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    Yep, so true. The thing about TDS ratings is that players aren't always playing at the rating they might have. An 8000 player could be playing worse than usual and a 7,500 player could be playing better than usual, which decreases the gap between their skill levels. If the 7500 player is able to win, then he might have performed at a higher relative skill level compared to the 8000 player that round. Luck also plays a role to some extent. Still, it mostly comes down to player performance. The win and loss results may describe the irregularities in each player's performance or the influence of luck.
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    aside from the actual message, here is what is quoted at the end of several emails I've received from them regarding such said panel.

    "This message contains information that may be confidential and privileged. Unless you are the addressee or are authorized by the addressee, you may not use, copy or disclose the information contained in this message.'
  3. Unless you signed a Non-disclosure Agreement, then you're free to talk. They can't expect a little disclaimer at the bottom of the email to stop people from talking.
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    [​IMG] You actually quoted parts of a privileged message!! Now they're going to sue you! [​IMG]

  5. So...if you are the addressee, you can disclose the info? [​IMG]
    So, apparently, anyone that got the letter is perfectly free to share its contents. [​IMG]

    ...Obviously, this probably isn't the interpretation they intended. [​IMG]
    But that's what the wording technically says...
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    Well far be it from me to stop anyone from talking about it then.

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