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Thread in 'Competition' started by jujube, 8 Jun 2009.

  1. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i've been against making a TC leaderboard for a game that has a built-in one, but seeing as how it's impossible to move up the official tetrisfriends board after you've maxed the score, this is a different kind of situation. we're all going to fade away from the official board and there's nothing we can do [​IMG]

    aside from TC members, i've added everyone who maxed the score. let me know if you're not on this board.

    players are ranked by points. the tiebreaker is an efficiency rating, which works like this:

    1000 * (singles + doubles*2.5 + triples*7.5 + tetrises*30) / lines

    this weighted system reflects the scoring system in Tetris 1989 (a tetris scores 30/4 times as much per line as a single). it's multiplied by 1000 to make a large enough integer to mostly avoid ties.

    Name             Points   Efficiency    YYYY-MM-DD
    TC_jujube--------999999      6170       2009-06-11
    tetrimino09------999999      5154       2009-06-07
    Smith_-----------999999      4671       2009-06-08
    TC_FSY-----------999999      4456       2009-06-07
    colour_thief-----999999      4349       2009-06-20
    TC_Maserati------999999      4310       2009-06-12
    TC_Blink---------999999      4042       2009-06-09
    TC_Rosti_LFC-----999999      4006       2009-06-08
    TC_Bill----------999999      3997*      2009-06-08      *adjusted
    caffeine---------999999      3988       2009-06-07
    TC_Caithness-----999999      3874       2009-06-11
    nmf--------------999999      3859       2009-06-07
    TC_iphys---------999999      3795       2009-06-07
    Matt688----------999999      3419       2009-06-13
    skdbz------------999999      3344       2009-06-07
    mstratford-------999999      3261       2009-06-17
    nhattie----------999999      3135       2009-06-08
    TC_Kitaru--------999999      3105       2009-06-07
    Mozallica--------999999      3090       2009-06-12
    justinf1981------999999      2955       2009-06-21
    TC_Ai------------999999      2904       2009-06-10
    romanpryce-------999999      2861       2009-06-22
    holdnext---------999999      2471       2009-06-08
    TC_tada----------999999      2334       2009-06-07
    verm-------------999999      2271       2009-06-08
    syap34-----------999999      2045       2009-06-07
    TC_Pineapple-----576800      2956       2009-06-07
    TC_Reveillark----512600      5050       2009-06-07
    kotetsu213-------504740      2368       2009-06-07
    SiRTeTRiS--------399780      3767       2009-06-07
    TC_Red_Star------366600      2728       2009-06-07
    TC_EnFuego-------362520      3505       2009-06-10
    TC_KevinDDR------299431      3410       2009-06-16
    TC_PetitPrince---231960      ----       2009-06-08
    mzhang-----------144000      4390       2009-06-08
    TC_sjoecool1991--104000      5200       2009-06-08
    updated: 2009-06-22 23:15 EDT
  2. You could try ranking by efficiency: (singles + doubles*2 + triples*3 * tetrises*4)/(total line clear actions)
  3. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    ok, good idea. tomorrow i can put that together.
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    That's me. I'm new here, sorry for not really introducing myself. I've posted a couple of TAP records, and intend to post a little bit more in other topics too, but don't really have much to say yet.

    It's a shame that the developers didn't think of differentiating scores once 999999 is attained. With time, the entire leaderboard will be filled with maxed out scores, and will no longer hold any meaning.
    In TGM, once the highest grade (GM) is attained, scores are then ranked according to finishing time. Perhaps someone could email the support team suggesting that something similar needs to be implemented in the 1989 leaderboards. Max-out efficiency -- either in terms of line clears required, or time taken -- would be good tie-breakers.
  5. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    oh, good to have you here FSY. yeah we should send emails to the tetrisfriends team.

    i went ahead and updated with the new efficiency rating (Lardarse, singles + doubles*2 + triples*3 + tetrises*4 = lines [​IMG]) (i didn't notice it at first either haha).

    ct is the most efficient! can he keep it up to 999,999? also tetrimino09 had 63 tetrises [​IMG]
  6. I didn't realise it was as simple as lines / line clear actions either [​IMG]
  7. Ai


    This is easier than Tetris on Gameboy. And I don't understand why there are no leaderboards for the different modes (level/height) like in the original game.

    I haven't really played all that much yet. Was just checking out the game to see how it compares to the original, after mufunyo mentioned it on the IRC channel. I may try to max out the score too, but I don't think I can.
  8. I was going to make a go, but then I realized that 30 minutes is a long time.
  9. Mmhm, I mentioned both of those as possible alternatives in my e-mail asking about the randomized tie-breakers. We'll have to wait and see what happens with that.
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    pfft, it can be done in under 23 minutes. i'm sure of it.

    just updated the leaderboard. the top 2 are not from TC. and check out EnFuego's absurd rating.
  11. It has already been done in under 23 minutes. Watch tetrimino09's replay. After watching his performance, it made me realise just how much being smoked by a non-TC member.

    And I think I know the scoring order: The score obtained from the final line clear option is counted in full, behind the scenes, and this score determines the sort order. Any additional scoring after 999999 is ignored.
  12. I thought of and tested that theory this afternoon. I'm afraid that's not it. (In particular, the guy with the last 999999 on the scoreboard finished off with a tetris when he was already near the cap.)
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    this was my 2nd maxout of the day so it doesn't show up at the tetrisfriends leaderboard.


    edit: the rating system now reflects the actual scoring system. i didn't want people to change their strategies to score high here.

    Billmaan: sorry, but i don't have your stats from your best game. i kept you in the same position as before (#7) and gave you an adjusted rating.
  14. Is it worth 30 times a single or 30/4 times a single?
  15. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    it's 30/4 per line. if you made one tetris and topped out, your rating would be 1000 * 30 / 4. one single then a topout would give 1000 * 1 / 1.

    edit: PetitPrince: i can't find you at tetrisfriends to update your rating.
  16. Was my efficiency really that good? I thought I failed pretty hard on that mode by maybe I am trying too hard. The complete randomness messes me up
  17. Ai


    Yes! I did it!!! ^^

    As you can see I played very safely once hitting level 20.
  18. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    good job Ai! your efficiency was decent anyway. those early tetrises help.

    yeah it was that good. it dropped off in your last game but you're still up there pretty high. Maserati had a game with only 51 lines but he had 11 tetrises, and his rating is 6627.
  19. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    it's fun to play aggressively [​IMG]
  20. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    rating: 4840

    posting this because there was an update to the game, and now you can manually lock pieces. it makes a big difference in your speed. the game isn't as much of a time commitment now. 15 minutes should be possible.

    edit: when you play this mode, the window title changes to "Tetris Friend Online Games - Tetris Game Boy" even though the mode is still named "Tetris 1989". well, it still has lock delay, so i wouldn't call it Tetris Game Boy quite yet.

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