Tetris Party Tournament 1 Round 1 Marathon Tips and Tricks

Thread in 'Strategy' started by jjdb210, 2 Dec 2008.

  1. jujube

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    tetripedia says you can predictably make an all-clear after 20 7-piece bags. nobody yet has found a way to consistently make all-clears in loops of less than 140 pieces.
  2. i swear a few months ago i saw a video of this..... 2 different bravo setups too (very similar to eachother but reversed field and switching the S/Z J/L pieces. I asked on IRC but nobody knew what I was talking about, I never saw it again and can't find it anymore.
  3. jujube

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    what game was it? Sega tetris?
  4. I don't remember, I wish I did. Why? is there a video of it being done in sega tetris? If yes , do you have a link?

    EDIT*Hey - found it!*

    http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... tris+bravo

    nevermind though, turns out this isnt' predictable and requires some luck of getting the right pieces at the right time.
  5. jujube

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    Sega tetris has the same pattern of pieces every time you power-on the system, so some players came up with ways to make a bunch of bravos because they knew all the pieces that were coming.
  6. tepples

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    Once CT formalized the method, I animated a loop of it and uploaded it to YTMND. Is that what you remember?
  7. Sully

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    Hey guys, long time no see.

    I just got Tetris Party and had a decent run for the tourney. I'm a tad rusty with my ST stacking so there were tons of mistakes. I think I made it to around 70 lines before I had a break in the t-spin double/tetris chain and it took a bit to recover. I also botched the stack pretty bad and ran only tetrises for ~the last 20 lines.


    I'll try to record future runs in case I get the perfect run.

    Oh, and I'm having a hell of a time getting logged into the Tetrisparty.com page. I'm definitely registered- it'll even send my password to my email address but attempts to log in simply fail. I've tried Firefox, chorme, and (yuck) IE. Ideas?
  8. Since there are 10 pieces in a Tetris and 7 pieces in a bag, then I believe you should only need 70 pieces to be able to get an all clear off complete bags of pieces. I would suggest for the TSZ part that you add 2 S and 2 Z to the stack at one point and skim 2 T so that you end up with a 12+12+4=28 high stack. For the LOJ part you could skim 2 L pieces and build a 4x4 of 2 O and 2 J pieces + 8 LOJ blocks gives you a 28 high stack. The 2 T and 2 L pieces that you skim clear 4 single lines and leave the equivalent of 2 I pieces so that the 10 I pieces could be used for 6 Tetrises.

    Of course, from what you lose from the 4 singles and losing the back-to-backs with that method, the occasional all clear probably wouldn't get you much further ahead than just doing standard back-to-back tetrises, even if the all clear does give you a quadruple bonus (anybody know if that's what the bonus is?)

    Nice score, Craig! I just tried to login, and it doesn't let me login either, but we don't actually need to login for anything yet, do we?
  9. Sully

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    It looks like you don't have to log into the site yet, but it seems that it will be necessary wthhin 12 days of the end of the tourney:

  10. 15 bag, 10 bag, or even 5 bag loops are theoretically possible, but 20 bag is the shortest currently known. Your 10 bag suggestion wouldn't quite work, but I've long thought I could get a 10 bag solution. If you like I'll try and make one work, but I don't think it'll be a winning strategy even if it has a 100% bravo chance.
  11. Why doesn't it work?

    I don't think the 5 bag or 15 bag work if you want to get the all clear with a Tetris, because 5 bags equals 14 lines. I also think it would have to be a lot different strategy with an odd number of bags because the TSZ structure relies on having an even number of each type of piece.
  12. Zaphod77

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    The TSZ structure in fact requires a multiple of 4 bags. 28 pieces. 7*2*2

    The tetris bravo requires a multiple of 10 bags. 70 pieces. 7*5*2

    so 7*5*2*2=140 pieces, or 20 bags.

    New loops requiring line clears that split the Ts will be needed to create a shorter solution, due to parity concerns.
  13. che_lives

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    st stackings hard.. got like 401,000 with tetris combos +1 and a few tspins without making lines.. charly"

    i dont think i had to change my location.. i had it to mexico.. theres only another mexican there but i think he lives in the us since theres only us and canadian ppl there..
  14. I just tried logging in to tetrisparty.com/tournament and it worked for me =\ I had to actually click the Login button after entering the info, though, so maybe that's your problem? Either way, if other people are having the problem, I'm sure it'll be fixed before the first round deadline.

    So I played for a couple hours today and managed to get a decent score ST stacking. I'm kinda new to the tetris community, but nice scores Craig and iphys [​IMG] Do we know who the 883k belongs to?
  15. directly from tetrisparty - support:

    so - what about making a t-spin-double or a tetris first, and keep doing combos ? as in the help to tetris friends, combos just multiply with the score of the line / tspin clears. so if you do back-toback tetris / tspin first, and then add - for example - a 6x combo -- wouldnt that result in even higher scores, than just back2back tspin doubles using st-stacking ?
  16. I almost cracked the 600K this morning, but finished at 592K, just below you, t-block. Nice score! It seems like Canadians are more into Tetris than Americans, because there are more Canadians than you would expect on that board.

    I've pretty much given up on ST stacking, because I can never seem to keep it going any longer than 50 lines without screwing it up (I have terrible hand-eye), and I have more fun just going all over the place finding ways to create as many back-to-back t-spins as I can.

    herc, I'm pretty sure that can't be the same scoring for Tetris Friends because the t-spin reward never registers for t-spin triples in Tetris Party. I don't think the combo reward is really worth all that much unless you can reliably get a long combo. As far I understand you get the points for the line clear plus the reward for the combo, rather than multiplied by it, otherwise the scoring for combos would be too high to make any sense.
  17. Sully

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    If you want to be able to ST stack all the way, then you must know how to recover from breaking the normal build. I'll sometimes be forced to leave a gap, restart the stack on line 2/3 and continue from there. I've also had times when I had to leave no t-spin break for many lines and just tetris until i could restart the ST build. You also need to get a really good handle on all the different piece combinations that you can use to create the stack.

    And how do I get my country (flag) to show on the leaderboards?
  18. Muf


    Set your region to something different than "Other" in the settings.
  19. So far about the only recovery I've learned is if I accidentally make the 2-block high tab 3 blocks high, I make it 4 blocks high and put down 2 S's. I usually don't try to restart the stacking once it goes disastrously wrong, unless I later find myself in a Kaidan situation.
  20. Jauz

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    My current score of ~391k came from all tetrises (3B), and included 1 "all clear". It occurred around 2/3 of the way through the game, so about when I had 100 lines cleared. If I had to estimate, I would say that I had about 8-10 tetris combos (tetrises on back-to-back "I" blocks), though I never had a tetris on 3 or more blocks in a row.

    Unfortunately I wasn't paying attention to how much the "all clear" was worth, but maybe this is enough information to help someone work out the math on it.

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