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    Here's a guide for registering.
    http://thenextweb.org/2008/01/15/how-to ... ico-douga/
  2. Go to https://secure.nicovideo.jp/secure/register .

    The first field means email.
    Second I think means nickname.
    Date of birth
    Where you live (pick any)
    Secret question
    Secret answer
    Membership type (pick the second bullet for free membership)

    On the next page
    Take human-test. And press the grey button to the bottom of it.

    Check your email and click the confirmation link.

    When you want to log in, user your email address (not nickname) and password. Wala!


    Apparently DIGITAL posted the better guide with pictures while I was posting my solution. =]
  3. Did it really take you 90 minutes to type your reply? (Genuinely curious, not being critical.) Also Phpbb3 has a feature where it shows you posts made since you clicked Reply.
  4. Oh, I see now. I looked at the page before this one, which tepples posed the question on the last post. I then hit reply, and forgot to check the last page, which had one post on it (DIGITAL's). I didn't see the pop up since DIGITAL had replied before I had posted. So no, it didn't take me 90 minutes. Maybe about three.
  5. thanks alot dodd, it's working great. now i don't have to load up IE and login and then press the game launch button.
  6. clone

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    anybody wanna go through what the hexagon stats in the player profile thing cover? ie the hexagon with t-spins, LPM, and stuff in japanese words i can't read. you can see it when you click on a name during a match.

  7. had another rematch of first to 25 w/ SAMAF (M 2 S K) again! he's very tough to play against, I was down 5-1 at one point, but i managed to squeeze out a 25-22 win over him after adjusting my play (less tspins, more digging). I uploaded a video for the curious : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 4023&hl=en. We both made mistakes here and there, so much attack pressure and so little time to think! Also took out 2 more of the top TOJ players yesterday - 25-14 > ???????!(57.1APM) and 27-7 over thirty(51APM) Im moving on up!!!

    I don't think anybody really cares but me, but i'm just excited about these wins lol so I had to post about it. I promise i won't post every single match I play against SAMAF in the future lol.

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    Just massive blink...

    It looked like SAMAF brought a stronger game this time, but you still managed to edge him with your T-Spin technique, speed, and digging/recovery.
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    the map shows your per-game stats for each category. this is what you see on the right, and then you can match up the colors of the stats to the points on the map. LPM is at the top of the map, then the 2nd-6th categories go clockwise around:

    1. LPM - Lines Per Minute.
    2. APM - (Aggression?) Per Minute - average number of garbage lines sent per minute i believe.
    3. Tetrises - tetrises per game.
    4. REN - combos. the 2nd line clear in a chain counts as REN 1, then the 3rd clear is REN 2, and so on. this takes your highest REN achieved each game and displays the average per game.
    5. T-Spin - T-spins per game.
    6. Back to Back - # of times per game a tetris or T-spin followed a tetris or T-spin with no other line clears in between. starting a game with T-spin/tetris/tetris would give you 2 back-to-back.

    but i have no idea what the 2nd map is for (when you click on the 2nd map button at the bottom).
  10. Adds Per Minute I believe
  11. I usually read it as attacks per minute.
  12. Ai


    Yes it's indeed Attack per Minute. ^^

    http://www.tetrisonline.jp/toj/_contx/t ... =2&m3=2#_a

    Well it reads as "MAP aru" (with) and "MAP nashi" (without). This is just a wild guess, but I think "MAP aru" are the stats for when you play with others and "MAP nashi" are the stats for when you play alone (multiplayer/singleplayer stats).


    I learned more about "MAP". When you play multiplayer matches "MAP" is shown in the top right corner followed by the game mode you're currently playing. "MAP nashi" are the stats for when you play with an empty playfield and "MAP aru" are the the stats for when you play one of the numerous game modes with a preset playfield.
  13. oh ok that makes sense, sorry I got "adds per minute" from TetriNET.

    ok this is the last match between me and SAMAF that I will post here. This is from this morning: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 9093&hl=en

    any future matches I play against him can be found in the "More from this user" section of any of my video links.

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    Hehe, I don't get tired watching these. It's really interesting watching two really different styles pitted at each other. It's like a cat vs. a dog or something. SAMAF is cat-like with his stack neatness, conservative with his attacks, but sneaky with his setups, whereas you're dog-lke with your brute force digging, outright combo whoring, and freaking bold setups. The only things you guys have in common are the TKI TSD openings that you often pull off in the same damn fashion in the same damn rounds! [​IMG]

    Your video updates will be missed in this thread.
  15. just wondering how to use the TO Launcher (provided by deepdorp?)

    do i just run it? i already installed TetrisOnline, it runs like a charm apart from being annoying and having to use IE to login everytime?
  16. put it inside the TetrisOnline folder on your computer, (i think it's program files/tetris online by default). If you don't then it'll have to redownload everything. Once it's in your game folder, you can run the file from there or make a shortcut for it to your desktop or anywhere you want it, and run it from the shortcut. If you're getting an error make sure you have TOJ already closed, you can't have 2 instances of it open.
  17. ahh thanx, and which upgrade is DAS? the 2nd one?
  18. yeah, from top to bottom:

    piece previews, DAS speed, soft drop speed, line clear delay decrease, lock delay increase
  19. jujube

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    dodd created the launcher.
  20. i tottaly meant dodd. Ty for launcher, makes it 10x sexier than that crappy login using fail-net explor-fail.

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