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  1. I created this little tetris game some years ago. It has a built-in feature, the ability to select/see your seed before playing a game. Otherwise, it's just straight purely visual classic tetris. The package includes the build, "tetris-example.bin." Full source code/binaries are also included.

    I don't have a working Megadrive coding setup at the moment, but I could put out modded versions soon. And the rest of you can too, because it's public domain. So, probably if you want to do a commercial release, use custom artwork, but the code can be unchanged/changed.

    A game over, after running seed 00000000 (poweron):


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  2. Nice! Is the randomizer determined once you pressed start, no matter what your inputs can be? I'm imagining so but I'm not very knowledgeable in terms of what a seed is ^^'
  3. In tetris-example.bin, the 8-hex-digit seed non-uniquely determines a 1000 piece looping sequence used during gameplay. So you get piece 1, 2, 3, ..., 999, 1000, then the 1001st piece is a restart of the 1000 piece sequence.

    By non-uniquely, I mean that there are seed families that all generate the same sequence. The internal seed, used when you start a game with seed 00000000, is 2A6D365A.

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    Well control is good, and graphics seems mostly correct. what's currently missing.

    1) sound and music.
    2) line clear animation.
    3) score display on line cler.
    4) level display is labled "score" (chuckle)

    still pretty good.

    For next trick. bloxeed for MD (chuckle)
  5. Yes. tetris-example.bin is highly unrefined.
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    Please get well soon
  7. Thanks for making this! I've never played an implementation where holding down a button counts as just a press, so I've never been able to do the quick three presses to get a clockwise rotation. Maybe I can actually max this one out.
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    Not being able to rotate the pieces until they leave the spawn area is REALLY annoying.

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