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Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 6 Jan 2009.

  1. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    How can we not have a Records thread for this seminal classic?! Obviously, this is only for Normal Mode, as Easy doesn't keep records. For ease of reading, I've separated the records for the individual stages according to their rows as they appear on the stage select screen. No need to work out your total time, just submit your individual stage times, and I'll take care of the rest.

    Ai's guide for people having trouble reading the Japanese: Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura - Eternal Heart ^^.pdf
    (pm me if the link goes dead, and I'll upload it again.)

    All you need to need to know about the game can be found in this post.

    I hope you guys don't mind - I've opted for a different format for the individual records, which I think will be about 10 times easier to maintain.

    Rank  Name           Time        Date
      (0) arika video    [URL=""]02:56.93[/URL]
       1  Edo            03:32.01    05/04/09
       2  colour_thief   03:35.99    24/01/09
       3  Ai             03:54.26    10/05/11
       4  Kitaru         06:01.12    18/01/12 (04:46.21    13/01/13)
       4  Budster        10:58.42    13/12/09
       5  K              14:31.79    22/08/10
       6  Amnesia        incomplete  16/04/09

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai         Kitaru     Budster    K          Amnesia
         FIERY   00:01.69   00:01.80   [COLOR="green"]00:01.65[/COLOR]   00:02.19   00:02.79   00:03.58   00:14.82   00:09.43
         SWORD   00:05.37   [COLOR="green"]00:05.25[/COLOR]   00:05.29   00:06.75   00:22.39   00:12.20   00:20.63   00:22.90
          JUMP   00:03.64   00:03.60   [COLOR="green"]00:03.59[/COLOR]   00:04.85   00:11.02   00:08.91   00:37.05   00:19.73
           FLY   [COLOR="red"]00:05.60[/COLOR]   00:06.68   [COLOR="green"]00:06.08[/COLOR]   00:07.12   00:09.59   00:22.90   00:20.19   00:25.14
        MIRROR   [COLOR="red"]00:09.96[/COLOR]   00:12.81   [COLOR="green"]00:11.99[/COLOR]   00:14.92   00:18.98   01:02.67   00:36.56   00:30.84
         WINDY   00:09.79   [COLOR="green"]00:08.93[/COLOR]   00:09.98   00:12.66   00:17.13   00:25.72   00:20.92   00:21.54

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai         Kitaru     Budster    K
        FLOWER   00:04.41   00:04.95   [COLOR="green"]00:04.30[/COLOR]   00:06.52   00:09.48   00:34.17   00:40.33
         ERASE   [COLOR="red"]00:08.51[/COLOR]   [COLOR="green"]00:09.74 [/COLOR]  [COLOR="Green"]00:09.74[/COLOR]   00:11.41   00:25.04   00:41.38   02:27.96
        EARTHY   [COLOR="red"]00:36.43[/COLOR]   00:48.79   00:51.50   [COLOR="green"]00:43.36[/COLOR]   00:54.92   00:59.07   01:07.48
        SHADOW   [COLOR="red"]00:07.97[/COLOR]   00:10.59   [COLOR="green"]00:08.78[/COLOR]   00:12.24   00:16.33   00:28.14   00:35.58
          MAZE   00:04.64   [COLOR="green"]00:04.63[/COLOR]   00:04.97   00:05.29   00:12.59   00:43.13   00:10.35
      ILLUSION   [COLOR="red"]00:06.97[/COLOR]   00:07.82   [COLOR="green"]00:07.69 [/COLOR]  00:08.74   00:14.09   00:28.99   00:35.40

                 arika      CT         Edo        Ai         Kitaru     Budster    K
          WOOD   [COLOR="red"]00:07.32[/COLOR]   00:08.83   [COLOR="green"]00:07.86[/COLOR]   00:09.57   00:10.22   00:40.09   00:39.63
       THUNDER   [COLOR="red"]00:03.67[/COLOR]   [COLOR="green"]00:03.69[/COLOR]   00:04.25   00:05.35   00:21.33   00:39.93   02:25.95
          GLOW   [COLOR="red"]00:08.99[/COLOR]   00:12.47   [COLOR="green"]00:11.95[/COLOR]   00:14.76   00:20.65   00:38.00   00:33.64
        SHIELD   00:04.42   [COLOR="green"]00:04.35[/COLOR]   00:05.09   00:05.37   00:17.27   00:37.47   00:22.91
        WATERY   [COLOR="red"]00:07.20[/COLOR]   [COLOR="green"]00:08.62[/COLOR]   00:09.15   00:13.42   00:14.22   00:47.40   00:41.91
         ERIOL   [COLOR="red"]00:40.35[/COLOR]   00:52.44   [COLOR="green"]00:48.15[/COLOR]   00:49.74   01:03.08   01:24.67   01:40.48

    Rank  Name           Time        Date
       1  Ai             01:49.09    19/06/12 [URL=""](01:53.63)[/URL]

         FIERY   00:01.67
         SWORD   00:01.81
          JUMP   00:02.80
           FLY   00:06.69
        MIRROR   00:02.93
         WINDY   00:07.07

        FLOWER   00:04.70
         ERASE   00:06.77
        EARTHY   00:17.69
        SHADOW   00:08.04
          MAZE   00:03.12
      ILLUSION   00:05.72

          WOOD   00:05.21
       THUNDER   00:06.68
          GLOW   00:06.37
        SHIELD   00:11.70
        WATERY   00:02.93
         ERIOL   00:07.19
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  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Oh excellent...
    That will change my mind for a while..
    I will be your first opponent edo.
  3. I assume rankings are set-piece deals only and no random?
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Actually, the piece sequences in Eternal Heart are randomly generated. When repeating a stage, the player is given the option of using the same sequence again, or generating a new random sequence. Half the art to time-attacking this game is in knowing what a "good" piece sequence looks like when it's generated.
  5. Ahhh, gotcha. Cool stuff, maybe I'll work on that later today.
  6. Ai


    I was pleasantly surprised by this game. CUTEST Tetris game ever and a MUST play for all TGM (ARS) players!!! ^^ This game is nice for those who want a little change and improve piece placement. It's very relaxing too if you're not aiming for insane times. It's been a few months since I last played Tetris for so long. I may have actually played for 7 hours yesterday including 3 hours straight in the first session of the day. This also includes figuring out everything about the game and all. Today I played far less, but I managed to improve all my times. I would say almost 10 hours puzzle fun so far. Playing the game made me look for the Cardcaptor Sakura anime and manga too. I haven't seen or read it so far even though I heard about it before.

    Easy mode is really too easy and is only good for warming up. Normal mode is where you want to be. There is a 20 minute time limit to complete this mode. First time I played through it, it took me close to 18 minutes to complete the whole course. Then I found out that you can change the tetromino sequence and use it to your advantage to finish the stages a lot faster. Doing so I finished the game close to 6 minutes. Too bad there is no hard mode because the game could use more content. Well I'll keep improving my times from time to time and I'll try to unlock everything.

    It's not hard to work out your total time by yourself. Under every stage you select you will find a clock with your best time next to it and an hourglass with your remaining time until the 20 minutes time limit is over. There are 2 ways you can get your total time easily:

    1. Play the boss stage ERIOL STAGE (????????) and get a personal best. After the game, completion time for the stage and remaining time of the 20 minute time limit will be shown. So to get total playing time: 20:00:00 time limit - time left over (shown next to the hourglass).

    In this case for me: 20:00:00 - 13:57:25 = 06:02:75

    2. If you already played through all stages you only need to go to the stage selection screen. Choose the ERIOL STAGE (????????). Best time and time remaining will be shown in the right down corner next to the stage name. So: 20:00:00 time limit - remaining time + best time ERIOL STAGE (????????) = total time it took you to finish all courses.

    In this case: 20:00:00 - 15:19:36 + 01:22:11 = 06:02:75

    Here are all my times:

    TOTAL TIME : 06:02:75
    FIRERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:04:02
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:09:58
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:08:44
    FLY STAGE (???????) : 00:10:82
    MIRROR STAGE (???????) : 00:21:88
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:17:43
    FLOWER STAGE (????????) : 00:12:63
    ERASE STAGE (????????) : 00:15:40
    EARTHY STAGE (????????) : 01:14:49
    SHADOW STAGE (????????) : 00:17:39
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:08:72
    ILLUSION STAGE (???????????) : 00:09:90
    WOOD STAGE (???????) : 00:16:66
    THUNDER STAGE (????????) : 00:06:53
    GROW STAGE (???????) : 00:19:90
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:07:48
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:19:37
    ERIOL STAGE (????????) : 01:22:57

    As mentioned before all these personal best are from today.

    I kept playing until I beat edo at least once. I managed to do better only a few times so far. Some of your times are insane edo! I'll try to get my total time under 6 minutes later.



    I've gotten under 6 minutes. ^^

    20:00:00 - 15:22:85 + 1:22:11 = 05:59:26

    TOTAL TIME: 05:59:26
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:08:47
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:07:32
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:18:11
  7. Does Heboris have a mode emulating this?
    (E-Heart?) Of course the sequences will be different and you'll need to use HEBORIS rotation and one preview, but...
  8. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Ai, I'm glad you're enjoying the game! It's great, isn't it? I've stuck your scores up there, thanks for providing some competition! I'll have to see if I can reclaim my top spot on those stages where you beat me.

    Thanks! But I'm sure colour_thief will destroy both of us when he starts submitting scores... Maybe we'll have to team up together and devise some awesome strategies to beat him!

    E-Heart does emulate it, but I'm not sure exactly how accurately. As this Records board is in its relative infancy, I think it's probably best if we wait for it to grow a little before deciding whether your scores should be ranked or not, but feel free to submit them, and for the time being I'll put them at the bottom with the word "Hebo" instead of a rank. However, I strongly urge you to try and hunt down a copy of this game, it really is as good as everyone says it is! [​IMG]
  9. Ai


    Yes awesome game indeed! Hopefully more people will play the game.

    You will definitely reclaim your positions as number one if you're a little lucky with the piece sequence you get. When it comes to raw speed I'm totally no match for you unfortunately.

    In the ERASE STAGE (????????) my time is 00:15:40. Everything else is fine. ^^

    The first time I learned about the game is when colour_thief posted a picture of his Tetris collection. And it wouldn't surprise me if he's even better than you after seeing some of his Panel de Pon videos on youtube.

  10. Ai


    Major improvement! All new times are from today.

    20:00:00 - 14:57:81 = 05:02:19

    Here are all my new times:

    TOTAL TIME : 05:02:19
    FIRERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:03:21
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:07:34
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:07:24
    FLY STAGE (???????) : 00:08:49
    MIRROR STAGE (???????) : 00:17:66
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:15:37
    FLOWER STAGE (????????) : 00:08:55
    ERASE STAGE (????????) : 00:13:50
    EARTHY STAGE (????????) : 00:59:28
    SHADOW STAGE (????????) : 00:15:87
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:07:64
    WOOD STAGE (???????) : 00:14:80
    THUNDER STAGE (????????) : 00:05:55
    GROW STAGE (???????) : 00:17:82
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:07:40
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:14:38
    ERIOL STAGE (????????) : 01:08:19

    I tried really hard to get sub 5 minutes when I noticed I was making some big progress, but without success so far. I'm more than happy with the improvement I've made today though. ^^
  11. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Congratulations Ai, you're getting pretty swift!

    Please forgive me, but...

    TOTAL TIME : 04:29:41
    FIRERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:02:20
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:05:81 *new
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:03:96 *new
    FLY STAGE (???????) : 00:07:97 *new
    MIRROR STAGE (???????) : 00:14:68
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:13:59
    FLOWER STAGE (????????) : 00:06:17
    ERASE STAGE (????????) : 00:11:88
    EARTHY STAGE (????????) : 01:02:38
    SHADOW STAGE (????????) : 00:11:28
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:06:33
    ILLUSION STAGE (???????????) : 00:08:98 *new
    WOOD STAGE (???????) : 00:10:29 *new
    THUNDER STAGE (????????) : 00:05:67 *new
    GLOW STAGE (???????) : 00:12:91 *new
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:05:90 *new
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:13:47
    ERIOL STAGE (????????) : 01:05:94 *new
  12. Ai


    Thanks! I managed to perfect some strategies to improve my speed . First I look for the best piece sequence possible to clear a stage with as few pieces as possible. Afterwards I try to memorize the fastest pattern I can think of. This was hardest to do in the 2 long stages, but as you can see it paid off.

    And no need to forgive you as I knew full well that you could do better than the times you posted. Especially when I got near you. I'm glad I made you improve your times. Also I still have 2 top rank positions for now... ^^

    I'm pretty much at the limit of my current capabilities now, but I will still try to get sub 5 minutes soon.
  13. I'd love to participate but I'm seemingly incapable of playing multiple sessions without overwriting the game data. I blame my non existent Japanese language skills rather than anything else.
  14. Ai


    All you need to do is load your previously saved progress from a memory card at the start of the game. Make sure when you choose normal mode in story mode to select the second option if you want to continue a previously played session. The first option let's you start from the beginning. If you have a new personal record you need to save your progress to a memory card. Of course you can improve times of multiple stages and save everything at the end of a session.

    I put together a quick guide earlier today. See if it helps you. In the document you will also find a link to a FAQ on GameFaqs with some additional info.

    Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura - Eternal Heart Guide - PDF file

    Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura - Eternal Heart Guide - DOCX file

    If you still have problems let me know and I'll try to give you more specific help.


    Files have been updated with a newer version. Presentation has been improved a little, corrected a few mistakes and added some content.
  15. Hey, that's amazing, thanks Ai!I've owned this game for years, now I may finally give it the attention it deserves. Previously I just played through a few times.
  16. Ai


    No problem! It's the least I could do after all your help. I'm glad if it helps you. I put it together really fast yesterday so I may update it this weekend if I have some time. The presentation isn't really good, but it'll have to do for now. ^^

    20:00:00 - 16:09:03 + 01:08:19 = 04:59:16

    New times from today:

    TOTAL TIME : 04:59:16
    FIRERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:03:12
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:07:03
    SHADOW STAGE (????????) : 00:13:92
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:07:06
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:07:20

    Improvement now is really hard, but I kept my word and went sub 5 minutes. ^^
  17. Some new records of varying quality to make you work a bit harder Edo! [​IMG]

    FIERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:02:06
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:05:70
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:03:91
    FLY STAGE (???????) : 00:06:68
    MIRROR STAGE (???????) : 00:12:81
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:10:40

    The rest of my records are all from the initial straight play through. I'll post them as they get polished.

    (Also, I'm pretty sure the first stage is meant to be FIERY.)
  18. Muf


    You severely underestimate the power of engrish.
  19. ?????? (faiarii) sounds more like FIERY than FIRERY. =P
  20. Ai


    I'm pretty sure edo meant FIERY (it's pronounced like that in the game). It's just a simple spelling mistake that I happen to have copy pasted in all my posts too. ^^




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