Tetris Party Tournament 1 Round 1 Marathon Tips and Tricks

Thread in 'Strategy' started by jjdb210, 2 Dec 2008.

  1. I think I might have figured out the all clear bonus. I just got a single +1 combo all clear on level 12 and got 11400 points, which would work out as 1200 for the line clear, 600 for the +1 combo, and 8*1200=9600 as the all clear bonus. Assuming I was actually on level 9 instead of level 8 when I got the 8550 (I was probably looking at the 80-some lines cleared instead of the level number), then that would be 900 for the line clear, 450 for the combo, and 8*900=7200 for the all clear. So apparently the bonus is 8 times the points of the line clear; however, I think when I got an all clear with a double I did not get that many points, so perhaps the bonus is only 800 times the level number rather than 8 times the number of points for the line clear. I'd check, but for some reason the all clear I always seem to get when I'm playing around is the single with the horizontal I.
  2. It's definitely more complicated than that =\

    I was messing around today with all-clears, and I just restarted until I could do a bravo opening, without soft drops. Double line clear, +1 combo gave me 1550 points, and double line clear without the combo gave 1500 points. This is all at lvl 1. So it looks like the combo bonus isn't affected by an all clear. That leaves 1500 for an all clear off a double, so it was only a 5x multiplier at level 1.

    Grats on breaking 600k btw. Nicely done [​IMG]
  3. Ugh, finally got another double all clear, and I got 10500 points on level 7 vs the usual 2100, so the bonus doesn't seem to be 800xlevel or 8xline clear points. It doesn't make sense to me that they would make the bonus 8x the line clear for a single and 4x the line clear for a double, but it seems to depend on the number of lines. Right now I'm thinking the bonus might be 8 x line clear points divided by the number of lines cleared, but it seems a bit weird to punish people for getting an all clear with a better line clear.
  4. Sorry, t-block, didn't notice your post before my last post, but what you're saying sounds right.

    I just implemented my method I suggested earlier in this thread to get a Tetris all clear after 10 bags of pieces, so it does work, although it took me several tries, so it probably doesn't work consistently. I got the all clear off a back-to-back +1 combo Tetris on level 3, which scored me 9750 points. The Tetris was worth 2400, 1200 for the back-to-back bonus, and 150 for the +1 combo, which means I got 6000 points for the all clear. So now I'm pretty much confused as to what the calculation is that explains all this, unless there's just a rule that the bonus is 8x for a single, 4x for a double, and 2.5x for a Tetris.
  5. Okay, here's my best guess for the formula for the bonus for all clears:

    (400 + 400 x number of lines cleared) x level number

    It seems weird to have the base 400 points because you would never get an all clear without clearing lines, but if looks like they may be using the formula used for T-spins to calculate the all clear bonus.
  6. That's looking like a pretty good guess. I can't see any counterexamples to it from what we have here. It'd be nice to have a triple all clear to get more confirmation.

    Either way, I dunno how good you are at them, but they're definitely not worth it to me. If you're trying to fix the stack and the oppurtunity arises, by all means go for it, but I think we've established that that's the most we should be thinking of them, regardless of the details in their scoring.
  7. Yeah, it would be nice to have the triple for confirmation, but so far I've never managed to get one. All clears really aren't my thing, but I was just curious to see whether it is possible to score any higher with them. If you somehow miraculously managed to clear the game with 38 Tetris all clears in a row, you should end up with close to 980,000, so in theory you could score higher than ST stacking. I think the maximum possible score you could get would be around 1,150,000, and to do that you would not only have to get 38 Tetris all clears, but also manage to use all your T's to get T-spin no line clears while stacking up your perfect Tetris stacks. I very much doubt we will ever see anyone score much higher than the low 900,000's though.

    I've also been curious about what the all clears do in Battle, because I've done it a few times at the end of a bunch of combos, but I could never tell how much garbage it was sending because it was mixed in with the garbage from the combos. If they're using the T-spin formula for the points, I wonder if the garbage is similar so an all clear sends 2 lines of garbage for a single, 4 for a double, 6 for a triple, and 8 for a Tetris. If you scored a Tetris all clear in Battle it would be crazy deadly if it sends 4 or 5 lines for the Tetris plus 8 for the all clear.
  8. i scored an allclear tetris once in battle and it sent 8 lines of garbage total, so i figured it was regular garbage times 2.
  9. Hmmm, not as good as I was hoping, but 8 lines of garbage still isn't bad. Assuming you've just cleared a lot of ammo leading up to the all clear, I suppose that should put the nail in the coffin in most cases.
  10. thylacine

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    I tried [​IMG] . I think I managed 3 TSS's and then one final TSD. My final score was 833,067
  11. jujube

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    well, easier said than done, especially with the lack of kick T-spins in Tetris Party.

    good to have you here thylacine. nice score you have in Tetris Zone challenge mode too.
  12. che_lives

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    shoot.. i forgot to try to break my score.. #15..
  13. zarvok

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    Just found these forums. Manged 24th on the first challenge, but really wish I had seen this place first - I had no idea about ST-stacking, what a cool strategy. You guys are really doing god's work here...

  14. jujube

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    except Tetris God doesn't make T-spins
    (pic courtesy of Kitaru)
  15. Tetris God performs heavy randomizer abuse and assembles solely bravo tetrises. :p
  16. che_lives

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    should we all change our names to "tetrisconcept.com" ?
  17. tepples

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    I seem to remember that TP has similar limitations on names to Animal Crossing: no more than 8 characters.
  18. che_lives

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    idea! we just have to rank 1st(tetris-) and 2nd(concept).. lol

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