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Thread in 'Discussion' started by lvlarky, 3 Jul 2007.

  1. lvlarky

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    I'm new to this board (literally first post) and I stumbled across this website while trying to find some sort of official record for Tetris DX.

    I read a post on this forum thats a few years old about the 40 Line record being done in 1min 8? is this with no height mode? or like the highest height mode?

    Ive been playing tetris on and off ever since my sister bought the original Gameboy with the old school tetris about 10 years ago. ive only played the original, dx and one for windows.

    thought id post a few of my records

    original tetris marathon: maxed out

    dx marathon: 5million

    dx 40 lines height 5: 1min 14

    dx Ultra: 26x xxx
  2. I've seen a few 9/5 40 line vids on YouTube. The best seemed to be 1:14, although one person mentioned that his brother had once done 1:13.

    I just checked the TAS that caffeine did. In his notes for that, he says "the best players claim the world record in 1:13."
  3. I know you're talking about the 1989 Nintendo Game Boy version, but "original version" would leave a bit of ambiguity in a geek forum like this, since there were quite a number of popular versions before GB 1989, including the first ever version in 1985 [​IMG]

    Nothing serious though. Welcome to the forum!
  4. lvlarky

    lvlarky Unregistered

    haha excuse my lack of knowledge on the jargon
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Whoao.. [​IMG]
    The best I knew until now was 1min16 from a belgium player..
  6. Man, you guys are fast! My best 40L time (using the Windows emulator "BGB" with Tetris DX) is a meager 2:34 <LOL>!
  7. lvlarky

    lvlarky Unregistered

    ive read on this forum that someone got 1min 08, can som1 verify this?

    im not really bothered maxing out marathon, only thing left i wanna do is get 270 000 on ultra

    i said that two years ago, i cant believe i havnt beaten it yet mind u i didnt play for a whole year cos i studied abroad
  8. "ive read on this forum that someone got 1min 08, can som1 verify this?"

    what thread?
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    warlike, the belge player has disapeared from the net..

    but it was on www.arcadehits.net..

    you're right! it seems to me his last record was 1mn08

    I am lazy to find a more accurate link..
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    Kaibutsu getting 1:15 in tetris DX 40 lines, level 9, high 5. I didn't know he was Triple Lei's cousin [​IMG] the description says he's gotten 1:14 since then.
  11. .. an important thing to note is that the Super GameBoy (used to record that video) actually runs faster than a regular GameBoy, making it harder. He would probably do even better if it was recorded with normal speed.
  12. My memory may be fuzzy, but I think I remember seeing 1:13 over at tetrislovers (was tetrislovers.tripod.com / http://www.mindlick.com/tetris), long, long ago.
  13. But despite it running faster, the in-game clock accurately tracks the program speed. This may or may not be desireable when compariing records...
  14. But still, the game will be running faster for you, the player, you'll have more reaction time if you play at the native speed and that leaves room for a better [in-game] time.
  15. lvlarky

    lvlarky Unregistered

    the game is so responsive, u can move any piece th the far left or right of the screen before it even starts moving down, if u can get 1min 15 or below, ur reaction must be pretty quick for this increase of speed to make any difference

    although i have yet to try it on the super gameboy and unlikely i will
  16. Anonymous

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    I got 25xxx or 26xxx a few times in tetris DX on ultra, and I was wondering if you live in the USA? I'm in california, los angeles. I'm 32, female, and my dream has been to find another tetris player to battle that is at a phenomenal skill level.

    It'd be an honor to play against you ^^ or even chat, thanks for reading my message, hope to hear from you....


  17. Most impressive - so you guys got over 250k on Ultra Mode? I did a "world record" run several years ago for Twin Galaxies and got 231,333. (It seems 2007 was a popular year for this game.)



    In retrospect, I realize that it's possible to squeeze in a few more tetrises if you block the stack high and get only elevated tetrises. Is that how you guys achieved those kinds of scores? I recall considering this style at the time, but for whatever reason didn't feel like trying that route.

    Also wondering if either of you ever recorded/posted a video of these games anywhere or considered submitting to Twin Galaxies for world records. These would be extremely impressive games to see.

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