Tetris Panel at PAX PRIME 2014

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  1. Did anyone go to this? A video is available here: http://www.twitch.tv/pax2/c/5058976

    They talk about Tetris Ultimate but also the Tetris Standard and how comprehensive it is.

    At 30:54 someone asks about TGM and if there will be a version of it in Tetris Ultimate. They seemed to just get stuck on the invisibility rather than the rest of the mechanics that make TGM so great. :facepalm:

    Pretty disappointing that in the Tetris creators' minds TGM = Invisible Tetris and nothing else.

    One guy later on (at 52:35) even mentions that on Grandmaster he's "played a few invisible rounds"... :rolleyes:
  2. Didn't even know this thing existed!

    Does anyone know the people who spoke?
  3. Disappointing? I thought it had long been known that all hope for Tetris to become/remain an interesting single player game began and ended with Mihara and the TGM development team. Alexei and Henk have both said in the past that TGM is not the way forward, and I can't really blame them given how poorly the games performed in both the arcades and on 360. It's sad but no one is interested in TGM style gameplay. It's just way too difficult for 99% or more of people to give a shit about.
  4. Yeah disappointing :(. It's understandable that TGM didn't make money. It is a pretty niche market. I guess I'm just not up to date on the whole politics behind TGM and TTC.

    All I want is an official way to play TGM without spending $1000. They did mention that Tetris Ultimate you can "turn off" SRS... not sure what that will mean though.
  5. Probably it just means turning off wallkicks and/or move reset.
  6. For what it's worth, neither TAP nor TGM1 would set you back anything like $1000 if you want to buy them. Even Ti probably isn't quite that expensive any more.
  7. TAP is still like $450 (maybe $300 if you get a nice deal on Yahoo Auctions, if it ever shows up there) and Ti is still like $500 + $200~300 for a Taito Type X and JVS I/O if you don't have them already.
  8. Yeah I actually already have a TGM1 PCB and mini-cab. It's a way too bulky for my apartment thought so I have to keep it at my parents'.

    I'm also trying to focus on TAP Death atm (499 is my best :V).
  9. Hmm, Alexey likes Zuma... interesting that one of his favorite games is a clone of Puzz Loop, innit? ;)
  10. Hard to get them to mention any other game when it's a Tetris Ultimate PR event. Dr Mario had to be teased out. I felt the elephant in the room was Puyo Puyo ; especially given the Puyo vs Tetris game.
  11. I knew TGM games weren't massive but didn't think they had been so unsuccesful. If that is the case why Arika / Mihara released 3 games with another one in it's way? (Though I'm glad they did).
  12. Arika are in this more so because they care than because there is big money in it. They have said that every arcade release has had a print run smaller than 1000 units, and each sequel has had a smaller run than the game before it.
  13. Less than 1000? Gotta need another layer of bubble wrap for my board!

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