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Thread in 'Discussion' started by jujube, 28 Mar 2007.

  1. People should do more of this!

    Here's an interesting Shirase video. Firstly, the player gets a hole regret right before clearing the 1299 level stop. Secondly, that glitchy big mode truncated piece thing happens and then he survives for many more pieces, almost clearing the roll.

  2. Amnesia

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    this player seems to have a skill very close to yours c_t..Only one rank qualified over you, and I would not be surprised if soon you clear the SHIRASE in a similar efficience. (I am not mentionning the regret)
  3. Yes, he has a superior skill just ahead of me. It's definitely encouraging. Though from his play count it seems he has just purchased Ti within the last 2-3 months, so maybe he will do much better soon.
  4. Wow, that's a really nice video. 16 Bravos right?
    At times I wondered if there really were only one preview available to him.

    Though, that kangaroo would piss me off if I played that game.
  5. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    The number of previews is irrelevant; as colour_thief said, he's using the power-on pattern from the original 1988 SEGA Tetris; every move is pre-planned. (The first 1000 pieces in the sequence are reproduced in this post.)
  6. That explains why it seemed like he knew more than one piece ahead then. :awe:
  7. I put together a decent Nullpomino Shirase TAS. B)

    Nullpomino is perfect for TASing! If you want to do a Tetris TAS, I highly recommend it. (A+++++, will TAS again!)
  8. Haha, love the video!
  9. It seems like an alternate strategy might be to let the garbage lines occur as often as possible (i.e. delay line clears until a garbage line is dealt, than clear as much as possible). Every garbage line is a free 2 1/4 pieces, after all.
  10. Yeah, possibly. There are a few things I would need to do the math on before I gave it another shot. I'm currently trying to get a TAS completion of Final done, -- 0 ARE, 0 Clear, 0 DAS, and 3 Lock from 900 onward -- but I'll probably revisit it some time down the road to try to optimize things like that.
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    This is an interesting video, it's a Mega Drive version of Tetris that was never officially released.

    It seems to be legitimate, or at least the guy in the video vouches for it.

  12. that's a chinese pirate cartidge ^^
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    hoshit sega tetris doubles O_O
  14. Edo

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    If anyone is interested to see what this game plays like, I believe that the ROM was either leaked or dumped, or hacked from the Mega-Tech arcade version and is available in... certain places. It's also available to play as part of the SEGA AGES Tetris Collection for PS2, which includes a gallery containing reasonably high res scans of the entire control manual, as well as artwork for the box and cartridge sticker. If people are interested, I could try to capture some good quality images of the gallery to share with you guys, but it'll probably take a while.

    And just in case there is any doubt at all: yes, the cartridge is a hacked bootleg, the "(C) 1989 DR. PEPPER STUDIO" is a dead giveaway. :D
  15. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Koryan managed to max out the new Tetris Dekaris game about a week ago, and has finally found time to upload the video to youtube and nicovideo!


    Although it's not shown in the video, remember that he is also having to deal with an absolutely massive ball-top joystick, which has to be somewhat unwieldy. You can read more in his recent blog entries; here's a link to Koryan's blog for those of you who haven't already got it bookmarked: http://blog.livedoor.jp/vestile/
  16. I like how the rank is updating live as he plays the game. I haven't seen that before.
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