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Thread in 'Discussion' started by paul, 23 Nov 2009.

  1. it's out. i like it.

    go get it and play!!

    edit: i am #1 in the world right now.
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  2. Are you playing on DS? I just played with some guy named paul in the 6000- range for about half an hour. :awe:

    What's your friend code? Mine's 3438-6516-3770
  3. yeah it's me!! :p

    edit: ok i added u
    my fc: 0947 5709 6636
  4. what's the verdict on the DS version? should i buy it?
  5. it delivers.

    single player modes:

    cpu battle
    field climber
    stage racer
    master mode
    bombliss mode


    world battle with items up to 4 player
    world battle without items 2 player
    duel spaces (2 player, looks like 20x20 grid...didn't get a match yet)

    it has a lot of variations, online ranking for everything.
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  6. It also has leaderboards for the online stuff, which you can browse and see your own placement. And you can see a graph over your playing style. And it has achievements too, stuff like performed 100 back-to-back or 100 z-spin triples.

    Oh, and you can play training while you wait for players to join battle mode. And you don't need to wait for all four slots to be filled either as everyone can just press start to accept and begin the match with the current players.

    I think it's better than Tetris DS, I didn't like the feel of it at first but now I like it. At least there's none of that mario crap. :)
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  7. Are there online leaderboards for the single-player modes, like in NDS_TGM? That would be pretty awesome if they incorporated an improvement from a homebrew game.
  8. Actually there is. :)
    Too bad they will all be ruined by cheaters eventually..
  9. Be warned that if the online vs. rankings work the same as they do in Tetris Party -- which is quite likely -- they're mostly meaningless. First off, rating earned or lost doesn't depend on your opponent's rating. Whether they're rated 9000 or 1000, you'll get just as many points for beating them (or lose just as many for losing to them). Secondly, by the 8000s or so you'll have to win well over 90% of your games to gain any rating. "Fortunately", there's an easy way to deal with this: disconnect whenever you think you might lose. Disconnection doesn't result either in a loss for you or a win for your opponent. Intentional disconnection was extremely prevalent in Tetris Party.
  10. The online vs. actually is more enjoyable than Tetris DS. You can have two or three or four players, with or without items. Some of the items seem a bit more difficult to deal with, but that could just be because I haven't gotten used to them yet. The fact that there's an in-game leaderboard is another big plus, although I couldn't find one for the single-player modes.
  11. Records -> World Ranking -> Local Play Ranking -> Global Ranking -> select mode

    The fact that they're hidden behind a menu called "Local Play Ranking" is a bit confusing.
  12. Yeah, that is confusing. Thanks.

    It looks like I was wrong about the no-items vs. though. It's only two-player, not two-to-four.

    Separate ratings for each mode is pretty nice.
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  13. More people need to try Shadow mode (and, to a lesser extent, Bombliss). The leaderboards are dead. The Bombliss leaderboard doesn't even have a full 30 people on it; I noticed that KevinDDR was tied for 25th with a total score of 0.

    Shadow is really a great mode! It's worth your attention.
  14. Yeah, I am really worried by the inactivity on these leaderboards. Is no one buying the game?

    And don't worry...I'm working on my Bombliss score... >:D
  15. Kevin? Worried about the performance of a TOA rehash? *rubs eyes* :p

    No but seriously, how is this game? There are only a few new features that caught my eye, and I was skeptical about how they were going to turn out. Is Master interesting at all?
  16. Is this out on Wii and DS or just DS?
  17. both. ds is out. dunno if wii one is released yet but prolly out as well.
    and yes it's a good tetris so buy it.
  18. I quite enjoy this so far on the DS, it's solid and I prefer the graphics theme being a bit more neutral than Tetris DS. Kitaru, Master mode is just "Marathon Mode starting with 20G" to 150 lines or endless. The lock delays seem to decrease with time although you can mitigate that with the move reset. I suspect from my first games that infinity is replaced by a forced piece lock if you take a couple of seconds to lock down even if you keep spinning or moving the piece.

    I've been enjoying Shadow mode a lot, it's very playable and probably my favourite tetris puzzle variant. Sounds like I need to set a record quick!
  19. This game isn't even available yet where I am, but I'm planning to get it Tuesday.

    I've seen a couple youtube videos, and the DS version looks really fast and awesome, but it looks like they might have crippled the speed in the Wii version to make it compatible with the WiiWare version for online. People might want to hold off on buying the Wii version if that's the case.
  20. I've been worried about it too, the number of topics on the GameFAQs board was 3 before the weekend. It's a bit more now, but still not a lot.

    Also, I often run into the same opponents online and at times it appears as if no one else is online but me. But then again, some places has this up for a June 1st release.

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