Tetris Party for WiiWare (out now).

Thread in 'Discussion' started by lee n, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. I don't know. Either me or the wiki could be right or wrong.
  2. 40 frames of line clear for Tetris DS doesn't seem that high. There is a line clear animation to consider.
  3. http://tetrisparty.com/en_US/tournament/

    "On December 1, 2008, the first of four separate Tetris Party Tournaments will begin. The first tournament will be composed of 4 individual rounds with each round featuring a different game mode from Tetris Party. At the end of each round, participants will receive a tournament ranking and special code to register here at TetrisParty.com.

    Complete details, prize information and tournament rules will be available for review when the tournament begins. Be sure to bookmark this website for future reference."
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    viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1240 [​IMG]
  5. rolling eyes because we have yet another tetris party thread?
  6. mat


    an official tournament, regardless of the game, definitely warrants its own thread.
  7. Agreed. In fact, I'm stickifying it.
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    No, because that was posted before you posted about it in this thread [​IMG]
  9. Now it's official.. Tetris Party is getting released today. Should be available for download ~4 hours from now.

  10. mat


    very excite.
  11. Goodbye doing anything productive tonight!
  12. Phydeaux

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    I'll see if I can download it during lunch, but if I can't, I'd like some close to immediate notification from ya'll if it supports custom controls.

    If it does, I'm getting the Hori Wii stick while dicking around at Gamestop tonight.

    MAZINGER Z Unregistered

    australian and european version should be available on 24 october...
    Can't wait to play multiplayer game !!
  14. yay, downloaded and playing!

    my friend code is 4854 9556 8688
    if anyone cares to add me.
    my mii is named "deep"

    see you later
  15. PacoDG

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    Liking the game so far. Notice it isn't "smooth" moving (I don't know how to describe the feel other than that).

    Study up on this chart and enjoy some Tetrinet action with items on! (I haven't got 6 people in a room yet.. but I guess I should give it more than an hour after the release of the game to see more people on)

    Me (if you see me, feel free to hit 'select' and hit the d-pad in the direction to request that I go easy on you)
    Friend code: 279337139648
  16. as far as u can tell there's no custom controls, only option of 2 styles. the only difference between the 2 styles is hold and item are interchanged between 'A' and 'B'.

    i've been using the snes-style classic controller(which maps over to 'a' and 'b' or 'x' and 'y' for rotation and shoulder buttons for hold) so far and i like it better than the wiimote.
  17. I use the classic controller, too. My reasoning is that with the wiimote, you have to take your thumb off the dpad to hold (or move your right thumb a long distance). That can interfere with play, but using the classic controller allows you to hold with your right index finger--which never interferes with the other buttons.
  18. Muf


    I just ordered a Fighting Stick Wii [​IMG] Should be here wednesday.
  19. mat


    with hold on B you don't have to use your thumb. i don't have a classic controller so i've just been using the wiimote, can't really comment on what's easier.
  20. Muf


    If anyone ever asks "to go easy", expect an even fiercer beating from me.

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