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  1. I just ran the numbers. The optimal strategy is probably TSD x5, Tetris, TSD x5, Tetris.That gives you 12+18+18+18+18+12+18+18+18+18+18+12. That's 19800. You'll lose 100 points (and roughly 4 seconds) because of having to soft drop 9 pieces, and another 3 seconds for the extra 5 line clear actions.

    That all puts you to around 21000. But then there's the time bonus. Which means that you'd need to do it within about 2 minutes 30 to be at around the same score, or closer to 2 minutes if you want to have a better score. And you need to be able to be both consistent and fast...

    With enough time to practice, ST stacking is probably better, But in the short term, it's close enough for both to be potentially valid strategies.

    I would say that the organisers have got the time bonus pretty much on the sweet spot. Whether that was by luck or judgement though, we will probably never know...
  2. I'd say that with time restraints Tetrises would be better. For starters, it's easier to get back on track if you make a mistake.
  3. Chaos

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    Well at the given moment, I hold the top spot with 21,651. The bottom score at 16th place is 16,872.

    My theory score without T-spinning is 22,000, a 10,000 game with the 12,000 time bonus. But since I didn't work well with pressure and the fact that I got only one try (per day), I used two TSD to make my top score possible a 12,000 game and I did it within 65 seconds (a 9000 time bonus). but that was just to be safe. When I'm playing straight tetris', I can pull a mid 21,000 (maybe 21,6xx) which is a 10,000 game with an 11,000 time bonus. I can hit the 12,000 bonus, but that's if I'm "in the zone" so to speak. My friend can do 37 seconds easy though. He's good, but then again, both of us are more prone to misplacing blocks when we're playing that fast.

    As far as my plan for this tourney, I try to play the guys that place high to some fun matches to see where I stand compared to them. Just so I can get a general idea of how easy or hard this will be. So far, I think that the one staffer I played is still the best competition I've had (aside from my friend). The prelims are going to start in an hour over here (4th prelim day) so I'll post an update soon. Hopefully I can get my new theory score of 23,000.
  4. jujube

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    what? best of 3 games? you only need to win (or lose) 2?
  5. mat


    games go way way too fast to only get 2 losses....
  6. This is Chaos' friend, currently #2 in the tournament with 20,012.

    The main problem with university tournaments (poker, especially) is that they're heavily reliant on the schedules and time limitations enforced by the school. If I recall, they want to finish both the individual and team tournaments by 8 or 9 pm at the latest (Chaos, correct me if I'm wrong), so given what other sideshow events they may have planned, single-elim best of 3 is a little quick, but efficient.

    That, and this seems to be their first shot at a "major" Tetris tournament here, so they could just be testing the waters with this format.
  7. Are they running any handicap settings?

    Generally the consensus is that on Tetris DS multiplayer, playing with Handicap 1 sucks, because the garbage randomiser is awful, and it all usually lines up completely, meaning the game basically turns into tennis with each player clearing the garbage backwards and forwards.
  8. To my immediate knowledge they won't be using any sort of handicap, probably for the same reasons the Line Clear qualifiers aren't using Speed-20, Level-5, etc.

    So wait, this I actually didn't know - the Handicap on multiplayer determines the garbage setup?
  9. jujube

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    sounds like they should extend the tournament by a day or two to allow for longer matches. i would want to play at least first to ten wins wins.

    the handicap determines the garbage hole randomness and the fall speed of the pieces. hc5 has very random garbage and the pieces fall instantly, while hc1 is like Rosti said. the hc in wifi worldwide seems to be somewhere between 2 and 3, but i don't think we know for sure.
  10. First to ten sounds good. In training, Chaos and I usually play first to 21, but 15 of those (16-player single elim) would take 2.5 hours at the LEAST, so...

    Is the handicap determined at all by the ranking differences?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I'm not positive but many have said that the higher your rank is, the higher your garbage handicap becomes. So an 8,000 player would more frequently have messier garbage compared to a player at 6,000.
  12. tepples

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    Of course it's te??is. Why else would Mr. Pajitnov have called it "Tetris" if it wasn't tennis? [​IMG]
    Fun fact: Waluigi's tennis racket has a tetromino on it.
  13. jujube

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    [​IMG] again with the J-L mixmatch. the tetromino on his racket could be J or L depending on which side of it is showing, but that looks like a J on his hat. i guess the pic might have been reversed at some time.

    funny though, Digital just pointed out that while "W" (Wario) is a flipped "M" (Mario), maybe the L is flipped to be an "evil" J.
  14. It's a Japanese pun actually. There's a Japanese word called "Warui" which would translate to "bad" or "evil". Therefore, Wario = Warui Mario, and Waluigi = Warui Luigi.
  15. massi4h

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    This sounds stink, but there's nothing in the rules against holding Down and mashing A until you get whatever super high score you can. Stuff the time.
  16. tepples

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    Unless the "time bonus" can be negative if the player takes longer than 2:40.

  17. I say if someone is willing to press a button repeatedly for THAT long then they can qualify.

    Even looking optimistically, it'll take you nearly three hours to get 20,000 points using that method.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

  19. Chaos

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    Well so far, a few of the people that I know of (or more like people z-flo knows of) are placing higher. Even though we expect as much, it's good to see that they're getting their respective spots. So far my fourth attempt went in flames with a sad score of about 19,6xx. Unless somebody takes my score down, I doubt I'll play line clear anymore. I think I'll be on the level 5 CPU's in verses. Anyone want to play over wifi and maybe help me train? Haha.
  20. The longest match I ever played in my life was at this tournament. The semifinals, even, against Chaos. Someone should have it on YouTube soon, but holy horseshoes... I want to go to sleep.

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