Tetris Party for WiiWare (out now).

Thread in 'Discussion' started by lee n, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. oh come on..u could have done this in the real tetris party thread.
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    If he does, I'll just merge them again. (Merge is a new moderator power in phpBB 3.)

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    sorry guys i'll keep the topic under this thread from now on
  4. Damn, I wish I had a Wii....

    LANAsiDOOG Unregistered

    yeah, but the North America release is still just "Autumn/Fall 2008" right? So you think we'll get it AFTER Japan? I think Autumn/Fall ends around November, so I don't think we'll get it any later than November 3rd...
  6. I think you're placing too much significance on the word "Autumn". It's 2008 Q4. Probably will have it in the next month or so, seeing as October is what most sites have it down for if they specify a month, but these things aren't really predictable.

    LANAsiDOOG Unregistered

    well, seeing as how the official site (www.tetrisparty.com) states "Fall 2008" I think that implies that it wouldn't be any later than late November/December (Winter).. so I think the words Autumn/Fall are pretty significant? [​IMG]
  8. GTS

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  9. gosh what are u complaining about again?
    just use the balance board.
  10. What the hell is it using the B button for then? I would have assumed that would be the most obvious choice for Hold, and it'd follow the DS controls.

    Hopefully they can be reassigned perhaps?
  11. tepples

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    I too would have expected the B button, if only for consistency with the last four authentic Tetris games on Nintendo platforms (The New Tetris, Tetris Worlds GCN, Tetris Worlds GBA, and Tetris DS). Did the page say anything about a classic controller?
  12. The page says "Item" is mapped to the B button. (Hooray for katakana!)
    I'm equally dismayed to find that A is Hold... It shouldn't be excessively awful, but I really hope there is a button config as well.
  13. orz


    confirmed for october

    1200 points

    hell yeah
  14. I'd appreciate your source. =]
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    Balance board mode will be a different gametype.

    Oh you're being sarcastic.
  17. GTS

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    LOL I have NOT even obtained the wii console, not to say the gymnastic board

    Or you two would like to donate one for me, huh?
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    thanks for the video update [​IMG]
    can't wait, hoping it comes out oct 13th

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