Tournament: Tetris Party Tournament (Wii)

Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. m:)

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    been smoken some and getting smoked a bit as well tonight.

    the beers catching up now, better quit before i start to train wreak
  2. I don't think it'll take much to hit the top 100. I'm starting to think that cutoff will be no higher than 5500.

    It's worth noting that people who can't get above 5000 will (probably) gradually stop playing as the tournament continues; this means that the standard of competition will rise. Hence it's probably easier to gain points now than it will be in a week...
  3. m:)

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    yeah, in a week all the good players will start going down the way the rating systems works.

    on a side note, i wonder if the game will use your final score or the last score you post [​IMG]
    take a nose dive, then don't update and i have a feeling it wont be reflected.
  4. durga2112

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    Damn, Billmaan, that was a good one. [​IMG]
  5. durga2112

    durga2112 Unregistered

    Blah, Tetris and drowsiness do not mix. After more than 3 hours, I am now below where I started from after being up about 300 points. [​IMG]
  6. Is it me or is there a giant time delay from when you get a tetris and the garbage appears? Btw my mii is the one with a black hat
  7. @En Fuego: i am noticing this too.

    is it network lag ? or is it intentional, by game design ?
  8. durga2112

    durga2112 Unregistered

    The leaderboard still has me listed as 5532, even though I subsequently lost about 200 points before signing off last night. I'll have to see if I can get those points back before I update again. [​IMG]
  9. m:)

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    beer will have that same effect. you need to know when to stop.

    I'm slowly adjusting to SRS.
  10. Sometimes I see my opponent placing their first few pieces before I even get mine, so it seems pretty ridiculous that they can't even sync the start of the game properly. I'd rather have the wi-fi quickly transmit garbage than show me every move my opponent makes in placing a piece 10 seconds after it happened. If they were going to be so stingy with bandwidth or whatever is making this game so laggy, they should have just given us a height meter of our opponent like on Gameboy Tetris.
  11. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    i've seen a lot of that myself.
    you see them dropping, then you start and they have four pieces placed.

    a couple times I have lost only to found I won. In these cases I do feel like I should have knocked them out.

    Started getting the DC's last night tho. I hate that.

    I wonder if the tourney will be good enough to keep me from grabbing excitebots on day one. I smell a little less tetris when that game launches.
  12. I'm on vacation right now but I will be getting home tomorrow night and I will try and get my rank up then. I'd like to think I'm not too bad at battle... Jujube might have something else to say about that tho. But 5500 seems pretty easy to reach. I'm 6500 in TDS
  13. What's up everyone!! I just had a baby, so haven't been playing much. My Mii is a white guy with a black ski cap and big dark sunglasses... Looks like a dude who'd break into a liquor store.

    I just played for about an hour and had a disconnect in about 1 in 4 people. This is sad. I haven't seen anyone who can t-spin or has been a challenge yet. I'm at around 6300 and have lost twice.

    Please post pictures of cheaters. I will try to do the same.

    PS... Like Bill said, I'm sure your score updates only when you do it on your own. My regular rating is at 9999, but I got that high last fall when there wasn't anyone decent playing. I'm around a 9000 now, but it still shows 9999.
  14. Did you play on the first night? I think I might have lost a game against you, because I definitely remember a scary looking T-spinner dude matching that description.
  15. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    man, today has actually been hard on me, i'm down about 300 points.
  16. I played about 20 games and half of them were disconnects. It takes too long for a match to load up. They could have atleast let you do three matches against the same opponent. But I need to deal with all the frustration for those damn wii points.
  17. I haven't had any problems with the wi-fi in the past day -- just one prick who I'm 99% sure purposely DCed on me at the end of an epic 3-minute battle, because garbage was flying back and forth with no lag the whole match, and right when he was sitting at the top of the screen with 5 garbage lines in his garbage indicator, he magically vanished into thin air. Grrrr!
  18. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    ok, so when yo see your score really fast, then it goes to the lobby you do not get any points even though you see your name on top for that instent. those are the DC's who do it quick

    i noticed i had the same score after four wins.

    and there's a kid that was at 6800 who dc's against me in a game [​IMG]
  19. I'm pretty sure that's the game's fault, not the other player's.
  20. Yeah, I've taken to never hitting the quit button, because I always get DCed the second the other player hits quit, and I'm thinking the point screen might be coming up for one player before the other player and getting interrupted for the second player if the first player hits quit too soon. Sometimes you do manage to get the points before the DC screen comes up. I keep an eye on the points awarded to see if they go to zero. One time the sound of the points moving over actually got stuck playing continuously when it happened, but fortunately I got all my points even though the other player's stopped with 3 points still to be deducted.

    Did the kid in the 6800's look like Wil Wheaton? I don't know what the rating was of the good player that DCed on me, but that's kind of who he reminded me of.

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