very hard time getting the pieces where I want when playing too fast. And oh do I hate the randomizer farming. Sometimes it takes forever to get a piece sequence that's good to work with.

    The improvements above took me close to 12 hours spread over 2 days.
  16. My times are much worse than yours, but that's because I just started playing the game a few days ago. I'll post in a couple of days once I've got everything under a minute. :p
  17. Ai


    Didn't expect you to be playing this after having criticized the game earlier this year. ^^


    TOTAL TIME : 20:00.00 - 16:54.60 + 00:49.74 = 03:55.14

    SUCCESS!! Sub 4 minutes and I beat both Edo and colour_thief in a stage at last. I only needed to improve my times in the 2 longer stages. Both of you should easily be able to do better if you play a little more. Analyse the superplay video and watch where the garbage rises carefully that is all you need to do. I've been able to get similar times with different piece sequences. What is important is to memorize an optimal pattern and play without having to think about piece placement.

    A one minute improvement after 15 hours of play during 3 days is a decent accomplishment. I don't know where I found the motivation, still it was fun. I will undoubtly try to fine-tune the times of the other stages at a later point, but for now I've done more than enough. And maybe if I have some time I'll record my Normal Mode play.

    EARTHY STAGE : 00:43.36
    ERIOL STAGE : 00:49.74

    Rank  Name           Time        Date
      (0) arika video    02:56.93
       1  Edo            03:32.01    05/04/09
       2  colour_thief   03:35.99    24/01/09
       3  Ai             03:55.14    30/11/09
       4  Amnesia        incomplete  16/04/09

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai         Amnesia
         FIERY   00:01.69   00:01.80   [COLOR="green"]00:01.65[/COLOR]   00:02.24   00:09.43
         SWORD   00:05.37   [COLOR="green"]00:05.25[/COLOR]   00:05.29   00:07.06   00:22.90
          JUMP   00:03.64   00:03.60   [COLOR="green"]00:03.59[/COLOR]   00:05.37   00:19.73
           FLY   [COLOR="red"]00:05.60[/COLOR]   00:06.68   [COLOR="green"]00:06.08[/COLOR]   00:07.12   00:25.14
        MIRROR   [COLOR="red"]00:09.96[/COLOR]   00:12.81   [COLOR="green"]00:11.99[/COLOR]   00:14.92   00:30.84
         WINDY   00:09.79   [COLOR="green"]00:08.93[/COLOR]   00:09.98   00:12.66   00:21.54

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai
        FLOWER   00:04.41   00:04.95   [COLOR="green"]00:04.30[/COLOR]   00:06.52
         ERASE   [COLOR="red"]00:08.51[/COLOR]   [COLOR="green"]00:09.74 [/COLOR]  [COLOR="Green"]00:09.74[/COLOR]   00:11.41
        EARTHY   [COLOR="red"]00:36.43[/COLOR]   00:48.79   00:51.50   [COLOR="green"]00:43.36[/COLOR]
        SHADOW   [COLOR="red"]00:07.97[/COLOR]   00:10.59   [COLOR="green"]00:08.78[/COLOR]   00:12.24
          MAZE   00:04.64   [COLOR="green"]00:04.63[/COLOR]   00:04.97   00:05.29
      ILLUSION   [COLOR="red"]00:06.97[/COLOR]   00:07.82   [COLOR="green"]00:07.69 [/COLOR]  00:08.74

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai
          WOOD   [COLOR="red"]00:07.32[/COLOR]   00:08.83   [COLOR="green"]00:07.86[/COLOR]   00:09.57
       THUNDER   [COLOR="red"]00:03.67[/COLOR]   [COLOR="green"]00:03.69[/COLOR]   00:04.25   00:05.35
          GLOW   [COLOR="red"]00:08.99[/COLOR]   00:12.47   [COLOR="green"]00:11.95[/COLOR]   00:14.76
        SHIELD   00:04.42   [COLOR="green"]00:04.35[/COLOR]   00:05.09   00:05.37
        WATERY   [COLOR="red"]00:07.20[/COLOR]   [COLOR="green"]00:08.62[/COLOR]   00:09.15   00:13.42
         ERIOL   [COLOR="red"]00:40.35[/COLOR]   00:52.44   [COLOR="green"]00:48.15[/COLOR]   00:49.74
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  18. My stages are still awful.
    Oh well. I'll put my records up so some people who may have been scared off by those ridiculously good times might post as well.

    FIRERY STAGE : 00:03.58
    SWORD STAGE : 00:12.20
    JUMP STAGE : 00:08.91
    FLY STAGE : 00:22.90
    MIRROR STAGE : 01:02:67
    WINDY STAGE : 00:25.72

    FLOWER STAGE : 00:34.17
    ERASE STAGE : 00:41.38
    EARTHY STAGE : 00:59.17
    SHADOW STAGE : 00:28.14
    MAZE STAGE : 00:43.13
    ILLUSION STAGE : 00:28.99

    WOOD STAGE : 00:40.09
    THUNDER STAGE : 00:39.93
    GROW STAGE : 00:38.00
    SHIELD STAGE : 00:37.47
    WATERY STAGE : 00:47.40
    ERIOL STAGE : 01:24.67
    Total: 10:58.42... I think?
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  19. Ai



    It's okay. You're right to post what you already have now. You can take your time and fine-tune your records over time. No need to wait until you get closer or beat the times of the others.

    Actually some of your times are pretty good (especially Earthy stage) and others not so. Make sure to watch and analyze the superplay video and read the thread Kitaru created in the Strategy section. I will really try to record one of my Normal mode playthroughs when I have a little more time.

    It would be easier to check if you posted the 2 times shown on screen when you highlight the Eriol stage.
  20. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Thanks for joining in Budster!

    I've added your times to the first page, and I'm sure you'll be interested to hear that I calculated your time as being 00:00.10 faster than what you previously thought! Although as Ai says, it's easier to just look at the total time remaining at the start of Eriol stage, and the time taken for Eriol stage itself and do a simple subtraction.

    (Note: I think there may be some inaccuracy in how the game adds the times together, maybe rounding error...? It's not serious though, and definitely not worth worrying about for now.)

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