Tetris Party for WiiWare (out now).

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    Reflexes, expertise, judgement...is it just me or do those sound really vague and not technical enough? [​IMG]
  2. stop complaining.
  3. I agree with you, DIGITAL. I have no idea what some of those could possibly mean.

    Oh, I was talking about how Brawl's idea of wifi competition (outside of the hassle of entering friend codes and communicating through some third party system) was setting you up with three other opponents of whom you don't know their names. No 1on1, no knowing who your rival is, no skill matchup. It took everything that gives online multiplayer meaning and stripped it away.
  4. Lockjaw for Wii? I'd play it.

    What I'm really hoping for is a Wii port of XBMC, though.
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    I saw the complete anonymity in Brawl WFC as a response to use of obscene names in Mario Kart DS and TDS.
  6. Masahiro Sakurai said that he made the online mode completely anonymous because he didn't want people to feel pressure when playing online, if the game doesn't display your name then you don't worry about making a fool of yourself - you can play just for fun.

    This was a Sakurai decision, not a Nintendo one.. so it doesn't have anything to do with obscene names. Online games from Nintendo have displayed names online since.
  7. everyone keep in mind tetris party is from hudson. not nintendo.
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    Actually, you could already justify that by the fact that Tetris Wii plays worse than any Guideline Tetris game to date.
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    Then why not just play against level 9 CPUs?

    But then VisualBoyAdvance appears to run on Wii now. I wonder if anyone has tried Lockjaw on it.
  10. Don't ask me to defend his reasoning, but that is the reason he gave - as a solution to a conceived problem.

    But human opponents are more, well.. human. Playing against a CPU isn't the same thing as playing against a human opponent - albeit a nameless human opponent.
  11. No Tetris Party today either, sorry guys.

    This is what we're getting instead:

  12. What's wrong with wanting a game which we view, by our own standards, to be perfect?
  13. with all respect to skilled tetris gamers wanting high quality games...this is bitching. wait and see. we will figure out what these terms respond to. i mean come on...its a digital thing. the game wont insert random values. there will be nothing vague about it.

    and there will never be a perfect tetris game. not even in your dreams mr. rosti. but if there is...ill jump into your dream personally and tell u that u suck at tetris anyway!

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    I'm not questioning what the terms can potentially measure. I was just being critical as there are multitudes of other more direct things to measure.
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    yeah, i don't get it either. especially:

    improvement - you can improve in many ways, from TPM, to # of T-spins per game, to winning percentage, to APM. this category is way too broad.

    expertise - ? doesn't an expert player just win more often? if it's got something to do with T-spins for example, and if you don't make T-spins but still win consistently, will this category consider you amateur? if it actually has to do with "winning percentage" then that should be its name.

    judgment - the only way to judge a player's judgment skill is to compare it to an A.I.'s decision making, no? and it seems the best AI players just play fast and don't have the best judgment. besides, there's often more than one way to reach the same outcome, or multiple outcomes which are equally favorable.
  16. About that graph: what about the one in Ti? What's that one measure?

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    You laid that out very nicely jujube. I didn't get the point across as clearly as I was trying to be concise. Talk about a paradox... [​IMG]

    Don't think anyone is exactly sure on that. It was thought to be a measure of speed every half section, but colour_thief, in his experience, hinted that it might also have to do with skill, perhaps having to do with better line clears or having less holes.
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    looks like about a 250ms ARE, with 750ms added for a single line clear, 850ms for a tetris, and maybe about 200ms added when garbage enters the field. so if you get a tetris when you are about to receive garbage, you end up waiting almost a second and a half to place your next piece--and using any item that you have to target freezes your field until you do so. this is gonna be a slow game...
  19. With line clear delay that high, Tetrises may be better than T-Spin doubles. It boils down to whether you can place five tetrominoes in the time it takes to clear a T-Spin double + the soft drop time.
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