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Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 9 Apr 2008.

  1. exchliore

    exchliore Unregistered

    /shrug Didn't seem to give a reason. Maybe getting over a million made them think I was hacking.
  2. That's corrupt...
  3. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    How fast would a PC have to be to record a run in Tetris Friends (authentic Tetris game) with FRAPS, CamStudio, etc. for submission to YouTube, Google Video, etc.?
  4. Udy

    Udy Unregistered

    Having a mare playing this game. Worked for a day now just getting login unavailable all the time. I have a feeling being UK doesn't help either.

  5. I had to look this one up. Apparently mare means nightmare in this case. I could tell what the expression meant based on context, but was instead picturing you giving birth to a horse. [​IMG]
  6. kiwibonga

    kiwibonga Unregistered

    You apparently used no tetriminos to get that score... I wouldn't accept it either :p
  7. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i had that stat glitch happen to me too. i think it's because i paused the game partway through. my TPM was 0 at the end of the game.

    exchliore: what did you do to get a million points? i didn't think that kind of score was possible, even in theory.
  8. mat


    (it's not.)
  9. And here are my calculations...

    The current best strategy (believed optimal) is to do lots of single-single combos until your goal reaches 4 (in TZ) or 11 (in TF), adding an extra single if you are exactly one above that, then doing a single-KickTSS-TSD in TZ, and either single-tetris-TSD or single-TSS-TSD in TF. I've assumed that a tetris is done, for reasons that I will explain in a moment. The first level of TF marathon requires a slightly different strategy, which is single-single then single-single-TSD. Also note that my spreadsheet does all the multiplying of score by the current level in one place (column H "points * level") to prevent confusion.

    Scoring for drops is based on an assumption by jujube: In level 1, you can drop pieces an average of 15 cells. In level 2, you can only drop them 14 cells on average, and so on, until level 15, where you can only drop them 1 cell. I haven't accounted for the fact that T-spins require a soft drop, because they also require at least one additional piece to be dropped to allow the T-spin to happen. The total of this descrepency is in the order of 300 points. It is likely that the points from drops is inaccurate, but it's hard to make an accurate estimate.

    Some comments on the strategies: T-spins that don't clear a line aren't helpful, as they limit the number of extra points that can be scored from combos. The back-to-back bonus is worth 600*level points, so it is desirable to do get it. Declining it to take extra singles costs about 400*level points in TF. The third line clear in a combo subtracts from the goal, which means overall less points than stopping after the second line clear. This isn't relevant at the end of a level, as there is no carryover into the next level.

    I'd like to thank jujube additionally for informing me of the current best strategies, and for helping me to see my brainfarts quickly.

  10. over a million doesnt seem possible, i would have banned you too. unless you can explain how you did it ex.
  11. mat


    (it's not.)

  12. i guess that's the reason for the ban then, lol.
  13. Could possibly abusing the easy spin + soft drop until it depletes for every tetromino you can manage it for in the early levels account for the 19500 points?
  14. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    no, that wouldn't help enough, if it helped at all. you would need 965k plus 35k drop points (over 60 drop points per tetromino). you get 40 points for hard dropping from the hidden rows to the bottom row, and less than that for soft drop + lock delay abuse.

  15. yeah, pretty much what jujube said. The easy spin + soft drop of every block will score even less than hard dropping the block, since it locks in after a few moves. Hard dropping will give 2x distance points, while soft dropping only 1x distance points, and rotating the block a few times before it locks wouldn't make up for the difference.

    i'm pretty sure tetris company wouldn't ban someone simply for a highscore, they probably had a very good reason to. exchliore's lack of response doesn't help his case either.
  16. k, makes sense.
  17. exchliore

    exchliore Unregistered

    I work 3 jobs. Sometimes I just don't have the time to browse forums.

    Took many many many attempts to even get that kind of score, perfect game + low stack entire time + right pieces + lots and lots of failure (probably 500+ attempts before anything plausible happened).

    And what if I said that there was a way to get the full 40/38/36/34 points for a drop at level 15? And what if this extended to levels before 15? No cheating and no hacking involved, completely legit (thanks to last minute, pushed out programming, and possibly attributed to the bloated java code that can lag even the best computers put out today (also how do you write a java game that only runs on windows? they deserve a medal (also, who runs a server out of hawaii? no wonder there's so much downtime))).

    And what if at the end of Level 15 I just killed all the space for all the tiny drop bonuses that I could muster before my tetris + tspin (how many times did I get here and mess up, I don't want to think about it, so sad)?

    The highest attainable score is easily more than what I got and I'm sure some savant will come around and get it.

    I guess it's good it didn't save, everyone questions my score wherever I go, lame.
  18. how do you get the full hard drop point for pieces on level 15? sounds like some kind of glitch that wasn't meant to be in the game. some sort of exploit?
  19. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    before your tetris+T-spin? so you didn't make single+tetris+T-spin at the end of each level? that would put your (score-drop points) less than 965,000 (let's say 960,000). how do you get 40,000 drop points? let's just say you can drop each piece from the top to the bottom (not possible of course). can you play 1000 pieces in one game?

    the drop points won't make up the difference between the score you'd get following Lardarse's strategy guide (pre-drop points) and a million.

    how? and why would it take a savant to do it [​IMG] the methods behind the madness are actually very simple. it's flawless execution that'll get you anywhere near a million.

    how did you do it? the methods you've described so far won't get a score that high. was there something else you were doing?

    edit: actually it appears you can get 40,000 drop points in theory. i don't know if this is practical given you have varying distances you're dropping pieces.
  20. theres no way to get full points for hard dropping a piece during the higher levels, unless theres some bug that is being taken advantage of.

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