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    Yeah, practice is really the only way.

    I'm guessing it has to do more with the mental image you have of the field. I think to play invisible effectively, you have to be more than capable of playing at very high speeds. To keep up with the memorization, you'd have to slow the game down mentally with your analytic skills.
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    I read an article in scientific American a while ago, that had a bit in it about really good chess players, and how they play nearly as good without the board as with it, because they have such a clear picture in their mind, and they have played so much that they know heaps of openings and all this sort of thing. Id imagine tetris would be similar, in a way.

    Edit: needle there was also a part in that article that discussed players memorizing chess board layouts. If the layout was taken from midway through a game, pros could memories in seconds and recall hours later with startling accuracy, but if the pieces were randomized, they faired little better than non-chess players. not really tetris related so i kept it in this post, but still interesting.
  4. I also heard from a professor about how professional Shogi (Japanese chess) players memorize game board layouts at extreme accuracy, but also breaks down rapidly to layman levels when the labels on the pieces have been changed to different symbols. One test subject supposedly even begged to stop the test, saying that he felt continuing would make his skills deteriorate.

    Damn me for not being able to immediately provide a source, but it it's true, I guess it talks a lot about the role of optimization in human performance.

  5. It also explains why I fall to pieces when playing Tetris with a colour set I'm not used to.
  6. i think that's baloney. it just takes some time to become reacquainted with whatever changed. people don't give themselves a chance to adapt.
  7. You can adapt, but it takes a while.

    I messed up so much on Lockjaw when the rotation was set to Tetris DS. In theory it's the one I'm most used to, but with a keyboard it's not, and I seem to keep keyboard and gamepad Tetris separate in my head, because I'd continually misdrop near the centre because I'd press the direction too many times or too few.
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    Here's one for a new category, Tetris iPod (developed by EA):


    I wrote speed run in the tags, but it's really more like a slow run :p

    I'll try to get a decent time... :S

    EDIT: Lol this has to be the most boring tetris video I've ever watched
  9. It's true in less "extreme" cases as well. Several people I know struggle know some phone numbers in one language, and some in another language, and struggle to recognise/remember a number in the language that they didn't "learn" it in.
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  11. Is it the way the game is set up with DAS and things, or is that not particularly fast?
  12. I've got a video of caffeine beating your world champion by 10 seconds in Tetris Elements (he did it in 42s).

    And according to the wayback machine, he also did it in 38s on a mobile phone o_O .
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    im not trying to brag or anything, just simply adding another clip to the post. i did not upload the clip nor did i write the blog. Caffeine is a very fast player.

    oh btw, prince, i used to work for Blue Lava Wireless and from what i remember, not once did a tetris deluxe have a 40 lines variant that was actual 40 lines. What it comes down to is you clear ~5 tetrises and the game is over. fyi, i did that variant in 35s.

    Rosti, yes this is how the game is made. I pushed for a faster delay, but got shutdown. Anything faster than that delay can not be accepted in a game, it wont pass QA.
  14. Uh, sorry, I didn't meant to appear agressive.
  15. I didn't mean anything by the video. It just seemed that for a "world record holder" that wasn't particularly fast.

    Then again, if that's the speed the game allows, then it makes no difference.
  16. Won't pass QA even if it was an option? I understand new players wouldn't may not take well to faster horizontal speed, but what about a slow/fast option? Or you could do a sensitivity gauge.
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    world record holder, haha. Never noticed that! when windows comes out, im pretty sure all the faster players will be right up there with me or faster.

    caffeine, as an option it might pass qa. i would definetly push for that option. Everyone has their own comfortable settings they wish to play the game, just like fps games where u can adjust sens of mouse and movement. i agree with u there.

    HOWEVER, what our company is trying to do is standardize these settings. Meaning everyone plays with the same delay/movement settings and it would be fair across the board to everyone(pros-noobs). That way it is a more controlled enviornment and it would be noticable to see who the faster/better players really are.

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