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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 Jun 2009.

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    excellent, a good rivalry is exactly what this game needs!

    expect to need more than 646k and soon!
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    I love this quote ha... while i have no real idea what an m9 player is im willing to imagine its quite impressive (though too lazy to look into it).

    its been months since ive played tetris of any sort seriously and now I'm feeling the pinch in a big way, since last august 2 players have supassed me and now i have to use my second hand to guesstimate my "rank" as an NES player... time to recommit, so nevermind about needing more than 646k soon, youll have plenty of time, but beware:

    A fellow you may recognize the name of (thor) didnt know this was a pure tetris game while i last spoke to him on fb, now he knows and he hypertapps brillantly, so brilliantly in fact that my thinking is that within 2 months of his playing this version, it will be maxed out... I can this the the UTP method of holding a tetris record (until thor plays)

    even failing his presence in the game This is a tetris version i am quite smitten by and i fully intend to take it as far as i can in the coming years. So whomever hopes to be 2nd to thor will one day need an 800k game (technically doable but daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn hard) unless i can learn better how to survive longer on 29.

    man tetris is fun :)
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    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    How can you...:twisted:

    Kevin has a nice live video where he performs the m9 qualification, while the staff roll you can hear him saying and repeating : "Amnesia is a piece of cake", during 54 secondes.
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    This isn't even a serious attempt, I was only having a quick go in order to avoid starting a math assignment. Amnesia, you can expect me to be hot on your heels soon.

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    yikes... why do i suck at level 29 on tetris and dr mario? and why are several of you so proficient, immuna go ahead and not play this for quite some time to focus on NES but dang... nice game!

    I have actually gotten 307 3 times (which is my best) and 308 once which i lost proof of (not that its even much better) i seem to go along fine then boom, dead... super frustrating.

    I just need to put in 20 straight hours then ill get something worth a crap :)
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    DANG SO MUCH Proness
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    Re: Tetris & Dr. Mario

    So I've been playing this on and off for several days now, and I'm starting to get real comfortable with levels 20-28. Currently, the only advanced DAS technique I'm using is shifting whilst blocked to get a free charge; it's been helpful enough so far, but if any of you pros can remind me of the other DAS tricks that make the game even more manageable, it would be much appreciated.

    Anyways, level 29 is usually enough to kill me, but, sometimes...


    Oh, by the way, how would you guys feel about a combined "Classic Tetris" records thread, for T&DM, NES, and GB, and perhaps Tengen and the SEGA and Atari arcade versions too?
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    Cool idea.

    Damn 656K fuck you.

    well, it is not like if I had tried for ages..
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    I'm not a pro, but Kitaru and I had to implement the NES DAS weirdness into Nullpo to get it to act more like the actual game, so I think i'm somewhat qualified to talk here :p Remember that during ARE, the DAS charge is stored and is not bound to a direction, so you can go from side to side by releasing and pressing the other direction during ARE.
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    656... dayum, nice work... and yes combining the classics would make for one classy time! Immuna play Tetris and Dr. Mario tonight... you have inspired and bested me... time for retobution :)

    edit... nah... drank and watched jean claude van damne movies instead
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    random fact for anyone who plays Tengen Tetris: I scored 7.71 million in it the other day... Its pretty good! Its just a marathon style game so its not good in the same sense as many of the acheivments here but what the hell, thought id put it in this thread in case anyone ever researches the Tengen World record given the currently nonexistantesque nature of twin galaxies... posting it here will prolly come up on a google search... Its really not possible to produce proof visually as the score keeps rolling (8 times in fact) nor should anyone subject themselves to a video that long, but what the hell thought id just say it ;)
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    I thought I should chime in on here, as I have been working on a few SNES Tetris goals.

    Highest lines 308

    Highest points 610381

    My intermediate goals are 650k points and 320 lines.

    My ultimate goals are 700k points and 350 lines.

    I originally thought much higher than 700,000 would be attainable, but now I am not so sure. I have had plenty of games in the 550k to 599k range, which lead me to think that one of those "special games" might get one well past 750k. But that randomizer is a strange beast. There is nothing like 11 z-pieces in a 15 piece span to de-rail zen, concentration, and points-pace :p
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    yeah they do seem to have a different randomizer dont they. Seems to work fine for a while then 10 z's haha
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    Sounds like a call for some more reverse engineering. ;3
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    Man this game can be aggravating. Yesterday, I played a game in which I got 11 consecutive Tetrises first 44 lines, two other games that went to 550k or so, and a couple other throw away games. I was like, man this is fun, why don't I play the SNES more??

    So tonight I fire it up, I played 3 lengthy games and a few throw away games. Every single game I played had seriously lopsided piece distribution, none of them favoring the Tetris piece, and even if one of them had favored it, lopsided piece distribution sucks! I say, anyway. One game, at one point I had 30 Tetris pieces, next lowest was 48, and most were in high 50's. I thought, ok, level 20 or so, they will switch it up and I will steel some easy Tetris. Nope. It did start balancing out, when I was royally screwed up, it just rained Tetris pieces. Grrr.
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    Busy day for me. New high score in Tetris. ALmost new line PR, too. Used 306 lines to score 619660.


    Video. First game is the high. Left others on vid bc it was the best string of games I have ever had.
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    I gave this one a try.

    My high thus far is 360146, ending on 19.
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    Posted prematurely.

    229 lines
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