Tetris Party for WiiWare (out now).

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  1. overall i like TetrisParty and at $12 it is a great value, but there are several issues in wifi that detract from it(i mostly play in 'no items' mode). i have had a lot of disconnects over wifi 1on1 play. the disconnects seem to not factor at all into ranking points, which sucks because it seems like its not from my end. Some have even occurred after the 'WIN' graphic shows up, and still no points awarded. i think i might just be spoiled by TDS's wifi point awardance system which seems so much fairer/accurate. in TetrisParty, as your wifi points rise, your points per win decrease. I am at around 7600 currently and i only get 12 points for a win, regardless of the opponent's points, although i have not met any higher ranked players yet (better players yes, but not higher ranked as i also had a jumpstart in points playing from day 1). Conversely, it appears that the higher your wifi points the more of them you lose if you lose a game. My last loss took away 62 points(this was when i was in the 6500 range). There seems to be no system which matches you with similarly ranked players. And the lag, oh god the lag. I can often get up to 5 tetrises/t-spins before i notice any garbage appearing on the opponent's playfield. Are others noticing these issues as well? though this is a lot of complaining, i still enjoy the game, especially the 'practice mode' as you wait for matches to begin, and options of various music while you play(king's knight is my current favorite). okay, enough rambling from me........
  2. The rating system isn't entirely skill-based. I think they're using a very simplified system where for each rating you receive the same points for winning against any player, as well as lose the same points for losing to any player. I played through the 6000s and always received 17 points no matter the rating of the opponent. The match after I hit 7000, I started getting 15 points.

    The ramifications of this is that a newbie can find an even suckier player and play him all day and get a better ranking than someone who wins half of the time against the very best player.

    It's so stupid since Elo is widely known, and the open-source Glicko system is even better (takes deviation into account).

    Nintendo make it dumb for we. Thank Nintendo you nice. =]
  3. So they've actually taken a step back from the Tetris DS rating system, which was one of the things that made the online play so compelling and addictive.
  4. i think the best players will still have the highest ratings and the rostis will have lower scores. its a step back...but i doubt the impact will be dramatic.
  5. I never said it would ruin the game. It's just a classic scenario for the series of Tetris games to take something that was actually fantastic (the online leaderboard and rating system was what made TDS worth playing in my opinion) and they've screwed around with it and made it worse. I mean really, what was the need to change it?

    And I like how you still try and smack-talk me when you've yet to beat me in a single match. I mean, are you genuinely trying to offend me there? If someone like Digital said it, it'd have bite. With you it's just too ridiculous to be considered seriously.
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    I have to say I also noticed the rating system to be rather poor. It didn't feel like I was being rewarded at all for my wins.
  7. everyone. nintendo didnt make this game. it was hudson. its their take on tetris. and id say they did a fine job. nintendo would have made it better prolly. who knows.

    ask someone else and they will give u the right answer.
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    I mean, you should really stop saying "I mean" [​IMG]
  9. Pah, it's gone 3am and I'm drunk and now moving towards being hungover. Screw thinking up alternative phrases for saying things. And I'm at least using punctuation, capital letters and proper spelling...

    Whoever actually made the game is irrelevant. It's still a backwards step.

    I go back to my earlier point of asking what is wrong with pointing out flaws and suggesting improvements? I love Texmaster, but it still has flaws and places where it could be improved. Just because a game isn't perfect doesn't make it a bad game. It's just that there's something there that could have been improved upon and perhaps could in a sequel.

    I'm not saying "Tetris Party is crap". That would be stupid anyway, because I haven't played it yet. I'm just commenting on observations, and I'd rather take the approach of looking at things that could perhaps be done differently or improved upon rather than your approach, which seems to be that you blindly just convince yourself that the game will be and is completely brilliant and perfect and overlook any possible shortcomings as just being whining and little things that don't matter.
    This game could have sucked and you would still have most likely defended it regardless.
  10. nothing. whats wrong discussing these "flaws"?

    no, i wouldnt have.

  12. i played it for a few hours now. personally i am only/most interested in competitive online tetris.
    (i wont list the personal records, graph, achievements etc.)

    world battle ratings:

    2-6p items (starts at 5000)
    2p no items (starts at 5000)

    online highscore lists for:

    world battle:
    2p no items: global
    2p no items: regional
    2p no items: country
    2p no items: friend ranking
    2-6p items: global
    2-6p items: friend ranking

    local play (separated again in global and friend ranking):
    marathon endless on
    marathon endless off score
    marathon endless off time
    field climber
    advanced stage racer J
    advanced stage racer L
    advanced stage racer S
    advanced stage racer T
    advanced stage racer Z
    coop tetris endless on
    marathon concecutive tetrises
    marathon maximum lines
    marathon consecutive b2bs

    tournament ranking (grayed out right now)

    none of the extra modes are fun for me. i tried all modes including balance board...but meh...like i said, thats not what i am looking for in this game. (gimmicky games are pretty fun in tetris pop (mobile))

    u dont see any names from online opponents while u play, only their miis. which are small. much better in dr.mario.
    i like how u see garbage blocks player color and how long each match ins going on. it seems u cant target enemies...which sucks. items are better in tds, they can fire backwards sometimes and the fog is annoying.

    does anyone know what combos do? more garbage?

    sighs* [​IMG] playing tetris ds feels much better. why? portable, nicer art, sound, effects, line clear seems faster. controls are better.
    still...not a bad game at all. prolly the best after tetris ds.

    i also found this to be true. your opponents score does not influence your score. u just see how strong they are.

    enough bitching for u rosti? [​IMG]
  13. this is my favorite quote from the gamfaq forums so far about TetrisParty. it gave me a good laugh....
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    doesn't Tetris Party use a 7-piece bag randomizer? the same as Tetris DS?
  15. yes, that's why i found the above post so amusing. whoever posted it is imagining things.
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    I personally don't mind the game. I actually like it. [​IMG]
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    If you have an account there, point them at http://www.pineight.com/luck/

    I now own a copy of LoZ: Twilight Princess (U) (PRG 0) and have installed the Homebrew Channel and used tona's updater to install the newest Wii Shop Channel without updating IOS. I'll buy Tetris Party as soon as I pay my cousins back for the Wii Points that they bought but haven't used.
  18. tepples

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    six day bump:

    It's on my Wii now. I noticed a few things, for which I can provide screenshots if you want:
    • For perhaps the first time, the manual of an Authentic Tetris Game fully explains "3-corner T no kick".
    • The 2- and 3-block small pieces used in big mode are still called "tetriminos".
    • Stage Racer courses are listed in JLSTZ order, which I assume is alphabetical because while J and L are together, S and Z (the other mirror pair) are separated by T. Perhaps the guideline recommends listing pieces in alphabetical order.
    • Both Stage Racer courses for T require the spin triple twist. This includes one spot at the end of T beginner and several parts of T advanced.
    • Level 15 in single player marathon does not reach 20G.
    • If you've played Tetris DS, classic controller is more comfortable.
    • Diagonal protection is even stricter than in Lockjaw: if you roll right, up-right, up, up-left, left, you won't get a hard drop. Instead, you'll get shifting to the right and then shifting to the left. But diagonal soft dropping works, which helps in Stage Racer.
    Has the scoring system been cracked yet?
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    Ah, so that's why it's playable even with a Hori joystick. I was considering Sanwa modding my Fighting Stick, but since Tetris Party turns out to be so bad, and there's no other proper Tetris games out for Wii, I'll leave it as it is for now.
  20. tepples

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    Do you have Twilight Princess and an SD card? If so, you have VisualBoyAdvance. And if you have VBA, you have Lockjaw.

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