Tetris Party for WiiWare (out now).

Thread in 'Discussion' started by lee n, 11 Mar 2008.

  1. Why is this game so SLOW?

    Hey, Dr. Mario Rx sirens
  2. jujube

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    sorry, couldn't sit through the whole thing.

    it was just someone cycling through the menus then playing a long single player mode with no forced difficulty. but it was cool to see the game, so thanks for the link. hope to see some fast single player or some multiplayer (vs or co-op) soon, but we'll just have to wait for more people to upload vids i guess.

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  4. There are a couple things about the multi-player that I like. I like the fact that the garbage is the same color as the person who sent it. I wish Splash would do that. I also like the option to play a single player game while you wait for the other people to finish.

    Looks like ST stacking is gonna be the way to go for high scores, at least for the mode that was played in the video cycle linked. I still wish I had a Wii!!!

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Yeah, the quadra style garbage color is pretty neat. It could lead to some interesting retaliations against targetters and perhaps give a stronger indication of who is dishing out the most damage in a game (and who killed you).
  6. mat


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    i didn't notice yours either for some reason matt [​IMG]

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    maybe that will give us slower players a chance [​IMG]
  9. its not a slow game at all. the line clear could bet faster...but thats about it. u can still play really fast and highly competitive on it.
    it has ratings like tetris ds. and more. i am sold.
  10. tepples

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    It could be slower, like in Dr. Mario. Imagine three more seconds of ARE every time you get garbage.
  11. LANAsiDOOG

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    same here... i was sold months and months ago, the moment i heard they were finally making a tetris for wii... judging by the videos it looks really fun, and tetris ds is currently my favorite tetris, i hope this tops it!
  12. http://uk.wii.ign.com/articles/921/921279p1.html

    was it already quoted? if so, sorry for repeating.

    and... just for the fun of it: some tetris art that i found:

  13. Unfortunately, like I've explained in the past, this isn't a 100% confirmation.

    Nintendo doesn't give away the release dates for VC and WiiWare titles in advance, and several times I've received press releases from the developers of a certain title saying when the game will be released, but then Nintendo end up releasing other games instead.

    Official confirmation is a confirmation from the developer/publisher, which in this case is Hudson. And sadly it isn't their place to say in this case.. the track record shows that Nintendo usually ends up going a whole different route anyway. That's not to say that Tetris Party won't be released on Monday - I'm just saying that we can't know for sure.
  14. Estimated timings for Multiplayer:

    Game runs at 60FPS

    9 Entry delay
    32 Line clear delay (including ARE, goes for all the line clears as far as I can tell)
    8 or 9 Delayed autorepeat
    Maybe 1/2G autorepeat? It's difficult to measure.
    2 frames per row of garbage
    I forgot to figure soft dropping (sorry).

    In Marathon, all delays except for autorepeat decrease in the later levels. I'm not sure if long multiplayer games have the same function. Also, I think line clear delay increases if you just let it lock by itself.
  15. whatsarewhatsdaswhatsautorepeat?
  16. so... u sure a single line clear has the same delay as a tetris? and whats the line clear delay for tetris ds?
    iam still clueless about "autorepeat".
  17. Definitely.
    You can find this stuff on the wiki.
    On the wiki under "DAS" But more clearly, it's what happens when you hold down left or right and the piece moves to the wall.
  18. ok thx. but i dont believe the line clear delay of tetris ds (40).
    tetris ds seems faster. if the numbers are correct...does this mean tp (tetris party) is faster than tds?
    or could it be ARE that makes it actually slower? the only thing i perceive when i watch the videos is the seemingly slower line clear.

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