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  1. matchbow

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    alright, so i got the game and a lot of point, but since i can`t read japanese, i have no idea what the things in the shop mean. can someone help me out?
  2. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    check here

    and the things above where kotetsu says "no idea what this is" send garbage lines with 2 holes in them to your opponents. it makes everybody hate you. you can buy those items somewhere in the shop, but i can't remember where.
  3. matchbow

    matchbow Unregistered

    is there a way to get rid of the ugly pieces with stars on them? or do they do anything special, other than look bad?
    whooo, i beat level 21! once
  4. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    the skins you buy at the shop are only temporary. you can wait for them to expire, or keep buying new skins until you find one you like more. the problem is that you can spend a lot of TP in that gumball machine, playing it again and again to get something you like. IMO it's better to spend TP on gameplay upgrades like faster DAS etc because those upgrades are permanent. just be careful before downgrading anything because your TP won't be refunded.

  5. i hate those 2holes things. they piss me off. espeically when little noobs that completely suck use them and then beat me [​IMG]. and pros dont use it coz their pro.

    ERRATA: saw a level 47 with 25lpm using one, he just raped me. F*CKRE!!!!!

    ERRATA2: just beat him in one game (after many losses). get t-spinned, noob.
  6. Ai


    I also hate it when someone uses 2 holes garbage! And once weaker players notice you're a little better they start teaming up and give you almost no chance to fight back. But I guess I shouldn't be playing against lower level opponents in the first place. ^^
  7. Yeah two hole garbage is no fun at all to play against. Though I bet it actually makes TOJ a lot of money.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Why don't they just go ahead and add a million more items that you can buy to screw your opponent? If you want to win, you'd have to buy them all. Gotta buy them all, poke...err...hmmm...

    I think there's a level of tolerance the player base has on these things. Some players are willing to buy these items to win. Some players stick around because it doesn't entirely ruin the game. Break the balance and then no one will buy the items and no one will play.
  9. Of course there's a level of tolerance. Which is why there is NOT a million items to buy to screw over your opponent. I wasn't saying I agree with the prospect, I was saying that I understand it.
  10. The 1v1 rooms force items/powerups off, if anybody is too frustrated with people using double garbage. The bad thing is they aren't as active as the 6 player rooms. What I noticed after alot of playing is that double garbage users usually leave if they lose a few games in a row. If you can manage to target them a few rounds and kill them, they will probably leave the room.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Oh no, don't take it the wrong way. I was just commenting on it in general and not against you or anything. [​IMG]
  12. Good games -jay-.

    Still working on getting my upgrades.
  13. -jay-

    -jay- Unregistered

    Thanks Rosti...
    if your upgrade is finished, then I have no chance [​IMG]
  14. Poochy

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    Well, if your upgrades aren't finished now, you're screwed. They nerfed the TP gains from games, now it's 1-10 TP instead of 10-34 per game. Yup, you get all of 10 TP for finishing first in a 6-player game. Meanwhile, those premium subscribers paying 315 yen a month get 1,000 TP per month instead of 300.

    The official message explaining this says it was for "balance." The only balancing going on here is in their checkbooks. They obviously weren't selling enough Point Scratches and premium subscriptions.
  15. Dear god that sucks ._.

    I still don't have lvl 4 of anything lol
  16. ouch, that sucks. i wonder how bad team games are affected, if i remember correctly they are probably the fastest way to gain TP after playing the 24 CPUs.
  17. Poochy

    Poochy Unregistered

    Team games are affected exactly the same.

    To add insult to injury, premium subscription players seem to still a payout schedule that gives similar amounts of TP as the old payout schedule.

    Apparently, the new formula is:
    1 TP for each player whose rank is equal to or less than yours. (In a team battle, both players on each team have the same rank.) 5 TP each instead if you're a premium subscriber.
    1 TP for each player you KO.

    I'm surprised non-subscribers can still get I and T pieces with the newly "balanced" game. I quit.
  18. Thats a pain, because I've still got a lot of upgrading to do =\

    Though I haven't played against any of the CPU. Hopefully they're still worth something.
  19. While the change sucks for us, it seems extremely reasonable to me to expect Japanese players to buy 1 month of "premium" service so they can upgrade everything. If you actually enjoy the gameplay 300-odd yen is nothing to pay for it.
  20. As much as I like TOJ, it does so many things to get on my nerves and this just tops off the list.

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