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  1. ...Then you should ask for a refund. [​IMG]

    It's not worth getting upset over, it's just a free game. With an extremely reasonable price to remove most of the grinding.
  2. Yeah, I'd agree with c_t here. They could quite easily have justified charging people $10 or $20 for the game up front. It's a bitch that they make it free to start with and then give incentives to pay money a few months down the line, but considering it is still fundamentally a free game, and those who pay money aren't handed a massive advantage over those who don't, I don't think there's much room to complain.
  3. mkeaton

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    anyone know how to get premium or know what it does? i cant read japanese but i was stupid enough to buy these scratcher things that ended up being a 6.44$ USD charge on my credit card, and i still dont have premium, nor do i know how to obtain these scratchers [​IMG]
  4. anybody still playing this? I recently got back into it, and the competition there is strong. its a shame more TC players dont play.
  5. I'm there but I suck xP

    Someone needs to explain this new battle mode to me.
  6. jujube

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    i'd play but i'm stuck on Ubuntu (by choice). TOJ is one thing i really miss though.
  7. m:)

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    does it play in a VM?
  8. jujube

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    thanks m:) , i can give it a try. i don't know how well that will run on my computer, but i'll try running virtual Windows 2k because i know TOJ works on it.
  9. XeaLlolol

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    anyone got a link to the launcher? havnt tojed fora ges and want to play again.
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  11. Well, I'm a couple years late, but I finally got a Mac powerful enough to run Windows in a VM. I was all excited about talking with some Japanese Tetris players, but it seems like they never speak, even to each other.
  12. ROFL
  13. So apparently TOJ is shutting down in one month. Is this the beginning of the age of TOP?
  14. It all depends where majority of TOJ players will go. they have many chooses: TF, nullpomino, TOP and even TDS (seems it's still popular in japan).
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  15. Sorry, what's TOP?
  16. Muf


    Tetris Online Poland.

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