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Thread in 'Strategy' started by thomasgx1, 4 Oct 2007.

  1. thomasgx1

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    Umm, i really enjoy this and want to compete..

    I've just started to beat level 20 regularly so i want to know how to improve my score.

    What factors make the scores grow?

    I know the size of the grid when its flashing silver matters (sorry if i'm not using the right terminology) and bigger = more points, and i even managed to nail two squares/rectangles once which was a huge size.

    Also i presume exploding them when the aliens are there gives you a better score?

    Could someone go into some detail about the scoring etc? Are there mulitpliers and stuff?
  2. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I have only one advice for you my friend.. [​IMG]
    --> move on ARS.
  3. Start at level 20, and after that just try and get the largest detonation areas with each one. If you can't make it at level 20 the whole way, try starting at 19 instead, then 18 and so on.

    I don't think that exploding the metroids does anything worthwhile for points, though as far as know, nothing has been calculated.

    Sully is the real catch expert here though.
  4. thomasgx1

    thomasgx1 Unregistered

    what do you mean?
  5. Score per detonation: level * (detonation area)^2 * 100

    Blowing up metroids gives something like level * 1000 points...I don't remember exactly. Blowing up falling pieces gives points too, but even fewer. You should blow stuff up if you can, but your primary focus should always, always be to increase detonation area.
  6. thomasgx1

    thomasgx1 Unregistered

    Thankyou, so strategy wise its good to make a slanted rectangle and then to hold R and whack on loads of other bits to make a huge square as soon as its starts flashing. Cause otherwise its harder to make bigger squares from an already built smaller square.

  7. Amnesia, he was talking specifically about Tetris DS's Touch mode, where neither SRS nor ARS are relevant.
  8. tepples

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    If it matters, Catch looks more like SRS than like ARS to me:
    • Catch rotates the katamari about a block in its center, not snapping to the windward or leeward edge of the bounding box like ARS JLSTZ do.
    • Catch has Infinity. (Try starting on level 1 and sliding the katamari back and forth.)
  9. Another technique I find useful is to make a 3x15 rectangle (around that length - it's not too important) and then to make bits off the side that fit J/L/I pieces.

    It can be a bit risky in that you require the right pieces to come at some point, but if you're good enough I find you can make huge detonation areas.

    Really though, starting at a level higher than 1 (ideally above 15) is the easiest way to increase your score.
  10. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    I try to build up two large rectangles with a single open column between and join them with an I piece when I've reached maximum density. I also build off diagonally, always avoiding 4x4. Once the detonation countdown begins, it's all about adding to that surface area. Holes are bad.

    I'm terrible at level 20. I usually start at 16.
  11. thomasgx1

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    you dont happen to be sully that plays mariokart are you?

    anyway, i've been starting on level 4 (which is piss easy) but high enough with a hangover [​IMG] I keep PR'ing which is good, will be moving up to level 10 by the end of the week. I love Catch-mode, more than normal tetris mode i think. Wish it had an endless mode.

    I have a question though..

    When does the game decide to level up?

    And why does starting on a higher level help? Do you miss out on the blocks which fall from rounds 1-17 for example? Which leads me on to asking is this game working on a finite number of pieces to complete the mode? and also are they the same order/pieces?

    sorry for the load of questions - hope you can understand them.
  12. Sully

    Sully Unregistered

    No. I play single player from time to time, but that's about it.

    Starting at level 1, the level increases every two detonations. If you started at a higher level, the level won't increase until you make the appropriate number of detonations- so if you start at level 4, the 9th detonation will take you to level 5.

    Scoring is based on level, so for top scores you must start at high levels.

    In theory, there is a finite number of pieces only because you are limited to 40 detonations and the core can only grow so big without forcing a detonation. For all intents and purposes- assume infinite pieces.

    I don't know much about the Catch randomizer. There is definitely a random element to it rather than a set order.
  13. IMO, the best (or only?) way to get used to high levels in catch mode is to jump right in. Play every game on level 20. It'll be really overwhelming for a while, but eventually you'll get used to it. Just try not to get frustrated, because you will lose when you're starting out, and often.
  14. thomasgx1

    thomasgx1 Unregistered

    is there somewhere where i can find scores for all the tetris games including catch mode on the ds?
  15. thomasgx1

    thomasgx1 Unregistered

    ok, i now start at level 15, still want to know where i could find some high scores for it tho.
  16. Poochy

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    I've found it works well to build a C-shaped area, then stick an I piece in the middle for a 7x7 (ideally, but don't be too afraid of premature detonation):

    That'll give you an initial detonation area of 49, then you can keep adding onto it.

    Of course, it can strain your life gauge, so unless you're REALLY good, you probably can't do it every time. The rest of the time, just make a long, 3-wide rectangle, then stick stuff onto the long edge of it.
  17. Sully

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  18. thomasgx1

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    Having played all weekend, my tips are:

    Start on a level where you are comfortable, in my case its about level 17.

    Build blocks similar to your example above but try to build an overall shape like and slot between as you can.








    Other things to note: when you get the silver square, you are now invincible to the aliens (just figured that out) so you can overlap on them when bringing blocks down by holding L or R.

    Otherwise my other tip is that on level 20 when you have one more detonation to make as soon as it goes silver go mad with L or R and bring as much into screen as possible with the intention of fluking some bigger detonation area.

    Also, obviously, if you're going for a larger detonation area record do it on level 5/6, where the bricks are closer together (which you need to add bricks quickly) but its so slow that you can control the base shape you want.
  19. thomasgx1

    thomasgx1 Unregistered

    my score is about 7******* how the hell is he getting 25,******** kinda thing?! I'm starting on level 17!!

  20. High level, and getting massive detonations every time.

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