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  1. So, I was thinking the other day; does TC have an ‘’official’’ team? If not; why so? Personally, I would really like to see one; I could have sworn there used to be one a number of years back. I don’t really think it necessarily needs to be a competitive multiplayer based team; just a group where team-mates can encourage one another scores, times and take on other teams scores, times etc. So at this point I can hear a few of you say “but Jono, don’t we already do that kind of thing here?”. Well yes we do, but I just want to “take it up a notch” per se. Another idea would be to have specialist representatives for certain events/games – e.g. some for TGM, some for NES, 40-lines mode, muli-player mode etc.

    If numbers fall short or there is a distinct lack of interest for this idea I am also considering starting up my own team (which will unsurprisingly be called “Shadowloo”).

    Any thoughts on either?

    - Jono
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  2. It depends on what you feel like doing, where you think Tetris should best be represented in gaming events where it's not, but I think that's a good idea to ask people how they feel about that.

    I actually asked myself that question after watching Awesome Games Done Quick (also called AGDQ, a video game speedrun marathon that raises money for non-profit organizations, for those who don't know about it http://gamesdonequick.com/ that should give you a rough idea). It's too bad that nothing is mentionned about Tetris when there are quite a number of people who have been working on this game, that obviously has a deep technical aspect and a community behind it, no matter how small it may be for derivatives like TGM. I thought of participating in this event in the future, but I have absolutely no ideas of time whatsoever.

    Does anyone know a bit more about this whole stuff? I'm actually writing what's on the top of my head without a lot of experience, but probably people would have some idea of being in a team/representing a team in a gaming event?
  3. This sounds like fun! What would we do besides just label ourselves though? lol Maybe livestreamed races?

    I'm actually driving distance from AGDQ, so I could realistically go demo stuff. I was thinking of maybe pitching them a "puzzle medley" where I demolish as many puzzle games as I can in XX minutes.
  4. In terms of encouraging participation, we could start doing weekly races on SpeedRunsLive or something. NES Tetris 100 Lines was a reasonably popular format to race on the side for a bit. We could try to get people set up on TGM or something of the sort.

    I also entertained the thought of a Tetris (or otherwise puzzle-action game) bingo -- some of the other games there have bingo card formats where a card is generated with various objectives and you need to on-the-fly pick a route and complete a five-in-a-row somewhere on the card.
  5. Similar, I guess, to Mission Mode on Tetris DS. Obviously can't have the ones that replace the next piece sequence, but either way I always found it a little more fun. And there'd be more scope to be a bit more creative.
  6. I thought of the idea of counterstopping everymode of TAP in a single run. Of course, it's extremely hard given the Death mode, but the rest of it is affordable. And it could also lead to an interesting run, since if you want to counterstop all of them, you will have to clear doubles. So that could mean starting with doubles in a co-op run and then making the link to a race. However, the other proposals also seem pretty nice =)
  7. From personal experience of trying to beat it, TGM+ mode is actually surprisingly difficult too (and so is Doubles unless you're both pretty good :p)
  8. I thought trying to cover as much ground as possible would be the most optimal idea - this was we can cater for all 'breeds' of Tetris players . Basically, if Tetris is involved in any way shape or form I think as many of us should participate as possible – be it a new single player client (with a high-score board), a classical competition/event (on say, NES or Gameboy) or even an online multi-player tournament hosted by another website.

    Sounds like a pretty brilliant idea to me – I would be more than happy to participate in something along these lines.

    Haha, good question. I guess have as much fun as possible and try and dominate the high-score boards/word-records of every single client ever released :D Competing in multi-player clients would be a whole heap a fun too I think. I beleive we have an extremely diverse community here, hence why I wanted to try and cover all grounds rather than just focus on one particular style/client. Having 'field-specialists' would be a bit of fun also - but, obviously any team members can participate in whatever events they so choose.
    Totally up for livesteamed races too :D

    Awesome! I love the sound of that. We could possibly look at rotating clients on a weekly and or monthly basis too perhaps?

    Hmm, now this is a very interesting (Tetris)concept indeed; could you please give bit of an example as to what you had in mind exactly (sounds great by the way).

    Really happy to see a healthy amount of interest for this topic! Please, if anyone has any more questions or comments than don’t hesitate to shoot them off :D In the meantime, keep on stacking!

    - Jono

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