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  1. Can peeps post some videos of the above mentioned topic?

    I need to improve and I think watching some gameplays from good players might help.

    Also, any videos of twists are welcome. ^^
  2. Ahh, I remember studying 777's old TGM1 sub-9 back in the day... I would watch it at reduced speed and compare my decisions for the next piece to his. I picked up how to stack for a couple twists along the way.

    There is a great video by Chopin for SRS twists, but we haven't yet put together something similar for ARS twists. I've been planning to do one, but I haven't sat down and planned out how to do it yet and have very little video editing knowledge. In the meantime, the TGM Guide demonstrates them pretty well.

    For reference, here are all of the best available Western TGM2 Master videos sorted by time: Jago, Amnesia, Edo, colour_thief, KevinDDR, EIHoppe, and stupid ol' Kitaru.

    Basic wall finesse - DAS, rotate, drop is better than rotate, DAS, tap back, drop. Make sure you return the stick to neutral before you rotate. At higher gravities, this is especially important because you can accidentally perform a synchro (combined rotation and shift in one frame) when you didn't mean to if you aren't precise enough with your input. If that happens at max gravity, you might not have anyway to get back to where you wanted to put the piece, haha.
    Basic sonic drop and wall kick - A setup like this is a lot more common than some of the triple rotate kick finesse that steadshot linked, but it follows the same basic principles.
  3. you forgot the case where the I piece lands into column 2. This never ceases to happen to me =P
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  5. Already posted. Also, Entropy needs ARS-relevant or general info. They aren't really playing anything with SRS.
  6. Oh, I almost forgot about this. Thanks for everyone's posts!

    Zaphod, don't listen to Kitaru. He doesn't now what he's talking about.

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