Tetris Effect: how to unlock the hidden stages 1984 and 1989

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  1. In Tetris Effect there are two hidden stages. The first celebrates the birth of the Tetris game (to be fair I must say that not everyone agrees that the year of birth is 1984).The second stage is dedicated to the celebration of the Tetris launched in bundle with the Gameboy in 1989.

    STAGE 1984 (music: sound effects of the Electronika 60 with speech insertions*** - impressive!)

    1984 0.jpg

    To unlock this stage when you are in the main screen, press the series of keys known as "Konami code": up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B (circle on PS4), A (cross on PS4) . At this point a black screen will appear with the white writing TETRIS in Russian at the top and a cursor at the base with a question mark (as if the program asked you to write a code). Attach a keyboard to the PS4 in the USB port and enter 06061984 (i.e. the day Tetris was born). The fantastic stage 1984 is unlocked!

    First step: the original screen of Electronika 60 with Russian writing!

    1984 1.jpg

    Second step: green phosphor Tetriminos with Alexey Pajitnov's photo in the background

    1984 2.jpg

    Third step: new photo of Alexey Pajitnov and colored Tetriminos with red flashes. Beautiful!

    1984 3.jpg

    *** Request for anyone who knows Russian: can you translate what the voice says? Is this Alexey Pajitnov's voice?

    STAGE 1989 (music: remix of Tetris Gameboy music - very well done!)

    1989 0.jpg

    To unlock the 1989 stage you must reach level 50.

    First step: St. Basil's Cathedral (small, green, moving against the background of the playing field)

    1989 1.jpg

    Second step: great Cathedral of St. Basil behind the playing field (men dance towards the screen)

    1989 2.jpg

    Third step: green, red, blue fireworks

    1989 3.jpg
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