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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by caffeine, 21 Oct 2007.


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    Yep, HC1 gives extremely aligned garbage. You'd be doing yourself a favor by forcing everyone to play on a higher handicap hehe.
  2. massi4h

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    Lol OK thanks. I'll be sure to bring that up when the next tournament comes up.

    Cause yeah alot of the Tetris Cup matches were just based on straight line garbage and those games are boring and take forever (plus straight line garbage is completely unfair imo). Also higher handicap = faster soft drop = easier t-spins lol.
  3. gko

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    I was actually hoping to see any footage of the early rounds individuals (when the field was still 16.)

    Everyone else, here's an article from last week in the student paper mentioning Pajitnov's expected appearance. Nothing covering the tournament results though (considering someone worked for them.) [​IMG] I had no idea Tetris Company LLC is based in Hawai`i. Maybe that's why we had the inaugural tournament.
  4. Chaos

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    well footage of earlier matches would be difficult to show as all entrants played at once. So footage of it probably isn't around.
  5. tepples

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    TV coverage of the British lawn tennis championship has footage of top seeded players even in the early rounds where they're blowing away players rated a thousand points below them.
  6. But does Tetris have "rain stops play" ?
  7. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    I forget. Which were the "slow" skins on The New Tetris (N64)?
  8. Chaos

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    well I only said that footage isn't around because the footage my friend got is only what she could tape (or cared to tape), so hoping that somebody else got footage of earlier matches is only up to if someone else was filming. And that's something I don't know of.
  9. Couldn't tell you. Gilly's site is down.
  10. mayan, russian, and celtic were god awful.
  11. Kamitra

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    In my own defense, the coverage for the early matches was terrible. Not only was I still getting used to my camera (I had never recorded anything with it before -- it's a still camera, not a camcorder), there was almost /no/ video coverage showing the matches. It was only later did the announcer drag along the camera guy to show us what he was talking about (in brief showings that really didn't show much of the match itself), but really, not much could be seen.

    Of course there was the spotlight on Z-flo and Chaos and the two leading teams, but even then it was difficult to see over people's heads and through the announcer's body. What makes it worse was that all these matches were conducted at the exact same time, so I ended up watching one screen and videotaping the other. The other matches were not shown fully on any screen.

    So yeah, no offense meant or anything, but there wasn't much of anything to video tape.

    (And as far as I know, I'm the only one to tape anything. People only took pictures. Chaos suggested once that anyone else that would have filmed anything was actually in the tournament...)
  12. gko

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    Any of you participants (Chaos, z-flo, Kamitra, anyone lurking) taking part in the user panel?
  13. If we were, we'd probably not be at liberty to say. o_o;

  14. What is this user panel?
  15. gko

    gko Unregistered

    Everyone who registered in last month's Tetris Cup was invited to participate in discussion panels so they can improve on future tournaments.

    In exchange for two hours, participants get free food, 25 bucks, and a pony!
  16. kiwibonga

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    If anyone's going, please forward my suggestions:

    - Shut the announcer up

    - Have security shoot anyone who screams when a contestant does a t-spin

    - Organize the tournament atop Mt Everest... The last one was too accessible :p
  17. make a tournament-ready tetris. that means fair.

    • 1v1 (unless teams)
    • player and opponent receive random garbage, not what we see in tetris ds with the see-saw tetrises. after two minutes, game goes into overtime where the screen shrinks one row every ten seconds. this is very useful for tournaments because of time-restraints. both these features i mentioned in this bullet are present in EA's latest version of multiplayer tetris for mobile phones. to me, it's a fair and fun multiplayer tetris.
    • player and opponent receive same pieces-- as well as the same sequence of garbage. that means the hole in garbage row 1 for player a is the same as player b. this prevents one player from getting screwed because of the random element and not the other player.
    • singles, doubles, triples, and tetrises should delay the exact amount of frames during their animation. this makes tetrises not only more powerful than triples (etc) because they send more garbage, but also because they save time: tetris (4 lines) / 20 frames is less than two doubles (4 lines) / 20 + 20 frames.

    i could probably think of more.

  18. If you set the handicap to 5 on Tetris DS, you basically get that.
  19. no, i think you get something worse. i'd have to test it, but i think it's worse than normal random (meaning it may try not to line up random holes).
  20. Chaos

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    You do realize that that emai regarding the panel was meant solely for those who got the email. Meaning, you're not supposed to be asking entire forums about it. Do your friends invite you to parties, and you bring 50 other guys with you to it? No. I'd expect that if they said that the email in question was confidential and privileged, then I'd expect you'd give it that confidentiality that it deserves.

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