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Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 9 Apr 2008.

  1. contrary to my expectations, i had a enjoyable time [​IMG]
    i'm anticipating playing "TETRiS MATCH" ,too.
  2. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    My record is 28286. Only 72 TPM because of the accursed slow DAS. u.u
  3. cdsboy

    cdsboy Unregistered

    blame it on what ever you want. [​IMG]
  4. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    I blame it on you. [​IMG]
  5. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i think we're all waiting for more modes. match play would be fun, and so would 20G going for time/points.


    what is ST stacking? [​IMG]
    i played tetris friends freely as if i walked around in the snug woods on Sunday morning.

    though it's a matter of no significance to me, i think that "TETRiS FRIENDS" should be renamed to "T-SPIN FRIENDS" [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    [​IMG] That was a very impressive demonstration of improvised T-Spin Doubles.
  8. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    my wallkick T-spin friends will have to find something else to play. it just isn't fair they would be excluded like that [​IMG]

    sure, this guy looks excited to play T-SPIN FRIENDS:


    because he can rotate 2 more times after the kick and the game gives him a T-spin. TST Timmy (who hasn't made any T-spins since Tetris Online Japan) is getting jealous.
  9. though i played 3 minutes mode, somehow this video is a little less than 2 minutes. ummm....why?

    DIGITAL, thank you very much. i'm happy.
    to tell the truth, since i can't keep ST Stacking cycle, i just run away from it [​IMG]

    ahhhhhhhh, i have just noticed this fact NOW, through your help [​IMG]
    i'm very sad that my best t-spin friends left me.
    damn, she was more of a steady to me than a friend. i miss her [​IMG]

    by the way, until now, has the first t-mino rotation of STSD been counted as wall kick spin ?
    umm.., this time decision about t-spins don't come across well.

    again TEST PLAY 2

    where is STSD ? she left me, too [​IMG]

    hahaha, indeed, i like "imperial crossing" picture very much.

    i think the picture is the good art and tasteful expression.
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    [​IMG] the saddest part is, she may never come back.

    yeah i like it too. good ol' tepples, always putting Animal Crossing stuff in his pictures.
  11. jujube

    jujube Unregistered



    umm, i'm gonna go play something else now >_>
  12. mat


    they added marathon--15 levels again.

    i'm number 1! (for a solid ten seconds i'm sure...)
  13. its late and i'm a loser cause im happy about a new high score. so here it is!

  14. johnberhenry

    johnberhenry Unregistered

  15. Muf


    johnberhenry, why are you reposting an image that was already reposted by jujube earlier on the same page? And not adding any relevant text either.
  16. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    blink and others here are getting too far ahead...

    when i have a kid i'm gonna name him John Nguyen Trannino-Chen and he's gonna kick all your kids' asses. at this point i think it's my best chance.
  17. At last check i'm ranked 25! woohoo!

    In the past 3 or so weeks since I started I've gone from a sluggish 60tpm to around 90 now.

    I still don't understand how anyone can get to 130+ though. Maybe one day I'll get there. I'm also amazed at the scores right now, and how well a lot of you guys must play to get there. My hats off to all of you.
  18. exchliore

    exchliore Unregistered

    I'm banned from saving my score, but here's a screenshot:

  19. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    welcome to TC exchliore. if you don't mind me asking, why are you banned?
  20. sup ex, nice to see you here. nice score, how come they banned you from saving?

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