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Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. iphys - Yes... I did play the first night for an hour or so. I got a half hour in yesterday and an hour in this afternoon. I have this next week off for maternity time, so I expect to see all you guys in battle.
  2. Yeah, I want a rematch!
  3. durga2112

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    Do you guys actually do T-spins in battles? Like, deliberately setting them up? I still can't do that fast enough to really be of any use in a battle (unless the extra garbage sent really makes that much pf a difference). My strategy is basically to set up Tetrises as fast as I possibly can, which usually works pretty well for me - I've got over 5500 points now, and last night I managed to beat someone with something like 6700 points, which felt pretty good (although I think the same guy beat me once or twice as well [​IMG] ).
  4. Yeah, but not exclusively. You just have to practice doing them playing against the fastest level of the cpu you're comfortable with. It's good to set them up on top of your garbage column so you can back-to-back T-spins with tetrises.
  5. @durga: t-spins are sometimes good to use in battles in your volleying back and forth. If you set up a bunch of rows for a tetris you run the risk of not being quick to clear the blocks away when the whole appears under your stack. With a t-spin setup you only need to clear a couple rows and then your are open to send the blocks the other person gave you back at them.

    So when it says disconnect that means that the other person left? Because if that is the case I should practice not trying to make the other person think they have a chance to win
  6. If there's no lag and then it says disconnect, I think that means the other person wussed out. If there's lag and it says disconnect, it's probably an issue with the wi-fi.

    Some people I haven't been sure about facing again after a disconnect, so a few times I have made a point of only sending 4 or 5 lines of garbage at a time till they're more than half way up the screen and then slamming them with 9 or 10 lines in the hope that the loss hits them unexpectedly before they have time to disconnect. I think some people are still fast enough to disconnect after a loss though.
  7. m:)

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    i'm thinking if it was the games fault i would expect it to also happen when i loose, so far i've lost all the points i've lost but i have not won all of the points i have won.

    i didn't know who wil wheaton was so i googled him. if you mean a young one, then yes he did actually.

  8. On the first night I lost a game and got DCed before the point screen came up, so I managed to escape losing any points. There was a lot of lag, so I suppose it's possible the other guy thought he was about to lose and DCed having no idea he'd won, but I imagine the DC happened because of the lag. I wonder if it tends to be that the point screen comes up first for the player who lost while the info is being transmitted to the winner, and then if the loser hits quit too soon after losing their points, the winner gets DCed and never gets their points. It often seems like I just barely get my points before the DC screen comes up, whereas it should only be coming up after you hit quit.
  9. m:)

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    that is an interesting point, i would ass u me that at that point (game over) the players are separate and the connection doesn't matter.

    but man if they are loosing the points but your not winning the points thats messed up.
  10. This was precisely my theory as well.
  11. m:)

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    i just played an hour solid. i lost two matches. I gained 60 points total.
  12. Heh...this is harder than I thought. There's actually some good competition out there. I'm hovering at around 5600 right now after a few hours of playing. DCing hasn't been tooooo bad for me. Maybe I'm just playing at times when they're not on xP
  13. The wi-fi was kind of laggy today -- seemed like 1 in 10 games my opponent would freeze up and then 20 seconds later the disconnection screen would finally pop up. Had one game like that against Mizar, but then we never got reconnected again.
  14. Whenever I play I have about half my matches disconnect. Could this be due to my connection? I never have lagged on the wifi battles which confuses me.
  15. m:)

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    we're all getting lots of disconnects. it was bad for me yesterday afternoon, like 80%. then last night i didn't get any.
  16. Wil Wheaton... I've played this guy about 10 times, and he disconnects every time when he gets close to getting beat. So frustrating!!! Also, the guy who I think is in first place, Davey?, is a compulsive cheater too. If he's the one with no eyes, bald head, and a giant grin, he's disconnected on me a several times - A few in the tourney along with a bunch in regular play over the last couple weeks.
  17. There's only 10 people rated over 6800 right now, so the cheaters are going to make themselves very conspicuous if anyone loses to them, sees their rating, and then beats them only to watch them DC. I don't think I've played Davey, because I don't remember any bald guys with a high rating. I think TNC is a guy with long hair, because I beat him when he was over 7300 and then he was over 7400 on the leaderboard a little later. I know Wil Wheaton isn't Deasean because I've seen his Mii in some youtube videos. I think Shabz is Shabado from GameFaqs, and he says his Mii has brown hair and brown goatee, and I'm pretty sure I played him when he was in the high 6000s. That leaves Ephraim, Taylor, Pat, or Jel as the likely Wil Wheaton punk, but they're all rated fairly similarly, so it's hard to say which one it is.
  18. m:)

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    with Wil Wheaton, first i beat him and he DC'd, a few games later he sat again and i recognized him only to lose the match. that's when I saw he was at 6800.

    man, I'm only facing good players tonight. no DC's, just losing points left and right. can't get over 6k. i need to log more time. an hour a day isn't cutting it.
  19. Is it possible to avoid playing a DCer once you recognize them by never hitting start?
  20. durga2112

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    I don't think so. The match automatically starts after the timer counts down.

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