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Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by caffeine, 21 Oct 2007.

  1. They made a website. Is it too late to transfer to UH? Meh, this just makes me depressed. I bet there's a good Tetris "scene" going on over there right now.





    BTW mister Blue Planet Software Quality Assurance number 1, you're lagging three seconds behind me. Shape up!

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    Darn, it's a TDS tournament. If only we could get in there and sweep up the prizes for every event. [​IMG]
  3. I'm sorry but the Tetris Cup is a pathetic joke. Not only is it in Hawaii, but it's restricted to University of Hawaii students. Something with a name like Tetris Cup deserves better than that. As it stands, it's little more than a promotional event. There's nothing wrong with those, of course, but for chrissake they're calling it the "Tetris League". THE.
  4. shut up! it's a sponsored tetris event. that's a good thing.
  5. And yet, they're being awfully restrictive about it.. that's a bad thing.
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    Meh, a volcano will erupt and they'll come have a real tournament at the nintendo center in new york, no biggie :p
  7. Is it really a tournament using DS? With the official companies involved? Why? Doesn't that game use the now aging 2005 version of the guidelines? Why would an tournament with the involvement of the body that defines the guidelines themselves use such an outdated old version? Didn't even the previous tournament in Hawaii use Evo, a game with the 2006 rules?
  8. K


    bhaa ! let people have some fun in this part of the world ! what are you expecting by a global and competitive tournament ? [​IMG]

    "TGM-winnerName" ? [​IMG]

    i agree, this is a good thing. As much as TGM sublicencing rights release only to one platform in another small island.
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    but the would-be winner of that tournament already goes by TGM-HOLiC [​IMG]
  10. Technically it was Pluto. Even if he did cheat.

    I still wish they'd hold some sort of tournament like this even within a thousand miles of where I live. Even if I didn't win or make any money from prizes I still reckon it'd be a fantastic experience.
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    All leagues have to start somewhere. The NFL wasn't all that "national" in its first season either. And given the origin of the name Tetris ("tetromino tennis"), I can't resist making another lawn tennis analogy: Consider that the United States Tennis Association started in New York City.
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    the Dayton Triangles? were they serious? what a bunch of squares.

    edit: yeah that joke was pretty lame. but at least i don't call myself a triangle.

    edit: hmm Akron won the championship in 1920 and Canton won in 1922 and 1923 >_> nope, not much national competition there.

  13. Let me elaborate. There is no reason that the best tetris players in Hawaii would be students of the university of Hawaii. The fact that entrance is based on something so random instead of merit is what degrades the tournament into a mere promotional event.
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    But is it different from the NFL draft? NFL scouts tend to ignore football players who live in the area of Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana, but do not attend Purdue University.

    I'm guessing that the Tetris keiretsu is more experienced in developing game rules and licensing a brand than in managing a professional sport league. Give Mr. Rogers time.
  15. "Tend to ignore" is meaningless. If someone with skill presents themselves, the scouts would become interested. With this tetris league it doesn't matter how much skill you have if you're not a student at UH.
  16. i'm thinking it was probably some guys from UH who started putting the pieces together. i dunno, but it seems like it could've snowballed from "tetris meet at bill's dorm room on fridays."
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    Well the tournament so far is actually pretty interesting. I'm a UH student who actually posted a thread asking about this tourney a while ago. It's actually drawn out a fairly decent crowd because I don't think I can smash all of the people in the top 16 so far. Granted I'm no god, but I can manage about an average 7400 on wifi. What's surprising is that because it's only restricted to just UH students that the amount of entrants is actually this decent. I also got to session with some of the staff, and a choice few are actually pretty good. One of them can match me, which is surprising because I can't find decent local players (the ones that kick my ass are only on wifi), and he says the guy in charge is t3h ub3r godly. So that being said I wanted to play him, but he said that he'd play me on the day of the finals on the huge-ass screen TV in front of everyone. That actually scares me, cuz I've never seen him play yet, so if I get totally raped then it'll be funny.

    But this being restricted to just UH students isn't too bad as it includes all institutes within the UH system, meaning it includes about 4 other community colleges along with the university of hawaii at manoa.

    With blind assumption in place, I will have to admit that if at all, my friend and I are probably the near-top as far as "best in hawaii". We've been looking for quite a while for actual competition, but for the past year or so, we've found nobody. I'm sure you guys here would own us entirely, but that aside, because the UH system stretches so far, it's almost guarantee that it'll grab a lot of the tetris community. Having about 5 campuses in the UH system, and this only being a small little island, it's highly probable that we've gathered the majority of the actual competition on the island. Unless the best tetris players lives under a rock as far as technology goes, then maybe you can say that being a part of UH would be a bad way to gather the top players...

    The qualifications are going by line clear score at speed 1 and height 0. Time bonus is awarded starting at less than 40 seconds and 12,000 points and goes down by 1000 points for every respective interval of 10 seconds slower than 40 seconds.

    The finals will be multiplayer verses, single elimination, best of 3. I have no idea how team finals is like so I can't say anything about it now.
  18. awesome. tonight i'm going to go home and see what kind of line clear score i can get under those restrictions. thanks for the report, and keep us posted with the results and everything.
  19. Your fastest recorded playing speed to date is probably your TDS Marathon. Your first 7 tetrises take 45 seconds to happen. Given that you are possibly faster now than you were when you made that, and that "0"G is faster than 20G, you could probably get 7 tetrises within 40 seconds. This would give you a score of 20000 (800 for first tetris, 1200 each for the next 6 tetrises, and the full 12000 time bonus). Given that you will hard drop roughly 75 pieces to do this, and that the average hard drop will give you 20 points (this is a conservative estimate), This would put the optimal score for doing all tetrises in the region of 21-22k. There are almost certainly better scoring strategies, but I don't think thast they can get more points than would be lost because of taking too long...

    Chaos: I suspect that 20k could well be enough to qualify. But there is a chance that I could be wrong. Anyway, good luck...
  20. so you think tetrises would be better than st stacking?

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