Tetris Party for WiiWare (out now).

Thread in 'Discussion' started by lee n, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. Muf


  2. there was a tetris party press release for usa with october and 1200 points.

    no, i wont look for the source cause my memory is absolutely magnificent.
  3. I can't wait until this comes out so that people will stop anticipating it. ...!! I guess that makes me part of the problem? [​IMG]
  4. Phydeaux

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    People over at Kotaku have been absolutely retarded about this. Demanding that it be better than TetrisDS. Because TetrisDS was "broken".

    Apparently if you play multiplayer everyone should get the same blocks in the same order. And what's with this spinning pieces shit? That's not Tetris!

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    [​IMG] I'll admit, TDS has some things to work on but I have other things in mind than the trivial things they mentioned.

    LANAsiDOOG Unregistered

  7. Is it better than TO?
  8. Aside from slow DAS and T-Spins (which is subject to opinion), Tetris DS wifi was pretty good. The ability to play with or without items would have been nice, as would the game not dropping if only three of the four participants chose to continue, but I thought the rating system was extremely good. Certainly kept me playing a lot longer than any of my other Nintendo DS wifi games.

    The single-player was pretty balls though. There was no real challenge unless you really enjoy highscore-attack.
  9. tepples

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    I'd bet they're still just bitter about infinity and the overpowered T-spins. Should I buy a copy of Twilight Princess to appease the "Tetris is broken but I still want to use my Wii Remote" crowd?
  10. "Because TetrisDS was "broken"
    was? thats past tense.
    the stupid argument comes from this community though.

    tetris ds is the best tetris game ever. (no, u didnt stop reading here. see?) looking forward i see tetris party as the most played, fun and important tetris game. again...on a nintendo platform.
  11. Slow DAS, T-Spins, see-saw garbage--not my favorite Tetris, but it's okay for 1on1.

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    I agree with you cycle tds is the best !
  13. LANAsiDOOG

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  14. Tetris Party does support the Classic Controller.. here's an image showing off the various control options:

  15. awesome...where did u get the pic? finally i can use my classic controller
  16. It's from this document:

    http://www.tetrisparty.com//download/Te ... ide_EN.PDF
  17. omg? it contains everything.
  18. Udy

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    For some reason teh images give me the feeling of a lack of control sensitivity. I realise this makes no sense. As I enjoy playing Splash online I'm looking forward to a different slant on offcial Tetris. After all the Nintendo iterations so far have generally stood up well.

    And it's nice and colourful [​IMG]
  19. The Japanese site says it's coming out there on Tuesday. Maybe that means it's coming out here tomorrow? Anyway, I have this overwhelmingly bad feeling that wifi mode is going to suck hard like Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The world ranking feature may be cool, though. Hopefully it'll support replays.

    I wonder what the skill graph items represent.

  20. tepples

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    The analogy isn't so direct. In a fighting game, characters can hit each other, and they can start to duck out of the way at the same time you start to hit them. But in puzzle games, the only interactions are sending garbage and using items, and the latency of typical residential Internet access (sorry Rich Nagel) is much less noticeable.

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