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  1. As well as faster DAS and the like, these in-game points can also buy you, from what I can gather, new block skins, new playing field skins, new backgrounds and new voices to say "Teterisu!" when you clear Tetrises.
    Except you don't get to pick them. You pay 100 TP and you get a thing given to you at random.

    Skills are bought at 200TP for the first level, then 500, 1000 and we don't know past there.
    Points are quite quick to obtain though. I was playing multiplayer and getting over 30 points per game, though I was winning and against 5 or 6 people. Still, it means I don't have to touch the single-player modes to upgrade DAS and the like.
  2. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    it still seems worth it to play some single player vs the CPU. i earned 3500-4000 TP doing that. i can't remember how much it was, and i already spent it on some gameplay upgrades.
  3. Ai


    Looks great from what I've seen so far!

    I think you can choose between 3 settings of garbage (20 blocks) in multiplayer, but I don't know the details. There also seems to be a ranking for each garbage setting you choose.

    Is there any way to change the controls?


    It's okay I found out how to change the controls in the program and I think the controls can't be changed for the flash version on the website.
  4. It is 3000 points after that.

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    Oh man, I just had the best night ever. I (along with jujube and Kitaru) had the chance to witness a battle between M2SK (SAMAF) and blink. For whoever doesn't know, SAMAF has been the undisputed champion of SRS multiplayer for a long time now. He dominated TDS and proceeded to annihilate everyone on TOJ (both old and new).

    Then came blink, who only started to play TOJ two days ago. He brought over his style/progress from Tetris Friends and just proceeded to kick ass. He was so good that SAMAF invited him to a one-on-one game. During their match, SAMAF mentioned that no one had ever beaten him 7 times before (the games were 7-4 with blink in the lead). Though SAMAF pulled ahead a little later, blink stayed on his tail the whole time. The end result was 18-22, with SAMAF having the win.

    I still can't believe that blink was able to keep up with SAMAF. The games were just wild. Imagine tetrises, crazy T-Spins, and long combos thrown everywhere at a possible rate of 130-150 TPM! I can't stress enough how amazing these games were. I was a little idiotic for not recording the match, but I'll try and do it if I get another chance to watch (and maybe blink will win next time!).

    blink, you're improvement is just staggering! I swear, you're going to become the number one SRS multiplayer player VERY soon.
  6. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    that match was really fun to watch. it was cool to be able to see the previews, unlike in videos of TDS 4 player matches (or a 4 player match with 2 players and 2 witnesses). also the garbage was more like TDS worldwide than handicap 2 in TDS friend matches, which made things very interesting. the situations they had to deal with were complex but they always seemed to know what to do and did it quickly.

    earlier we had some tough 5-6 player matches with blink, digital, caffeine, kitaru, kotetsu, sandibaby, matt, and myself (and maybe i'm forgetting someone). blink was winning around 80-90% of these matches, usually convincingly. he definitely seems to be a step ahead of everyone else at TC in multiplayer right now, and he's quickly becoming one of the strongest in the world.
  7. This wouldn't surprise you if you had ever played blink back in the tnet days.
  8. oh my.. Samaf VS Blink... are there videos of this?


    Ah.. [​IMG]
  9. Oh by the way, does anyone know how fast DAS can get using the upgrades?
  10. GTS

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    Then 5000 points for the last level.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    But I have played him in TDS and the improvements and tweaks he've made to his style since then (in terms of guideline Tetris) is just overwhelming. The first time I played him, he rarely even T-Spinned if I remember correctly. He is like a different player now, a much much better one at that. I think I was lucky to have played blink back then and beat him in the Orbital tournament. His rate of improvement has already allowed him to surpass my level and his dedication will only further the gap. Honestly, his skill has reached world class proportions.
  12. I'm saying he was already the best on tnet, it was just a matter of time until he got used to TTC Tetris.
  13. jujube

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    well i just did something stupid. i bought level 4 DAS, tried it for a while, then went back and clicked on level 3 DAS to test it and see how much slower it was. the game let me downgrade to level 3, but then level 4 was locked again, and it didn't give me a refund of my points. [​IMG]

    oh yeah, i also made 14 T-spins in one game and finished 3rd.
  14. mat


    i did the same thing, jujube!i took off one of the previews and put it back without realizing it did that, and did the same to DAS. luckily it was only level 3 i was taking off, not 4.
    i'd say this game is awesome, and it is so much fun getting killed in the ranked matches--i've only won once!. i can't wait to see what it plays like when the das/line clear/soft drop are all maxed.
  15. Jujube, what was level 4 DAS like?
  16. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    it was like pretty fast. it was around that range where finessing becomes beneficial. level 5 should be nice and fast, maybe 1/2 G.

    i want to see soft drop turn into firm drop. that would be sweet.
  17. I ran into the legendary SAMAF again today, we agreed to play a set of 20 games. Here is the video:

    1st set - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 3386080267 (played on october 5th)

    not that it matters much but he has 1 extra next piece and probably other unlocks that I don't yet (My DAS and Soft Drop speed are only at 4).

    Incase you're wondering, he pauses a little after the 2nd game to tell me to stop counting, because the wins are shown by the stars under each players name.

    He asked to play another set of 20 right after -

    2nd set - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 8389574235 (played on october 6th)

    Not really anything special but I pulled off an imperial cross towards the end! wooooo, hey it's a big deal for me.

    Total score 23-17 me, 11-9 first set and 12-8 second set. VICTORY!!!!!

    *UPDATE* the list of Blink VS SAMAF videos below
    1. 20 game set played on 10/05/08 - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 9338608026 (11-9 me)
    2. rematch 20 game set played on 10/05/08 http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 8389574235 (12-8 me)
    3. First to 25 played on 10/10/08 - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 4023&hl=en (25-22 me)
    4. First to 20 played on 10/12/08 - http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 9093&hl=en (20-16 me)

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Everyone, bow in the presence of your god!

    *Digital bows*
  19. Ai


    Thank you for the videos! Awesome stuff blink.

    The way you disposed of the other great players was absolutely stunning. I feel honored to have been trashed by you earlier today. And sorry for suddenly leaving. I got disconnedted for some reason. ^^

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