Tetris Meeting - July 12 Pennsylvania

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  1. Muf gave me a call, and he might swing by my parent's house on July 12th. I know there are at least two other players in the area, so I am advertising: if you would like to come to 1466 Bristol RD Southampton Pennsylvania on July 12th, let me know!

    My vast tetris resources include 2 or 3 computers, VSHG, and a large TV. Feel free to bring your various tetris implements.

    Tim (death master to be)
    Muf (professional alcoholic. fanta grape owner)
    Bri (convicted felon)
    Ovrkiller (homeless)

  2. Muf


    I'll be taking my USB-modded Sanwa-modded Virtua Stick Saturn so we could play some doubles or versus. Seriously that thing was half of my luggage that I took to the states, so I'll want to make good use of it :p.
  3. just bumping this a bit with some new info: call me at 215 605 3119 if you are interested you players of tetris [​IMG]
  4. Muf


    I'll be on my way there in a minute. Anyone else coming? [​IMG]
  5. Ai


    Hey! Have a nice holiday in the States muf! ^^

    I wish I could join you guys! I'm stuck over here in Belgium where the weather can't get any worse. It's been cold and rainy since the start of the holidays...
  6. Can we trade weather?
  7. Muf




    It was great, we started drinking at like 2pm, played lots of TA Death versus, Brady owned us all, then he proceeded to drink 40 oz of Four-O and passed out, barfed, and resumed drinking his Steel Reserve. Me and Jim chased a cleaning truck at 2am and I tripped over a loose tree branch and fell, and Tim and me played some big mode the following morning. It was a worthy tetris meet to remember [​IMG]

    Pics will follow.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    That looks really fun. Even without sound (at work), I can kind of feel the atmosphere. I need to haul myself to one of these in the future. [​IMG]
  9. im too scared to actually click on the videos.... hahah. uh, many doubles attempts, and many many vs games were played [​IMG] oh and brady had a few 400 runs, but none of us saw 5xx [​IMG]
  10. ok, yah, i didnt sit through the first, but the second video is very representational of the evening. playing tetris, listening to rush, talking about akira. muf's holding the camera, then you see brady, adam, jim and myself. it was a very special and fun thing to have 4 tgmers trading off between two sticks and a keyboard haha

    im not sure how late in the night that second video is, but there were many many hours of sober tetris preceding the drunken madness [​IMG]
  11. Muf


  12. ...were the testicles REALLY necessary?! [​IMG]
  13. Muf


    The short answer: when you're this drunk, yes [​IMG]
  14. You're perverted muf, so the picture's existence wasn't surprising me. It was the fact you felt it necessary to upload it... [​IMG]
  15. kiwibonga

    kiwibonga Unregistered

    Oh cool, pics from the tetris meet... HAIRY BALLS [​IMG]
  16. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Drinking and tetris is always a good choice. [​IMG]

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