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Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Unregistered

    About the bolded part: I was rank 91 in the first tourney, marathon, and got a gold was 16x, silver background. so it's most likely top 100.

    For those trying to upload their codes for field climber(2nd round), it seems to be working now, so get to it!
  2. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    my code for round two was accepted today.
  3. zarvok

    zarvok Unregistered

    Anyone else having trouble submitting scores for round 4? The fourth round ranking button hasn't shown up in the same place as the others for me. But I see on the website some others have successfully submitted...
  4. Yeah, it was pretty slow showing up last night. At one point there were 4 people that had submitted scores on the American board even though it wasn't showing the submission option for me, so I couldn't figure out how those few people managed to submit their scores. I eventually submitted from the records section of the game instead of the wi-fi section, and I was only about the 9th person to submit a score, so I'm not sure if the option showed up there sooner than in the wi-fi, but that might explain how some people were able to do it while others weren't.

    The confirmation code submitted first try for this round, but it still says "pending" for points, which is kind of annoying.
  5. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    how can people take 3 minuets to finish stage racer without a game over.. i'm missing something. does the game last longer if you let the T fall on it's own??
  6. zarvok

    zarvok Unregistered

    Yeah, the whole thing takes longer if you're not holding down, because the screen scrolls slower. To get 53:68, which appears to be a perfect score, you must hold down the entire time and reach the end as soon as it shows up.

    iphys: if you can get the perfect score on this round, it looks like you'll win overall (at least, I think so, based on scanning the top few for each round). Awesome work!
  7. i wonder how the people with the perfect score are "sorted" in the top ranks? ist it: first come first place ? or is it just randomly shuffled? or what?
    its relatively easy to reach this perfect 53:68, so it should be expected to have over hundred persons reaching it.
    i would say: stage racer easy is just badly selected as a game mode for a tournament.
  8. zarvok

    zarvok Unregistered

    If you look now, everyone with a perfect score is tied for first - I imagine we'll all get the full 1000 points, and the the first person with a non-perfect score will get (1000 - n) points where n is the number of perfect scores.
  9. I think Bill is going to win, because he got 10th, 1st, 1st, and I got 2nd, 11th, 4th. I might have a shot at 2nd though.

    I've been able to get 53:66 and 53:67 playing in local play, but the 53:66 gets recorded as 53:67 for some reason, so I don't think 53:68 is the best possible time even though that's all we're seeing on the leaderboard right now. All I was seeing in the records on the advanced courses was 53:68, but I got a 53:66 on the J course (which got recorded as 53:67) and a 53:67 on the L course. Unless they've changed something for the tournament, I should be able to record a 53:67. I'm waiting till the last 24 hours though, because the rules say ties get decided by who receives the ranking last, and it looks like there are going to be a lot of ties in this round.
  10. what is this, ebay [​IMG] ?!?!?

    anyway - i like this mode much more than the field climber or the bomberman puzzle mode. those latter were really annoying and frustrating.
  11. I think they were scared of more than 500 people being in a tie for prizes, so they just came up with some arbitrary way to break ties. I would have thought first should get rated better than last though, because the person who achieves the score first probably took fewer tries to achieve it. As it is now, the only reward you get for being earlier is you get your name higher on the list, but all the people tied below you are going to walk away with extra points. Sucks too, because it's not like you can improve on your time once you achieve the best possible time. I just hope it doesn't end up making the difference between making the top 500 and not for people on the bubble, because there could be a big difference in the number of points awarded to the first and last people to tie.
  12. At this point it seems unlikely that 53"67 is possible (for tournament purposes).

    Stage racer really doesn't belong in the tournament. Hopefully the stage racer round in tournament 3 will at least be difficult enough that we won't see many perfect scores. (Incidentally, has anyone checked out the shadow mode stage for tournament 3? It's brutal.)
  13. Have you tried to get a 53:67 yet? I haven't, but I'm assuming we could actually play the game now and update later to get a ranking, since it's when you receive your ranking that determines the tie breakers. I'm not sure why the tournament version would be any different than the local play version, but I am surprised that no one has posted a 53:67 yet, so maybe there is some difference.

    I'm looking forward to the advanced stage racer in tournament 3, because I'm sure there will be far fewer ties -- there's a portion in the advanced T course that looks just brutal, but I'm sure some people will figure out how to survive it at full tilt.

    I've heard other people say the smiley face is tough, but I actually got that one first try, and I don't think it's that much harder than Bomberman. The shadow stages that I hated are the x-mas tree (level 9?) because there's so many ways to screw it up and that spaceship one (level 20?) because it's hard to get the starting structure and there's a line clear early on that you have to start thinking about at the same time.
  14. I've played a few rounds of "perfect" stage racer and can't get better than 53"68. I haven't gotten 53"67 offline either though, so who knows.

    "Smile" isn't too hard to finish. However, because it requires clearing a line, I find it very difficult to play at full speed. Moreover, there's not a lot of generic free-form stacking -- just about every piece you play needs to be placed carefully. It really feels like the bottleneck is in your head, not your fingers (which I didn't think was the case with "Bomberman").
  15. Geez, I wonder if I'm the only person getting the 53:66 and 53:67. So far, I've got 53:66 on beginner Z and advanced J, and I got 53:67 on beginner J/L/S/T and advanced L, and I often got the 53:66 or 53:67 time before I ever scored a 53:68, so it didn't seem that rare to do better than 53:68. If the 53:66 time can't be recorded as any faster than 53:67 because the developers thought it was theoretically impossible, I wonder what is so peculiar about my system that it is allowing me to score these times. It's not like I've modded it or anything, and the system has never acted strange in any other way, so there doesn't seem to be anything broken with it. Crap, if I do manage to post a 53:67 in the tournament and I'm the only one, I hope I don't get accused of cheating or something.
  16. Can you mash the down button faster than the autorepeat or something?
  17. I don't think repeatedly pressing down helps, because the screen scrolls smoothly rather than row by row. If you ever accidentally let go instead of holding down the whole way, the screen scrolls more slowly, so I think you just lose time every time you depress the down button rather than gaining time for getting in extra presses.

    I assume the rate the screen scrolls is determined by an integer number of frames per row, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to me how there could be a discrepancy of 1/100 or 2/100 of a second for the best possible time. There are also a few people posting times of 53:69 and 53:70, which surprises me that people are capable of making a mistake so small, so maybe there is some sort of calculation error that is causing some people to get slightly lower or higher times than 53:68. Could some sort of variation in the hardware used in the Wii cause this?
  18. Jeff

    Jeff Unregistered

    i've tried to break 53' dice on this stage racer.

    ....I'd rather have a more difficult challenge like the previous 3, than have to slog through dozens of people with the exact same top score. That's the problem with easy tournaments, they have no way of separating the chaff from the rest.

    iphys: perhaps it's the other courses that promote the record breaking? i imagine it might have something to do with the piece length. Speculating, of course.
    the hundreds of the second discrepancy might happen at the end, if they were a bit behind in trying to cross the finish line...

    as for shadow field: smile; it isn't too bad, if you remember the key factor is to plan ahead and use a line clear to 100% the puzzle.

    gf and I tried a practice run at the endless co-op...planning tetris'es at low levels isn't too bad. it's when you have to work with your partner at high speed that it gets tricky...especially since you only have one save slot for the both of us. generally we found that keeping the hole near the middle is optimal...and +, if it's neccessary, communicate what you need with your partner, they can pass it to you via the store piece slot. definitely will need practice on both of us, but I'm pretty confident of our skills to rank high for that one...just hope we have enough time to stay online to post the score for it! (why oh why does endless have to be ON?!) plus, i hope there's no cap as to how many points one wii can win! XD

    got about 60 lines starting at lvl 15...not too shabby for a first shot i think.
  19. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I just realized something: A variant of the "Playing forever" pattern that CT and I designed would probably work great with co-op. One player gets the pieces for one side of the pattern, and the other player gets the pieces for the other side. And only one of the two players (STZ) needs hold; the other (JLO) just needs a bunch of previews (which the game gives). Imagine:
    |          |
    |          |
    |   I  I Z   |
    |L J I  IZZS  |
    |L JOOI  IZTSS  |
  20. Is TP's Doubles mode bag-based?

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